How to make a doll with your own hands?

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How to make a doll with your own hands?

Doll - one of the most common toys today. Dolls are presented to children, presented as souvenirs, collected. Homemade doll will be a great gift or a talisman, to make such a doll with your own hands is quite simple. For beginners, it is recommended to watch educational videos or photo-instructions, which detail how to make a doll.

How to make a doll out of cloth with your own hands

The most common way to make a doll with your own hands is to sew it out of fabric. There are many options for their manufacture, it all depends on experience and the desired result. For the manufacture of rag dolls usually use natural fabrics - cotton, knitwear, calico, poplin. Cotton, sintepon, or sintepukh are used as fillers.

Frameless dolls

The easiest option for making a doll is the so-called motanka doll. Such a doll can even be made by a child, because the process of making it does not imply the presence ofDollsewing experience.To make a doll of fabric, you will need the fabric itself, cotton wool and elastic bands to hold the shreds and shape them. The basis for such a doll is a piece of white matter, and as “clothes”, patches of colored fabric are used, which are “wound” on the base. With the help of gum stationery formed the head and arms, as well as the "skirt" of the doll.

Puppets on the frame

Making dolls whose arms and legs are bent requires some experience. The skeleton for a doll is usually made of wire. To make hands for a doll, you will need a nylon stocking or knitted fabric, from which the “glove” for the handle is made. A synthetic winterizer or cotton wool is wound on the wire frame, and then a “glove” is put on. Similarly formed legs for a doll.

How to make a doll of threads

One of the oldest methods of making dolls is the option of using threads. It is very simple to make a doll of threads, you only need to follow the sequence of steps, and then you will get a wonderful product that you can give to children.

For the manufacture of such dolls need natural threads with a smooth structure, it is not recommended to use synthetics or wool. Before starting work, it is necessary to prepare a winding base equal to 2/3 of the height of the finished doll.The basis may beDollmade of thick cardboard, which will not bend when winding threads.

  1. To make the body of the doll, you should wind the required number of threads on the base and cut the threads along the same line.
  2. Then you should take the threads of a different color and wind it again on the base and cut it - it will be the hair of the doll. It turns out 2 strips of thread of the same length and thickness.
  3. Next, you need to put the strips on one another, bend and tie both sides with threads of the same color. The result was a doll head with hair already attached to it.
  4. Then you should wind the handles of the doll, which should be half the size of the “body”. Cut the threads for pens should be on both sides and immediately fasten.
  5. The resulting strip to invest in a previously divided in half the base and tie, forming a "waist". The doll made of threads is ready, it remains to trim the uneven edges and straighten the "hair".

Making a paper doll

Paper dolls and paper outfits were the dream of many little girls. To make such a doll with your own hands is not at all difficult. To do this, you need a thick cardboard, on which you need to draw the body of the doll and cut it.Be sure to draw the face of the doll and the desired hairstyle. Then you can experiment and draw clothes for the new paper fashionista.

Paper angel dolls

Paper angel dolls

White paper angels will be a great decoration for any holiday. For the manufacture of such dolls will require sheets of cardboard, pencil and scissors. The easiest way is to cut an angel figure out of a folded sheet of cardboard according to a ready-made layout. You can draw an angel yourself - the cone will serve as a dress, it will remain to draw the head, wings and a halo. After the layout is cut, it is necessary to bend the nimbus and wings to give the figure volume. On the edge of the angel's dress, you can make cuts and wind them with a pencil. You can hang such an angel by a regular thread or a fishing line.

Amulet dolls

In Slavic culture, dolls amulets were used not only as toys and decorative objects, but also helped in personal and social life. Traditionally, such dolls were rag-like and had no faces: people believed that in this way the evil spirit would not be able to move into an impersonal doll.

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