Icebreaker "Vladivostok": specifications and photos

At the end of 2012, one of the most powerful ships in its category, the icebreaker Vladivostok, was laid at the shipyard in Vyborg. This swimming vehicle belongs to the project number 21900M, which includes similar models "Murmansk", "Moscow" and "St. Petersburg." Distinctive features of the ship are the possibility of placing on it a helipad, a large number of team members, the installation of a powerful lifting crane installation and the placement of special personnel. The vessel is at the disposal of the company "Rosmorport". Consider its features and characteristics.

icebreaker Vladivostok

Design and construction

The construction of two vessels of this series started in 2012. They were to be launched before the end of 2016. Icebreaker "Murmansk", "Vladivostok" - these are the first two samples. One of them was built in Vyborg, the second - abroad (Finland, Helsinki).

According to official information, ships have almost identical parameters and capabilities. They are built from the same blocks and belong to the same series. Icebreaker "Vladivostok" operates in the seaport "Primorsk", located in the Gulf of Finland, the Baltic Sea. His main specialization is the transportation of oil products. In addition, it is used to make transport aisles to other ships with high payloads.

Construction of the ship by date

Below are the periods when the construction of important components of the icebreaker "Vladivostok" was completed:

  1. October 2012 - the beginning of the construction.
  2. August 2013 - arrangement of the main part of the hull.
  3. April 2014 - launching, setting up equipment.
  4. The autumn of the same year - setting the steering.
  5. The end of 2014 - the beginning of 2015 - carrying out mooring testing.
  6. August-September 2015 - installation of the towing winch, the organization of sea trials.

icebreaker Krasin Vladivostok

In the autumn of 2015, in St. Petersburg, the vessel was received with a solemn ceremony, which was attended by high-ranking officials, representatives of the Ministry of Transport and various seaports.

Icebreaker "Vladivostok": technical characteristics

If we make a comparison between the ships “Moscow” and “Vladivostok”, it can be noted that the first vessel serves 26 crew members, in the second version there are eleven more personnel. Both cars belong to the category of ships with a diesel-electric power plant, equipped with a helipad.

The main characteristics of the icebreaker "Vladivostok":

  • length / width / height - 119.4 / 27.5 / 12.4 meters;
  • displacement - 14.3 tons;
  • draft - 8.5 meters;
  • power indicator - 17.4 MW;
  • power units - Wartsilia 9/12 V-L 32;
  • the driving device is a pair of steering columns with four blades;
  • cruising speed - 16 knots.

The vessel under consideration can be used not only for laying a route with a constant speed of movement of about two kilometers per hour, but also to carry out a research, industrial and supply function.

Briefly about the internal equipment

The captain of the icebreaker "Vladivostok" together with the team lives in comfortable conditions. All equipment meets the standards of efficiency, durability and fire safety. The ship can rightly be called a real marine habitation.

icebreaker captain Vladivostok

It is planned to equip such vessels with special furniture and useful accessories,which will have a positive impact not only on the working and living conditions of the crew, but also on the productivity of the whole process. This aspect is especially important given that the ship is also intended for operation outside the water area of ​​home ports.

Special features

In the project 21900, an interesting detail appeared in comparison with the previous analogue. Icebreaker "Vladivostok" equipped with a screw-type steering column. Due to the design of the ship can move at the same speed forward, stern or sideways. In the previous modification there was no shaft system, which limited the options for moving the vessel.

The considered unit is equipped with an internal electric motor, has a fuel reserve, allowing autonomous navigation for more than a month. In addition, the vessel is equipped with modern navigation devices that allow you to optimize work in the open sea and difficult Arctic conditions.


Icebreaker "Krasin" ("Vladivostok") is focused on ensuring the movement of cargo ships and tankers with dimensions of up to 50 meters in width. The projected region of use is the Baltic Sea and other water basins prone to freezing water.In addition, the ship can be used to extinguish fires on floating equipment, conduct rescue and research operations, assist ships that have been involved in an accident, or are in need of repair.

history of the icebreaker Vladivostok

The considered ship will be operated in winter and summer-autumn period. On its deck there is a crane capable of lifting 26 tons of cargo. The watercraft can overcome the thickness of ice up to one and a half meters. Considerable fuel reserves, as well as the possibility of landing a helicopter, significantly increase the survivability of the vessel and the duration of its autonomous course.


Prior to the official admission to the "service" icebreaker "Vladivostok", the photo of which is presented in the article, was almost a month on the high seas. The maneuverability of the ship, its driving performance, the performance of individual components and the ship as a whole were tested. Testing began with testing the possibility of movement in the clear sea, and continued testing in areas with ice, which most closely resemble conditions for future work.

This allowed to identify and eliminate most of the shortcomings. The second stage of the audit was conducted in April 2016.It is planned to test the icebreaker for work in the port, as well as visits to the docks of Murmansk and a visit to the Arctic belt for additional testing of the possibility of overcoming ice obstacles. The tests were carried out in conjunction with a similar vessel project 21900, built in Helsinki. After all the checks, both ships returned to St. Petersburg.

icebreaker Murmansk Vladivostok


For Vladivostok and similar projects of this series, the designers of the Vyborg shipyard built a special barge Atlant with a function of self-loading for several months. It works on the principle of a standard floating dock, can be used not only in construction work, but also during the current repair of the vessel.

With the help of this floating workshop it is available to build ships with a length of 150 and a width of up to 30 meters. Dimensions of the ship in question are 120/27 meters. During the construction of the barge, special steel was used, which makes it possible to work without problems in conditions with ice coating. It is able to function around the clock. This played a significant role in the fact that an icebreaker was able to be built in just two years.The device can also participate in loading and unloading operations outside the water area of ​​the shipbuilding complex.

icebreaker Vladivostok photo

Interesting Facts

The new history of the icebreaker "Vladivostok" begins with its official dedication, which took place on arrival in St. Petersburg, and the mooring at the embankment of Lieutenant Schmidt. For three days everyone could visit the ship. On September 24, 2015, the flag of the Russian Federation was hoisted over the icebreaker.

As stated by the authorities, this event was a holiday for all residents of the state. The opening was attended by high-ranking officials, governors, representatives of the ports of the Black, Azov, Baltic and Caspian Sea.

 icebreaker Vladivostok technical specifications

In conclusion

The diesel-electric icebreaker "Vladivostok" is a representative of the third copy of the project 21900M. It is considered the most powerful ship in its class, is a double-deck vessel with full-turn steering in the form of a screw pair of steering columns with a total power of 18 MW. The icebreaker was built in the framework of the federal program related to the development of the domestic transport system. The enterprise "Rosmorport" acts as a customer.I would like to hope that this project will become one of the key factors in the modernization of Russia's water potential.

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