How to treat heartburn?

Almost 80 percent of the world's population at least once in their lives experienced an unpleasant sensation of burning in the stomach, sometimes they are accompanied by nausea, last several hours, if you do not fight this phenomenon. But many do not understand that it is absolutely useless to deal with the symptoms of heartburn, eat soda with spoons, cigarette ash, chalk, etc., it is necessary to eliminate the cause of heartburn. It is treated for at least a month with various means that dilute bile, normalizes acidity, treat the liver and pancreas. Just need to know exactly how to treat heartburn.

Increased acidity

The cause of heartburn can be an increased release of acid in the stomach. A white bloom may appear on the tongue, a feeling of nausea often appears, it may even wrest. With this heartburn will help an effective remedy based on ginger juice. Grate the ginger, squeeze one tablespoon of the juice, dilute it with a glass of water and boil for 3 minutes. Then the decoction should be mixed with a tablespoon of honey. Drink this drink should be on an empty stomach before breakfast, that is, once a day.The course of treatment is 7-10 days, then a two-week break should be taken and another 10 days to be treated.

Gall bladder and liver

If you have a narrowing of the ways in which bile goes to the stomach, that is, dyskinesia, as well as problems with the health of the liver, then heartburn will definitely occur. There will be bitterness in the mouth, on the tongue yellow bloom. In this case, you need to know how to cure heartburn from bile. We must drink a decoction of corn silk, mixed with buds of immortelle and tansy. The ratio of the parts of the collection - three parts of stigmas and one part inflorescences. The collection should be filled with hot water, boiled for 1-2 minutes, then the container wrapped with a towel and insisted for 30-40 minutes. It is necessary to drink this broth before a meal, in 30 minutes, three times a day, 1-2 tablespoons. The ratio of raw materials and water: 1 tablespoon per cup (200 ml). It is necessary to be treated for at least 2 weeks, but a month is better.

Heartburn at omission

With the omission of the stomach, all vessels and ducts suitable for it are clamped. This happens to those who work a lot physically or for a long time standing on their feet. There is frequent belching, rumbling and heartburn. With this type of heartburn, you can make such a drink. 10 grams of ground ginger and pepper pour 1.5 cups of water, boil for 7 minutes and cool.Prepared drink should be drunk during the day in two steps, 15-20 minutes before meals. Such treatment should be taken 7 days, a break of 2 weeks and another 7 days of treatment.

Folk remedies for heartburn

Here such folk remedies for heartburn can be taken if you want to eliminate the cause of the disease. It is fashionable before meals to take half a teaspoon of crushed egg shell, and you can do the same with crushed kernels of walnuts or almonds. It is also possible on an empty stomach to eat a cup of buckwheat porridge without salt, sugar, oil. Well helps herbal tea from mint, or drink from flaxseed. He poured boiling water and insist wrapped a jar with a thick towel for at least an hour. Any national treatment should be carried out in several courses, we drink two weeks, we rest as much. And so for several months.

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