How to make another disk?

Sometimes PC users need to create a new local disk on their computer. This is necessary in order to distribute between them system functions and information storage functions. Consider how to create another local disk.

Create local disk

  • You can buy another disk and install a second hard disk on your computer. After it is installed, the operating system during the first boot, it will find it and determine the parameters of this new equipment. Thus, it will acquire the status of a local disk. An icon appears in the My Computer folder, which indicates that the installation was successful.
  • When buying a new computer, it has one hard disk installed, which you can independently partition into two local disks. For this there are special programs, such as: Diskeeper Pro or Partition Magic. This is a free downloadable program. With their help, you can perform various actions with local drives. The disk can be divided into several parts, or conversely combine them into one.
  • For those who can independently reinstall the program Windows, there is another way. To do this, first of all, you need to format the disk that already exists. Next, you need to create the number of disks you want to have on your computer, specify their size and then install the system on the selected local disk.

Connect a second hard drive

For those people who spend a lot of time at the computer, creating various music albums, photo albums, make photo montages, etc. need a lot of free disk space. Sometimes there is no such place. Deleting unnecessary files and defragmenting the disk in this case will not help much, as this is a temporary measure, in which very little space is freed up. In this case, you can replace an existing disk with another, having more memory, or you can install a second additional hard disk. Consider how to connect another hard drive.

  • First you need to choose a place to connect it. To do this, remove the cover of the system unit. It will be immediately apparent that the hard disk is connected to the motherboard with a long cable.Nearby there should be another free connection cable, it should also have an free IDE connector, and that’s what you need to connect to a new hard disk drive. In the system unit on the rack, you need to select the free space where you need to screw this new disk, to which the train should be free to reach.
  • Master / Slave setting on the hardware level. Next, it is necessary at the hardware level to ask the hard drives a command, which of them will be the main one. This is done using a special jumper, which is made in the form of a thin plate, it is installed in the field of the disc itself. There are indications on the hard disk label.
  • Setting Master / Slave at BIOS level. Installing both hard drives, you need to click on the inclusion. If the computer blinks the download indicator, then everything is correct. Next, you need to go to the basic input-output system - the BIOS and see if the order of the hard disk connections is correct. How to enter this system can be read in the manual. You should find the first hard disk in the “Primary Master” section, it is equipped with a computer operating system. The second hard drive can be found in paragraph “Primary Slave”.
  • A new hard drive purchased from the store can also be broken down if necessary.

Now you know how to make another disk.

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