How to putty the car?

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How to putty the car?

All motorists, sooner or later, but will face this process. Therefore, let's talk in this article about how to putty the car. Putty car may be needed if its owner wants to hide any defects. And it may be scratches or just bumps - the place of impact in case of an accident. In addition, the putty can save the car from rust. And rust, as you know, is like a cancer for any metal. The most difficult in the whole process can be considered the final surface treatment of the car. As a rule, in order to achieve the ideal result, it is necessary to skin the body for a long time. First one of his plot, then another. However, let's talk about everything in order. From “A” to “Z”, so to speak.

How to putty the car

  1. At the very beginning, of course, you need to wash the car. Pay special attention to those places that are going to putty. After thorough washing, wipe with an auto solvent or white spirit.
  2. This is followed by a thoroughly sanded dent or scratch that you are going to putty. Do this in such a way that no rust or sharp edges are left. Afraid to remove the extra layer is not necessary. However, you should not hurry too much. Remember that the main thing is to do everything very carefully, and not as quickly as possible.
  3. Now decide on the putty. Today, they are very, very much, keep this in mind. In principle, the advice is this: do not save on the quality of putty, choose a well-known manufacturing company. One putty is suitable for deep dents, but absolutely not suitable for scratches. The other way around. Each putty has its own drying time, which should also be noted. Choose the putty that is most suitable for the type of damage, specifically in your case.
  4. Carefully knead the purchased putty with hardener. Do this until the lumps, deposits, disappear. As soon as everything is kneaded until smooth, take a spatula and evenly apply the mixture to the surface of your car.
  5. Wait ten to fifteen minutes and apply a second layer of the same, so that the place you are repairing is completely filled. In principle, you may need a third layer. Look at the situation.
  6. Tape the repair area with a special masking tape. This is done in order to not damage the normal surface of the car during grinding. Actually, take the skin in your hands and proceed to grinding.
  7. Now you can apply a special finishing putty that dries quickly and gently fills all microcracks. Allow it to dry completely, degrease the repair surface.
  8. Putty car completed. Now you can proceed to priming or painting.

By the way, about how to putty the car, the video was shot quite a lot. Both amateurs and professionals. Therefore, if our instructions, for completeness, seemed to you not enough, you can search the Internet for videos on the topic. And then you certainly understand what's what.

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