How to play "Maincraft" on the local network: tips

When you first start playing "Manjkraft",then you can hardly even think about the existence of a multiplayer mode. You simply do not need it, since you obviously will have enough for a long time as a single player - a game so engaging, diverse and exciting that it will take many days before you get bored of playing alone. However, in most cases this day still comes - what to do in this case? Then gamers think about whether there is a multiplayer in this project. And the answer to this question is yes. Yes, you can play with other Meincraft fans on the network. And you can do this even if you do not have the Internet. In this article, you will learn how to play "Maincraft" on a local network, because an Internet connection for many gamers may not be fast enough or stable to support a full game on the server. But the local network is always stable and operates at the highest speeds.

Types of multiplayer

how to play maincraft on a local network

Before you disassemble how to play "Meincraft"on the local network, you need to understand what are generally the modes of the network game. Perhaps you will not like any of this, and you will abandon this venture. Although this is unlikely, because in the majority of regimes they repeat the single player. In total there are four, and one of the most common is the mode of creativity. Here you get an unlimited supply of materials and create real works of art from various blocks.

Another extremely popular mode is survival, heis standard. Here you find yourself in the middle of a randomly generated world in general without any adaptations or resources, and you need to get yourself from scratch with the necessary items, materials, build a house and prepare for survival in harsh conditions. Hardcore mode is very similar to survival, but only it significantly increases the level of complexity. Well, the adventure mode is a thematic game, in which you can even put certain tasks, unlike other modes. Which option to choose is up to you. And now it's time to learn how to play "Maincraft" on the local network.

Creating a world

how on the network to play maynkraft through the Internet and the local network

First of all, you need to determine what will beto act as a host. This is a very important point, because the host computer will store all the server information, all the data, and also it will be the most loaded. Therefore, the role of the host should be performed by the gamer who has the most powerful computer. Considering the fact that you will play on the local network, accordingly, you will have the same connection speed for everyone, the key role here is played by the computer configuration. However, this is only the first step that you have to do to understand how to play "Minecraft" on the local network.

When the host is defined, on his shouldersthe task is to create a new world, in which the game will take place. Some gamers already at this stage are interested in whether everyone will be able to get this opportunity and how to play on the network in the "Meincraft". Through the Internet and a local network you can play absolutely everyone who has any connection with other players. Only the creation and connection processes are slightly different in the case of the world and local networks.

Opening the world and configuring the server

how to play on a local network in minecraft

If you are trying to figure out how to playon a local network in Minecraft, then this item will be the most important for you. Once you create a new world, you need to go to the menu and select "Open to LAN", which means "Open for local network". Thus, your server will be available to those who are connected to the same local network with you. Next, you will need to make the game settings, enter the console commands, and most importantly - select a specific mode that you agree with other players. When you are done with this, the server will be ready to receive guests. If you are asked how you manage with poor Internet or lack of it to play with friends, you can safely answer: "And we play in Maincraft with a friend on the network." If this person also applies to your local network, you can call him to your company.

Connect to server

Play MainCraft with a friend on the network

So, you have a game world that is open toconnections from local network addresses. But how to make a connection, because so far only the administrator lives on the server? In older versions of the game, the host needs to copy the server address that will appear after opening the world, and then send it to those who will participate in the game. When they enter the game, they insert this address into the required field and connect. However, in new versions, the process was significantly simplified - when a player enters Minecraft and wants to play on the local network, he immediately offers a list of servers available on its premises.

Connectivity Features

There is one unpleasant fact, which, unfortunately,can not be fixed. If you do not have an Internet connection, you will not be able to use automatic server detection, even if you have a new version of "Maincrafter". You will have to enter the server address manually.

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