How to send a fax?

Although today most of the documents are sent via e-mail, fax is still popular. Often people have a question: how to send a fax, causes difficulty. There is nothing difficult in sending papers by fax, this procedure consists of a few simple steps that anyone can perform.

Send fax

  • First of all, you must prepare a document that will be sent by fax. Usually the necessary information is printed on A4 paper, since not all models of fax machines allow you to send documents of a smaller format. In any case, A4 sheets are suitable. If your machine supports sending documents of various sizes, it should be regulators of sheet size.
  • It is important that your document is of high quality, otherwise the addressee may have problems with the analysis of information on it. If for some reason the text or images on the sheet are spread, it is better to print the document again.
  • After you have prepared the document for sending, open the document feeder tray in your fax. As a rule, it is located on the back of the device. The document must be inserted down the front side.
  • If you need to send several sheets, the procedure for filling them will depend on the type of your machine. Certain fax machines support bulk sending of documents, so you can insert several sheets into the tray of the machine, usually no more than ten. There are also models of faxes that do not support sending multiple sheets, so documents must be loaded one by one. After inserting the document into the machine, you should hear a single signal, after which the document will be captured.
  • Before you send your documents via fax, dial the recipient's number on the machine and wait until they pick up the phone. After that, you need to introduce yourself and ask the other party to take a fax. Usually, the command to send a document by fax is “Start”, after which both you and your addressee must press the “Start” button on the machine. After that, sending a fax will be started, in any case do not hang up before it is completed. It happens that the addressee has an automatic fax. In this case, everything is much simpler: just dial the number, wait for the fax signal and press "Start".
  • After you finish sending the document, click on the "Communication" button and ask if the fax has reached and if the information is not smeared. If the document came in poor quality, you need to send it again.

Where can I send a fax

Some firms today require the sending of certain documents through a fax machine. What to do if you do not have a fax or access to it?

Faxing is possible at post offices. There, for a fee, your document will be sent to the right place. You can also apply for this service to specialized firms that are engaged in sending faxes.

Of course, there are more simple options: ask to send a fax from the office or ask for help to your friends. Surely you have friends who have a fax machine at work.

If you have to send a fax frequently, you should consider buying a fax machine. However, not every person wants to have another cumbersome device at home, so you have to think about other ways to solve the problem.

Not everyone knows that you can also send a fax using a computer. Of course, for this it must be connected to the Internet, otherwise it will not work.You must also have a scanner in order to scan a copy of the document to be sent.

Today, many sites offer to send a fax via the Internet for free. Sometimes you still have to pay for sending the document, so it is important to first familiarize yourself with the rules of the site. They usually have detailed instructions on how to send a fax from a computer, since this procedure is slightly different on different sites.

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