How to make a salad with ham and beans

Delicious and hearty salad on the festive table does not have to contain expensive ingredients. You can prepare a salad with ham and beans, which will appeal to both guests and home.

The recipe for a dish can be selected depending on theavailable ingredients. For example, a salad with ham and beans, which includes fresh cucumber, boiled eggs and mayonnaise, is quite popular. In order to cook it, clean and cut into cubes boiled eggs, ham and cucumber cut into small pieces. All mixed, add a can of canned beans, and season with mayonnaise. To taste, you can add salt and spices. Such a salad, among other things, contains a large amount of protein.

Another not too high-calorie dish is prepared forthe next recipe. Beans are soaked in water for several hours, after which it is boiled in slightly salted water. Onion and ham are cut into thin strips. Boiled eggs are cleaned and finely minced. The root of the horse radish is rubbed on the grater. Next, the ingredients are added to the dishes and mixed. This salad is stuffed with ham and beans with sunflower oil, you can add a little vinegar. The ham in this case can be replaced with boiled meat. Before serving, it is necessary to sprinkle a dish of finely chopped herbs.

For the preparation of salads is suitable not onlycanned or boiled beans, but also pod. You can make a dish according to the following recipe. For 400 grams of beans, you need to take 300 grams of ham, 2 small carrots and 2 onions. Pods are boiled in salted water. It is necessary to watch, that they are not boiled. If you take a young fresh beans, then it will cook much faster than frozen. And her taste will be much better. Young beans can be put out in a frying pan, adding a few spoons of soy sauce. Onions are cut into half rings and lightly fried. Carrots are cut into small pieces, fried in sunflower oil until golden. The ham is cut with straws. Finished ingredients are neatly connected and filled with mayonnaise. Delicious and hearty salad with ham and beans is ready.

It should be noted that ham is a universalingredient for many dishes. For example, you can make a salad with ham and an omelette. For this 4 eggs are beaten and baked thin pancakes, which are cut with straw. The ham is diced, rubbed 200 grams of cheese. All the ingredients are mixed and dressed with mayonnaise. Also, if desired, you can add a little canned corn here. This recipe is easy to prepare, but the result is an original dish that will help diversify the festive table or daily menu.

It is worth describing another simple recipe, forwhich is prepared a salad with ham puff with the addition of pineapple. Strangely enough, but this fruit is not bad combined with the taste of meat ingredients, giving the dish some piquancy. So, you need a small pineapple (can be replaced with canned), cheese, ham, corn, eggs, greens and mayonnaise. Products are prepared: pineapples are cut into pieces, cheese is rubbed, eggs, greens and ham are crushed. After that layers are laid out. At once it is necessary to specify, that mayonnaise can be spread as each layer separately, and through two layers. In the dishes laid green, then the corn, the third layer - eggs, after them goes the ham, then the pineapples, and the salad is covered with grated cheese.

It must be said that salad with ham andbeans, regardless of the chosen recipe, will be highly appreciated by guests and domestic. And if you periodically add new ingredients to the dish, it can not get bored.

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How to make a salad with ham and beans How to make a salad with ham and beans How to make a salad with ham and beans How to make a salad with ham and beans How to make a salad with ham and beans How to make a salad with ham and beans How to make a salad with ham and beans How to make a salad with ham and beans How to make a salad with ham and beans How to make a salad with ham and beans