Inversion in literature is not a trifle!

Inversion in literature is one of the stylistic figures used as a means of artistic expression. Violation of the usual, direct order of words in a sentence, permutation and the creation of a special arrangement of its members serves to enhance the expressiveness of speech.

Varieties of inversioninversion in literature

Inversion in literature has several varieties. For example, the rearrangement of the main members of the sentence:We’ve once deceived that night, speeding everything up - exactly as it happens on the screen.(Gundarin); agreed definitions:This innocence hour beats on the September chimes(ibid.); additions:Summer watermelon eat up ... The burden of reciprocity of cargo ..(ibid.); circumstances of the measure and degree:Alexander Pushkin himself put his hand here when he wrote that, they say, a villain, I hate you quite, your death, the death of children with not weak joy, I see(ibid.)

Ratio of sentence and place of word

In keeping with the actual segmentation of the sentence, inversion in the literature changes not only the position of the correlated members in the sentence, but also indicates a specific place for each word.The most important word on which the emphasis is placed is put on the winning place at the beginning of the sentence, or even better - at the end. This rule is valid only if the beginning and end of the sentence are not the usual place for this word. Exceptionally strong at the very end of the sentence is new and unexpected information contained in the last word.

Inversion application

language inversion

Inversion in literature is used as widely as a stylistic means of expression, that the Russian language is greatly enriched by it. For example, in English, French and other analytical languages, where a strictly fixed word order, inversion is almost not common, and in inflectional, in Russian, for example, it sometimes does weather. However, there are cases when the inversion in the language looks ridiculous. As if, when rearranging furniture, the sofa was placed in such a way that it became impossible to open the cabinet doors, or even more than that - they put the sofa on the priest. Inversion must be applied wisely, always aware of why it is needed here and how to understand it. And it happens that the inversions of another author "shakes" like a car on the asphalt of modernity,- it becomes so uneven speech, even the general meaning eludes! Inversion is better to use occasionally and applying logic, highlighting the most significant in the main topic. For example, in the conversation of spouses:What do you want from me when you talk about love? You want money ...The objective word order should have been:You want money. It sounds completely not so mischievously, or rather, intonation is not so brightly colored here, is it?

Poetic inversionterms of literature

In poetic speech, inversion is absolutely at home. The rhythmic and melodic organization of a verse does not live without it. Here, even examples are not needed - you can simply open any volume and read any line on any page. Poets have been intensively using inversion as a technique since about the eighteenth century. And now, if necessary, to produce an effect in the text of the archaic writers call her to help.For a long time, our love pretended to be a simple pastoral, disinterested popular print, damn it, than turning in the end - a tear-off calendar, and not the last tablet, not magnetic rock -safe inconspicuous...(Gundarin). What a smooth speech, clean, logical built sentence! And the whole meaning, the whole power of the poem, is the inverse of the last line.


Any person who respects himself and the Russian language simply needs not only to know what inversion is, but to hear it in conversation and be able to use it, just like other terms in literature.

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