How to make money, if there is a million?

So, you have already earned / received a gift orinheritance / won a million rubles. And, of course, every person who wants to increase his savings will think about the next question: how to earn more if there is a million? In this article, I will tell you at once about several effective ways to increase capital.

How to earn, if there is a million rubles: starting capital

If your million is not got to youa big win and not as an inheritance from rich relatives, but as a result of hard work, then, most likely, you yourself will figure out what to do with it. Nevertheless, making this amount the starting capital of a business, you should know about those pitfalls that await every beginning entrepreneur. And the most important thing here is this: you must clearly understand the payback and profitability of the business being created. To do this, you should conduct an initial marketing study of the market segment where you plan to work. And it is good to always have a spare option (and even better - not one), so that in case of what you could adjust the direction of activity.

Rule one: the alternate option

What is meant here? For example, you worked as a realtor, saved a million and want to open a real estate agency, but according to the results of the research it will not bring the expected profit ... Many in this case do not pay attention to it and still continue to build this particular business: because they are his know, because, as they think, they can not do anything more. To think so is a big mistake. It is necessary to try something new. Why not open an online store of a certain direction or an advertising agency, if monitoring the market in this direction shows that this business has better prospects than your "native"?

Rule two: airbag

Here everything is simple: never invest all the money without a balance. There must necessarily be a reserve, and it is desirable that it make up at least 50% of the invested amount (in our case it will be 500 thousand rubles). The fact is that, no matter how optimistic the forecast is, always it is necessary to take into account unforeseen circumstances (for example, financial crises), as a result of which those who did not take care of the reserve fund, often lost almost everything.

If you still want to spend everything without a trace -invest in at least two businesses as an investor: so the risk of losing everything will be reduced to almost zero. However, earning high profits from business in this case can also be delayed, because managing two firms is much more difficult, and it is not a fact that both businesses will be equally profitable. That's why experts advise to invest half of the capital in the business, and invest the second half in something else - and we'll talk about this in the next chapters.

Investing in real estate

This is one of the most profitable activities,However, the difficulty lies in the fact that one must be able to predict the possible growth of property prices in a particular city or region. Skilfully conducted speculation (note, this word has long lost its negative character) in the real estate market can increase capital many times - but only if you are willing to devote much time to analysis. You can also buy real estate and lease it - in this case, the income will not be so tangible, but stable, which will help not only stay afloat, but also accumulate a certain amount for investment in business or other investments. This, for example, buying new real estate or speculation in the stock and / or currency market.

Stock and foreign exchange markets

This way of earning attracts many to the fact thathere you can receive extra-high income as soon as possible. However, only units can do this. And the reasons for their success and the failures of the majority, in fact, are quite simple. I will bring them to you here so that you can avoid mistakes that are made by more than 90% of beginners (and not only) of traders in the future.

  • The right choice of a broker. Note that this should be a broker, not a dealing center. That is, it is about the company that is under the wing of a solid bank, or even better if the services of access to the currency or stock markets will be provided by the bank itself. I will not engage in advertising, but there are such banks in Russia, and you can easily find them yourself through search engines - there would be a desire. Here I will add that it is better to trade independently, and not through an employee of a brokerage firm, if you expect to receive really good money.
  • Reasonable risks. No solid trader will open a deal in which more than 5% of his capital participates (and in most cases it is 1-3%). It's simple: you can ideally calculate the movement of exchange rates or stocks, but in this particular case something can happen that will direct the course in the opposite direction. Yes, in about 90% of cases with the correct (!) Calculation, the rate will go in the right direction, but just imagine that you hit your deal in the remaining 10% and invested all or even half of the capital. And, for example, the next time another half - and again a blunder. Everything: a million is not. And with the proper management of risks, you will lose in the worst case only 10% of your capital, which, of course, is also unpleasant, but not catastrophic.
  • The desire to constantly improve and seek. Many of those who lose money in the exchange game, perceive it just as a game. But meanwhile, this is fundamentally wrong. The fact is that financial speculation is a real job, and one of the most fascinating activities. If you think otherwise, leave this lesson. On some news and reports on business TV will not go far. Here you need to do the most (or well, at least, solid) amount of work yourself, independently dealing with various systems of technical analysis: all sorts of indicators and their combinations. As one successful trader says, Joe DiNapoli: "Prepare for hard work if it's too hot for you, out of the kitchen!" It's clear that without serious sustained interest, success can not be achieved, so draw conclusions!

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