How to make decisions?

Making a decision at the right moment is an important thing in itself. Many people who have achieved success in life say that the main thing is to be able to make a decision, and then act and be responsible for it. How to make decisions so as to be able to foresee the consequences and achieve success with minimal losses?

How to make the right decision?

Writer Karl Kraus said: "If you do not know what to do, do the right thing." However, what do we mean by right action or decision? In fact, at the heart of making the right decision are three points: knowledge, experience and intuition. Consider each of them separately.

Knowledge is power

Always say you need to know what you are doing. And in these words there is a sense, because if a person takes on the case without knowing him, what is the probability that he will make the wrong decision? To learn to make the right decisions, you need to know your business well. No wonder people who build a career, have not only higher education, but also constantly improve their qualifications.

In many countries, this practice is crucial for company employees. Therefore, companies do not spare money from their budget, so that their employees keep up with the times and have relevant knowledge.

However, even if the company can not pay the employee money for training, it does not mean that he should sit back. After all, it can depend on knowledge of his career and future.

An experience

Everything is said about the importance of experience. However, what is meant by this word? It is worth noting that experience is not an experience or skills that a person acquires over time. Experience is more than that. Whether it is vital or especially working.

Experience is extremely important for those who work in a team, even in an ordinary position. After all, here you need to think not only for yourself, but often for others. So, before making any decision, you need to think carefully about how colleagues will react to it.

At the same time, people who work alone should also have good experience and practice. After all, decision making will often depend not on knowledge, but on experience, which was supposed to teach a person to act reasonably and quickly.


In life and in work, intuition is a very important thing. It develops over the years. Often its development is affected by the experience of the experience. A person who has experienced a lot in life and has worked for years, sometimes already unconsciously makes decisions that may turn out to be quite true. This skill is extremely important for people whose professions are associated with instant response to the situation. These include, for example, air traffic controllers or people engaged in military affairs, air pilots, rescuers, and even programmers.

So, we have disassembled that is necessary for decision-making. Now consider how to learn to accept it.

  1. Before you make a decision, write down the essence of the problem. Write down all the options, with the pros and cons of each. This will facilitate the solution of any problem, because so you put everything on the shelves.
  2. Feel free to ask for advice. Ask for advice not only from those who are more experienced than you, but also from those who are your equal. A fresh look at things never hurts. However, remember that in the end you are responsible for your actions.
  3. Use the "10-10-10" method. The essence of it is simple: you need to think about what the consequences of your decision will be in 10 days, 10 months and 10 years.

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