Is Russia's income tax always 13% of wages?

In Russia, a lot of different tax collections. And every citizen should know about them. Otherwise, you can get a lot of problems with the law. In particular, with the tax service. At the moment, all citizens officially receiving profit are taxed. This is the so-called income tax. Is 13% of wages. But is it always? Can I somehow reduce it? Or generally clean? What profit is taxed? Is it really for all citizens?Income tax is 13 of the salary

What is taxed

Not really. Some people do not pay income tax. And not all of them transfer part of their profits to the tax service. What restrictions apply in this respect in 2016?

Income tax is 13% of the salaryfees for many years in the Russian Federation. It is put to payment by all citizens receiving official profit. It is not necessary to work on a work record. After all, this payment is made for:

  • earnings at work;
  • the profit received as a result of the sale of property;
  • renting out a property / apartment;
  • incomes that were received as a result of doing business;
  • earnings outside the Russian Federation;
  • winning.

But some sources of profit are not subject to this payment. Which ones?

What is not taxed

Income tax from individuals (from the salary)takes place always. But some sources of receiving cash do not require payment of this penalty to the tax service. What kind of situations are we talking about?

Tax revenues are not subject to tax penalties:

  • profit from property that is owned by a person for more than 3 years;
  • benefits;
  • pensions;
  • social payments;
  • inheritance;
  • profit, transferred by donation from close relatives.

Is it always 13%

Accordingly, in some cases it is possible not toto pay the specified percent from the received profit. No other benefits are foreseen. But is the income tax always 13% of wages?how much is the income tax

The answer to this question is not so difficult. Many people think that yes, all profits are subject to such a payment. In reality, everything is somewhat different.

In Russia at the moment, there are rules,according to which 13% are paid by organizations and citizens who are residents of the country. Under certain circumstances, the profit tax is reduced or increased. The second option is much more common in practice.

If we talk about official earnings, then yes, 13% will have to pay to all Russian citizens. And there are no exceptions in this area.

Other bets

And under what circumstances will it be possible to transfer to the tax authorities more or less earnings? It is enough to study the established legislation in order to answer this question.

How much will the income tax be ifpayer is a citizen of another country? Foreigners list 30% of their profits. 15% - tax for income received from Russian organizations by non-residents of the Russian Federation.

Less specified interest rates are paid ifit is a question of profit on dividends until 2015 or received on bonds issued before 2007. In practice, such situations are extremely rare.personal income tax on wages

In most cases, the income tax is13% of the salary. But for the prize will have to pay more. At the moment if a person wins something, he must pay 35% of the value of the winnings or give the specified share of cash.

Perhaps, these are all tax rates for profit,received by organizations and individuals. It turns out that with official earnings, it is always necessary to give 13% to the state. While this rule is not planned to be changed.

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