ILO abbreviation: decoding, use cases, main meaning

Sometimes a sentence torn from the context withAn unfamiliar abbreviation formed by the initial letters of the phrase can be confusing. To understand what the printed publication or advertising is about, you have to turn to specialized dictionaries or collections of abbreviations. A similar situation may occur in cases where the abbreviation of the ILO is used. There are associations with an international organization. Is it really?

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Abbreviations: Features of Use

The habit of cutting down complex or long combinationswords existed from the time when writing was displayed on clay tablets, birchbark, parchment. Then it was justified, since there was a conditional deficit of such material. Now in printed editions mostly only known and widely used abbreviations are used. Low-use abbreviations, if they occur, it is usually easy to understand what is meant by meaning. Often they are submitted at the beginning of the presentation accompanied by a decryption, which, as a rule, is repeated a couple of times in the context.

The term abbreviatura from the Italian languageis translated as "reduction". Using the first letters of a combination of words is the most common practice of shortening. The ILO abbreviation is also formed in this way. The most commonly known little abbreviations for a wide range of readers are found in specialized literature. Frequent use of compound phrases makes the text uncomfortable to read. Repeated cumbersome structures are hard to pronounce, they can get confused.

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Lettering of the ILO (abbreviation): decoding

If in the text we meet such a reduction, thenfor some reason, an international trade organization emerges in consciousness. But it turns out that the existing structure that deals with such economic activity is correctly called wrong. Similar issues are dealt with by the World Trade Organization (WTO). Its tasks include just the liberalization of trade between different countries, the development of understandable and fair approaches to the regulation of these external relations.

And what does the ILO mean then? What is this structure? In the handbook of special abbreviations, such a combination of letters can denote the divisions of the store "MebelOptTorga" or the organization "Mekhanobr-Technika". There are similar cuts, indicating the method of payment or minimum wage. It can also be called the Moscow Regional Customs or the International Offshore Trust.

ILO is an international labor organization

The headquarters is in Geneva (Switzerland). The International Labor Organization was founded in 1919 with its introduction into the UN structure as a specialized institution. This happened in 1946. The main task set for the organization is to improve the conditions for life and, in particular, for work.

The principles of its activities are fixed innumerous conventions. Recommendations in them are given in order to protect the fundamental human rights to freedom of collective associations as much as possible. Particular emphasis is placed on the abolition of coercion to work, the creation of normal conditions for it. The issues of regulating relations between employers and wage workers are being resolved, with the aim of eliminating all kinds of discrimination, ensuring fair wages.

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International Labor Organization: structure, charter

An important condition for holding negotiations isfull representation of interested parties. Particular attention is paid to the presence during the discussion of authorized persons from governments, employers and workers' collectives. Only such a format of negotiations can be considered acceptable in resolving disputes.

If in the context of the protection of workers' rightsthere is an abbreviation of the ILO, hence, it is a complex international structure. Its most important acts and conventions are adopted at the International Labor Conference. This meeting of delegated members of the community is the supreme body of the ILO. The Administrative Council is in charge of the execution of the decisions of the conference. The secretariat's function in the organization is realized through the International Labor Office.

Under the Constitution, the ILO is called upon to monitor compliance with therights of working citizens. The subject of special control are: the normalization of working time with the establishment of limit values ​​for a certain segment (shift, day, week, month, year); observance of labor protection standards; control of morbidity caused by occupational factors. No less important aspect is the control of unemployment and the availability of training and retraining of citizens applying for a job. Attention is also paid to the rights of migrants, adolescents and women. The fulfillment of obligations to provide for the elderly and disabled people is monitored.ILO is an international organization

ILO work in the regulation of labor relations

The main efforts of the International Labor Organizationare thrown on promotion to realization of the basic rights of citizens to work. This is done to create conditions for effective social protection. An important aspect is equalizing the conditions of employment and income generation by men and women. If the documents mention the abbreviation of the ILO, you can be sure that the social dialogue between the interested parties will be based on the principles of tripartism. They provide for a comprehensive representation of government bodies, employers-employers and wage workers.

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ILO abbreviation: decoding, use cases, main meaning ILO abbreviation: decoding, use cases, main meaning ILO abbreviation: decoding, use cases, main meaning ILO abbreviation: decoding, use cases, main meaning ILO abbreviation: decoding, use cases, main meaning ILO abbreviation: decoding, use cases, main meaning ILO abbreviation: decoding, use cases, main meaning ILO abbreviation: decoding, use cases, main meaning ILO abbreviation: decoding, use cases, main meaning ILO abbreviation: decoding, use cases, main meaning