Japanese truffle tomato - the best for marinade!


Tomato "Japanese truffle" is distinguished by the unusual beauty of the fruit and the original sweet-sour taste.Tomato Japanese TruffleThis tall plant, requiring pasynkovaniya, is formed mainly in one or two stems with at least five brushes on each. The height of the bush reaches almost a meter in length. In general, Japanese truffle tomatoes are considered to be a very rare variety. Its fruits are pear-shaped, longitudinal ribs and color from bright red to dark brown, depending on the variety. Outwardly, they are quite similar to the truffle, from which they got their name. The condensed pulp of tomatoes and dense skin give the housewives the opportunity to preserve them whole without cutting them. Their average weight ranges from one hundred to one hundred and fifty grams.

Growing up

Tomato "Japanese truffle" grown seedling method. Seeds are sown in boxes with specially prepared soil consisting of two parts of sod land, two - humus and one part of sand. Lightly sprinkled on top of the soil and leave to germinate at a temperature not lower than sixteen degrees.After the formation on the seedlings of two normal leaves, the seedlings swoop into pots with a diameter of about ten centimeters.Tomatoes Japanese TruffleSeedlings when growing requires feeding, which should be carried out a week before planting. For this purpose, a complete mineral fertilizer with an additional content of potassium and phosphorus is suitable. Saplings are planted in a permanent place after the threat of sudden frost has passed. For planting a tomato of this variety, it is best to pick the lightest spot in the garden. The calculation of the area for the nutrition of this vegetable crop is 40 by 40 centimeters. Tomato "Japanese truffle" prefers sandy soil or light loam.


Depending on the color of the tomato, the tomato "Japanese truffle" has several varieties. The most common is the red variety of this amazing garden plant, but there is also pink, orange, and gold - with practically golden pear-shaped fruits and a completely unusual taste. However, the rarest and most original is the stunningly beautiful “Japanese Black Truffle” tomato. The dark, brown-black color of its juicy-fleshy fruit is more like the color of eggplants than tomatoes.All varieties of this vegetable plant - tall, require pasynkovaniya. In each hand no more than five or six fruits of oblong pear-shaped form are formed.

tomato japanese black truffle

Use in cooking

Tomato “Japanese truffle” is gradually gaining popularity not only among gardeners, but also among real housewives who love to surprise their household with original and always delicious dishes. A salad of colorful tomatoes of this variety will surprise even the most experienced gourmet, especially if there are fruits of “Japanese black truffle” in it. Children, because of their sweetish taste, prefer the golden variety of this tomato most of all. Many canned these tomatoes, marinating them in a large jar, alternating all the colors at once. Especially beautiful they look in the winter in the same plate, composed of an amazing ornament.

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