How to sew a bunny?

Evgenia Nikitina
Evgenia Nikitina
August 31, 2014
How to sew a bunny?

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How to sew a bunny?

There are toys that are played by children, and there are those that stand on the shelves and gather dust. If you wish, you can create a toy, which not only will be pleasant to watch, but also play with it. Any character from children's fairy tales, for example, a hare, is quite suitable. It is easy to sew it, even without special skills in sewing.

The choice of materials for sewing

Choice options are great. Any fabric except loose with a rare weave will do. If you can not buy a special doll fabric, then you can do with ordinary.

What you need for sewing:

  • Body fabric of the hare itself, 35-50 cm. Depending on its size;
  • Material for clothes;
  • Sintepon for stuffing;
  • Scissors;
  • Pins;
  • Paper and marker for fabric;
  • Threads in the tone of fabric and floss;
  • Wooden or plastic thick knitting needles.

Sewing steps

You can draw the patterns yourself toys. But you can buy ready-made in the shop for needlework or find them on the relevant sites on the Internet.

  1. The fabric should be folded in half with its face inward and the patterns laid out on it.Remember that the bunny's paws are four, that is, two front and twoSew a rabbitback, and two ears. So, it is necessary to cut out in pairs.
  2. Circle the patterns with a marker for the fabric, making allowances for seams 0.5 cm, and cut. Sew along the contour all the details, leaving a small section unstitched.
  3. Turn the finished parts on the front side and using the spokes to fill them with padding polyester. If not, then you can holofiber or synthepuhom. The main thing that the packing was fluffy, without lumps.
  4. Ears are cut out separately. To do this, take a piece of basic fabric and put on it a finishing, cut along the contour of the pattern and sew.
  5. After that, in the lower part of the body you need to insert the hind legs and tackle them so that they do not move. The front is sewn from the side to the upper part of the body. Ears are not stuffed - they are sewn by hand to the head of the bunny.
  6. The last stage is the design of the face. First, they draw eyes and a nose on it with a simple pencil, and then embroider them with floss threads of suitable color.

You can also sew other soft toys, such as a rabbit.

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