How to make heels soft at home with soda or glycerin

With the arrival of the spring-summer season, we are hard beginning to pick up our open shoes. And here we notice our untidy legs and ask ourselves how to make heels soft at home.

Ode to heels

how to make heels soft at home

Our legs are one of the tools of female beauty. And it's not just about their length. Not at all. Beauty is a complex concept. If you do not have a beautiful pedicure, it does not matter. But if you shamelessly show your coarse heels to others, they will consider you a nonsense. And then neither the length of the legs, nor the perfect pedicure will not save you.

That is why it is so important to know how to make heels soft at home.

Causes of heel problems

Do you look with envy at women who have leg skin that is literally satin? In fact, this is the result of long work.Indeed, more than half of the fair sex is faced with the problem of hardened heels. Why do such metamorphoses occur with the skin of our legs, because in childhood we all had silky, smooth heels?

how to make heels soft

There are several reasons for this. And the most important thing is to correctly identify them. Only then can we talk about quality care.

The heels have a huge load during each day. It is no wonder that on them the skin often grows coarse and there appear calluses, cracks, corns. The reasons for this may be the following factors:

  1. Neglect of hygiene rules.Unfortunately, many of us still believe that it is only necessary to care for the heels in the warm season, when we wear open shoes. Ideally, this should be done all year round. With constant care, there will be enough health procedures for the legs once a week. If the heels are running, you will first have to pay attention to them daily. Until you cure. Make such a care your rule, and then you will not be concerned about how to make your heels soft at home.
  2. Ignoring the laws of pedicure.Many of us paint intricate patterns on our nails.But at the same time they forget that a pedicure is a complex procedure. It involves not only applying nail polish on the nails, but also care for them, as well as for the skin of the feet.
  3. Inconvenient shoes with rigid insoles.That is why it is better to always buy shoes and boots from well-known companies, which for years have won their reputation and produce really high-quality shoes.
  4. Synthetic tights and socks.As you know, synthetics do not allow air, feet sweat, and an ideal environment for the reproduction of bacteria is created. Of course, the laws of beauty require us to look a certain way, and we are unlikely to wear cotton tights for a business meeting or an evening out. But at least at home you need to remove synthetics and wear things from natural materials.
  5. Internal diseases.Yes, health problems affect our skin. Avitaminosis, thyroid problems, diabetes, or gastritis can be a common cause of rough heels. There is only one way out - to cure the underlying disease, not forgetting, of course, about hygiene.soft heels at home

Cosmetic taboos: what not to do with heels

If you have wondered how to make your heels soft at home, remember the opposite rules.

What kind of manipulation can be unpromising and dangerous?

  • First, set aside a razor or blade. Not only can you get hurt (and the heels will heal for a long time and painfully), a similar procedure (cutting off horny skin) will not bring any result. After some time, the layer of epithelium will recover. But it will be much thicker. After such manipulations to return heels healthy look will be much harder.
  • Do not place too much hope on the hot tubs that are loudly advertised and offered in our pharmacies. This thing is, of course, necessary and useful, but it is intended, rather, for foot massage. In the fight against keratinized skin from her little sense. The fact is that the water in it is heated only to room temperature. To steam the legs, this is not enough. The temperature of the water in this case should be equal to the body temperature. Or be a little higher, for example, 38 degrees.

Heel care rules

soft heels folk remedies

How can you get soft heels at home? Very simple: it is worth making foot care your daily habit.

If you still do not know how to make your heels soft at home quickly, our advice to you is to take daily foot baths.Herbs can be added to water (sage, oak bark, chamomile), mineral substances (sea salt, soda). And remember: salt and soda soften the skin, facilitating exfoliation of dead cells, and creams, oils nourish and moisturize.

Secrets of exfoliation

We all, of course, heard about the magic instrument of any fashionista called pumice. In the process of receiving foot baths its use is very justified. It is advisable to clean the feet with it a little, but often. Today, many offer a universal double-sided object, on the one hand of which there is pumice, on the other - a special soft brush. The latter should be applied after pumice treatment with the feet.

You can also purchase special files on paper basis. They come in different grains. But their main feature is that such files do not scratch, but peel the skin.

For lovers of comfort, cosmetologists have an elegant offer - scrubs and peels. Gentle effect on the skin and a stunning effect - these are their main advantages.

Our assistant - soda

how to make heels soft at home with soda

This white powder has truly unique properties. He comes to our aid in the treatment of throat diseases, and in case of high acidity, and in the fight against rough skin.In pursuit of beauty, we go around beauty salons, pay huge amounts of money to cosmetologists, and sometimes we don’t even think about the fact that we have a magic tool at hand that can be used at home on our own. Speech is about soda.

However, it should be remembered that it is impossible to keep your feet in soda solution for a long time, otherwise the pH balance violation is guaranteed for you. And this can lead to consequences such as skin dehydration and discomfort.

Soda Baths

How to make heels soft at home with soda?

Try soda baths.

  1. For 5 liters of water you need only 3 tablespoons of white powder. It is better not to delay the procedure and limit to 10-15 minutes. It is desirable to do such baths for 5-7 days, and you will notice that the skin has acquired a healthy appearance. At the end of the procedure, make a light massage and lubricate the feet with cream. You can wear cotton socks if you are treating heels at bedtime.
  2. It makes sense to add a little essential oil to the soda solution. Then you will also get a relaxation effect. If you take this bath often, you can forget about sweating feet.

Heels Best Friend - Glycerin

This is another unique tool that will make your heels pink and soft. In addition, glycerin perfectly fights to make heels soft at home quickly

How to make heels soft at home with glycerin? A simple recipe that is available to everyone: to fill the incomplete bottle of glycerin with apple cider vinegar. It is advisable to use apple. Shake well the resulting solution and lubricate their feet in the morning and evening. Heels will be satin, and nails - healthy and shiny.

This effect means very easily explained by the properties of its components. Glycerin attracts water and moisturizes the skin. Apple cider vinegar contains many useful substances (fluorine, potassium, pectin and vitamins).

Soft heels: folk remedies

We should not neglect the gifts of nature. Herbs, vegetables, fruits - all this can be used to combat the rough skin of our feet.

how to make heels soft at home with glycerin

Try the following miracle remedies, and the result will not take long.

  • Squash mask.Young vegetable can be grated or mince. Put on a cloth (necessarily natural!) And wrap it around the heels. Fix and sit so no more than half an hour.Then wash off the remains of mashed potatoes and lubricate the legs with cream (preferably nutritious).
  • Mask of lemon with egg.Excellent tool that is effective after steaming bath. Take a teaspoon of lemon juice and starch and add the yolk. Apply the mixture on the heels. Over time, the mask will dry out and turn into a frozen crust. It should be washed off with water, and her feet please moisturizer.
  • Apricot mask.The southern fruit has long been a regular guest even in northern latitudes. It is famous for its beneficial properties. In particular, it is used to treat heels. 3-4 mash apricot and add to the resulting gruel 2 teaspoons of oil (olive or vegetable). Heat this mixture for 3 minutes on low heat. Then apply the mask with a makeup brush on the heels. Then you need to wrap your feet in plastic and sit for about 20 minutes. After the procedure, you must rub a nourishing cream into the skin of the feet.

Now you know how to make heels soft. For especially lazy, there is also a way out - modern cosmetics. Faberlik has K-9 foot cream, Avon offers Foot Works, you can select “Doctor” from domestic creams.

In a word, there would be a desire, and then you will notice the result very soon.

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