Hygienic shower in the toilet. Installation of hygienic shower in the toilet: instructions

Today, many owners are thinking about a hygienic shower for the toilet. If in a country house during construction, you can think in advance about the size of the bathroom and the equipment installed there, then the residents of high-rise buildings are deprived of such pleasure. Nevertheless, a hygienic shower in the toilet allows not only to save space on the installation of a bidet, but also to observe personal hygiene with a certain comfort. In addition, such a device is often used for other than its intended purpose: to collect water in a tank, to wash a toilet bowl, etc.hygienic shower in the toilet

Some general useful information.

In itself, the device is quite simple and unpretentious. It is a stainless steel hose, usually 1-2 meters. It is built directly into the wall or under the lid of the toilet bowl. In principle, the installation options are not very limited, but we'll talk about this a little later. The equipment consists of only 2 elements - a shower and a flexible hose.This suggests that everyone will be able to perform the installation, even the one who has never dealt with anything like that. This article will help you in this, where you can find the necessary theoretical information. So, let's talk about how to independently perform installation work, but first I would like to understand the general concepts.

Do I need a hygienic shower?

All of us, before buying something, think about it: do we really need it? When it comes to personal hygiene, then there should be no doubt. Of course, many say that the use of a hygienic soul contributes to the prevention of diseases of the rectum. The fact is not confirmed, but many believe it.hygienic toilet shower reviews

With the installation of such equipment, your toilet becomes a two-in-one. You can easily carry out intimate hygiene procedures. This significantly saves precious space in the bathroom. As noted above, there are several ways of placing: on the sink near the toilet, in the toilet or its cover, on the wall. Each of the ways is good. Which one suits you better - decide for yourself. For example, if there is no sink near the toilet bowl, the first option disappears immediately. If there is no desire to conduct water supply in the wall, then the third one disappears.Nevertheless, the installation of a hygienic shower in the toilet according to one or another scheme involves various costs, efforts to carry out installation works and their actual complexity.installation of hygienic shower in the toilet

Wall mounted models

You can say that the wall models are the most convenient and practical. This is due to the fact that they are embedded in the wall, that is, the inner part is hidden from view. This does not violate the design of the room and allows you to comfortably perform hygienic procedures. The design consists of a hose of small length, one side of which is screwed to the mixer, the second to the watering can. As for the mixer, in most cases it is advisable to equip it with a thermostat. So you save yourself from the constant setting of the water temperature. It will be possible to select a specific temperature of the coolant. In principle, it makes sense to install a flush-mounted hygienic shower only if you are still planning to make repairs, and the hole in the wall will not change anything. If the room is already ready for use, then it is worthwhile to choose a more benign solution.

How to install a hygienic shower in the toilet

First of all, you need to acquire components for work. This includes a chrome watering can and holder as well as a hose. A mixer and a thermostat will not be out of place, but if you really want to, then you can do without such equipment. After that you can proceed directly to the installation work.

install a hygienic shower in the toilet

The advantages of the hygienic soul are that you do not need to carry out new communications, all work is done on the basis of old ones. All you need is to attach the mixer to the pipes coming out of the wall. One end of the hose is connected to the mixer. In order to avoid leaks, it is advisable to use rubber seals. They must be installed between the second end of the hose and the watering can.

Of course, to do the work you will have to make a recess in the wall, as well as bring water, but all this is done in just half an hour. That is why you can mount a hygienic shower when it is convenient for you.

Bidet attachment on the toilet

The universal compact device is attractive because it is easy to install. In addition, it does not take up extra space in an already small room."What is its versatility?" - surely you ask. The fact is that it is possible to install on any type of toilet bowl, regardless of the shape and size.

To install such a console, you will need a faucet with hot and cold water connection, a hygienic watering can, which differs from the usual convenient ergonomics, as well as a shower hose and a mounting plate. Usually the equipment is mounted under the toilet lid. On which side the installation will be made is a matter of personal taste. But sometimes the choice is hampered by the fact that, on the one hand, there is not enough space from the toilet bowl and it is uncomfortable to carry out hygienic procedures. After you complete all installation work, you need to bring water to the mixer.

installation of hygienic shower in the toilet

Short instructions for installing a bidet set-top box

Well, now let's see how, in fact, the installation of a hygienic shower in the toilet is carried out. To do this, as noted above, can even a beginner. First of all, a gasket is installed on the mixer, only after that it can be connected to the nozzle. The mixer is mounted on the mounting plate, and the parts are fixed with a clamping gasket and nut,what provides tightness of connection. After that, you can proceed to the water supply and connect the hose to the mixer.

The adapter nut is screwed to the nozzle, then the watering can is screwed into it. It turns out that we have one free end of the hose, to which it is necessary to fasten the watering can. A gasket is installed between the watering can and the hose to seal the connection. All these works are not performed directly on the lid of the toilet, as it is not very convenient. That is why after the end you need to screw the mounting plate to the cover. At the last stage of the lid is installed on the toilet. This connection of the hygienic shower in the toilet can be considered complete. You can enjoy!

Hygienic shower in the toilet: the price and reviews

It is easy to guess that the cost of the equipment will directly depend on the manufacturer, as well as parameters such as reliability and overall quality of the nodes. But it is worth noting that this pleasure is not cheap. However, having bought a quality product once, you will be able to use it for quite a long time, without experiencing any inconvenience during operation.Thus, the cost of Grohe’s products starts at 10,000 rubles and ends at about 18,000. But Hansgrohe hygienic showers can cost up to 40,000 rubles. Nevertheless, both the first and the second brand have good consumer support. Many say that both Grohe and Hansgrohe are an excellent hygienic shower in the toilet. Reviews testify to the high quality of products. Often, they focus on the chrome plating of mounting plates, watering cans and other parts, which significantly increases their durability. However, not everyone has the opportunity to give preference to expensive souls. So, consumers often advise products of the company "Oras". Such hygienic soul cost relatively inexpensive, about 8 000 rubles. And, despite the democratic price, the quality is quite decent.

connecting a sanitary shower in the toilet

Connecting the shower to the sink

If the toilet has a sink, then without any problems you can bring a hygienic shower to its mixer. Often it requires the installation of a special model, which will have a third water outlet to the watering can. The equipment works quite simply. Turn the knob of the mixer, the water flows into the sink, as well as into the shower hose. The latter is equipped with a shut-off valve.If you press the button that opens it, the water will go out of the watering can, at the same time it will stop pouring into the sink.

Stage Two

In this case, it is extremely important to choose the installation location as well as the height. All this must be done based on your own preferences. It is recommended to pay special attention to the length of the hose. It is advisable to take with a small margin. It should be enough to the toilet. Many professionals recommend to shut off the water after use to extend the life of the equipment. Otherwise, the shut-off valve will always be under pressure. Over time, this may lead to its failure. If you install a hygienic shower to the sink, then this problem disappears, because after closing the lever the water goes away.

built-in hygienic shower in the toilet

Installation and connection of the bidet cover

The design of this type recently gained great popularity. This is due to ease of use and ease of installation. Thus, the cover-bidet is put on the toilet in the area of ​​high barrels. Two valves are also placed there. Accordingly, a tube with a coolant is drawn between them.

To perform installation work it is necessary to cut off the water supply and remove the old cover. Further the new device is installed, exactly in place of the old one.Mount it in the reverse order, from removing the old cover. On the bidet of compact type there is a place to install a tee. The upper part of it is connected to the toilet cistern hose. At the final stage, the device is connected to the network, after which it can be used. This design is very convenient and practical. In addition, all installation work usually takes no more than two hours. Many consumers recommend installing hygienic shower in the toilet Grohe, it is of this type. It is aesthetically pleasing, reliable and efficient, which is the most important thing.


As noted above, consumers, based on their own experience, recommend installing a hygienic Grohe shower. The company manufactures and sells a variety of modifications: wall-mounted, under the toilet lid, connected to the sink and others. For example, a hygienic shower in a toilet built in is advisable to install in very small bathrooms. In a larger room you can place a classic bidet.

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