How to open a kiosk?

You decided to do business and open a tradingpoint? If so, you can not do without a step-by-step plan. Larryk, although a small matter, but quite troublesome and requires some knowledge for the successful implementation of the plan and profit from the case.

We will tell you what you need to do before you open your kiosk, and how to act to get a good income with this outlet.

Action plan

Actions at the opening of the case are reduced to the following mandatory items:

  1. To go to the tax inspection at the place of residence - to register yourself as an individual entrepreneur.
  2. Submit an application to the tax inspectorate to switch to the tax system in a simplified form.
  3. Get permits for opening inlocal municipality (city) or in the village administration (village). In small settlements, obtaining a permit for installation is simpler, in large it passes with tenders - in this case there should be several applicants for one place to install the stall. The problem can be solved by submitting a request on its own behalf and, say, from a friend.
  4. After you need to apply to the managementarchitecture and urban planning in your locality in order to obtain and they have permission to open a kiosk. Permission is then agreed in the trading department of the Executive Committee.
  5. Finally, you are tested by the fire inspection and SES.

It will also be necessary to compile a detailed business plan for the future enterprise.

Example of a business plan for a sales outlet

  • The first you will have a Review section, where youindicate your intention to open a sales kiosk, in which the sale of certain (specify what - industrial, food, etc.) goods / products will be conducted. Here, write what organizational and legal form of the enterprise you have chosen - IP.
  • Description of the enterprise. Here you describe your kiosk and specify the number of sellers and the area of ​​the outlet.
  • Description of services. It describes what goods will be sold, in what mode the work will go. You can select a removable or round-the-clock mode. Round-the-clock will bring higher profits and quick payback.
  • Market analysis. It is necessary to study and cite data on nearby outlets - competitors working in the same field, assess competition from them - or indicate its absence.
  • Equipment. Describe the technique you will need to purchase.
  • The financial side. Calculate how much the opening will cost. And calculate its payback.

Approximate costs are as follows:

The erection of a commercial space is about50000-110000 rubles, scales - around 3000, showcase with a refrigeration unit - 10000, cash register - 6000, registration of all documents - up to 100000 rubles. Take into account the seller's salary for the year - around 130,000.

As a result, the costs will average 200,000 rubles. You can rent a built-in kiosk and second-hand equipment - it will be a little cheaper.

Product selection

Another important question is what to sell at the kiosk? Depends on the segment in which you will sell the product. Near the stops will be in demand newspaper kiosks with various small goods (hair clips, stationery, batteries, etc.), as well as bakery and cigarette kiosks. Near the beer can be sold crackers, chips and other snacks to beer. Near schools, kindergartens, hospitals - kiosks with sweets and soft drinks, bakeries.

The kiosk pays off quite quickly - after a period of 2 months to six months. It depends on the turnover.

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