How to lower blood sugar

Increased blood sugar signalsdisorders in the endocrine system. This state of the body negatively affects the vessels and nerves, the heart, carbohydrate metabolism, which leads to obesity. Patients with high blood sugar levels are well versed in the products and plants on which, at times, their lives depend. To lower blood sugar, you need to develop solid rules of rational nutrition.

Many studies in different countries confirm that fiber without high sugar and fat content is the basis of the right diet.

Just fiber fiber fibers are not onlyabsorb the harmful substances for the body, safely transporting them through the excretory system, but also significantly slow the absorption of sugars from the digestive tract.

The consumption of vegetables and fruits should be increased to 3-5 times a day.

Elevated fiber content is famous for bran(about 40 g per 100 g), beans (25 g per 100 g), lentils (12 g per 100 g), boiled peas (12 g per 100 g), almonds (14 g per 100 g), dates per 100 g).

How to lower the blood sugar level taking into account the GI

It is recommended to constantly check for yourself the amount of carbohydrates in the foods used.

Carbohydrates become a problem for every person withoverweight. It is important, if the patient understands what the glycemic index (GI) is. All that is eaten, can be high GI or low. A high GI indicator means that the product will be absorbed quickly, and sugar will jump. Lower blood sugar can be by taking food with a low GI score. Glucose will enter the bloodstream without jumps, ensuring the stability of biochemical parameters. The developed list of permissible products in the menu, in parentheses is indicated by the GI:

  • kefir (15);
  • Nuts (from 15 to 25, depending on the type);
  • soybeans (16);
  • peanuts (15);
  • cranberry (20);
  • dark beans (19);
  • rice bran (19);
  • cherry (22);
  • berries (from 25 to 30, depending on the species);
  • chocolate black (25, at 60% cocoa);
  • whole milk (28);
  • lentils (29);
  • white beans (30);
  • low-fat milk (32);
  • yogurt (33);
  • plums (33);
  • apples (from 35 to 40, depending on the variety);
  • pears (35);
  • strawberries (40);
  • Strawberries (40);
  • gooseberries (40);
  • fruit juices (from 40);
  • pasta (42);
  • spaghetti (42);
  • oranges (42);
  • tangerines (42).

To lower blood sugar,doctor's recommendations to refuse products containing maltose (GI 106) and glucose (GI 100). From air rice (GI 94), honey (GI 88), baked potatoes (GI 85), caramels (GI 80), corn flakes (GI 80), French fries (GI 75), wheat flakes (GI 73), watermelon ( GI 71). Much depends on the type of human activity, on physical activity, on the estimated expenditure of energy.

How to reduce blood sugar, spices and condiments

Masterfully cooked lettuce replaces to tastedessert. Olive or rapeseed oil is suitable for salads. You can diversify the taste sensations by adding a couple of spoons of horseradish, mustard, tomato paste, garlic, onion, ginger, pepper, lemon juice, salt to the salad. The function of a wonderful sauce for a salad is yoghurt. Aromatic properties have different types of greens. Interesting ingredients, refreshing taste of any salad, including fruit, can be dried fruits in a moderate amount.

Lowering blood sugar is beneficial and relativelyhealthy people for the prevention of hypertension, diabetes, obesity. Dependence on sweet is dangerous by the changes in the psychological state in the moments of sharp jumps in blood glucose. Frequent mood changes lead to prolonged depressions, weakening immunity. Increased sugar in the blood provokes early age changes in the skin and internal organs, destroys youth and beauty.

When buying a product, it is important to study its composition atan item of calorie content. More valuable will be a meal with a low calorie content, and not one that says "fat-free". It is there that often there is a lot of sugar, even if its contents are not indicated on the package.

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