Jennifer from Wengerberg is the heroine of the saga of the Witcher. Character history, interesting facts. Grazyna Wolszczak is an actress who played Jennifer

At the beginning of two thousandths on TV screens went outPolish series "The Witcher" with Michal Zhebrovski in the title role. The plot was based on the first two books of Andrzej Sapkowski ("The Last Desire" and "Sword of Destiny") from the saga of the adventures of the witch-witch Geralt. In both books and the series, the main woman in the witch's fate was a sorceress named Jennifer from Wengerberg.

The Universe Andrzej Sapkowski

In his saga, the author created a world very reminiscent ofthe era of the Middle Ages. There are sorcerers, elves, dragons, werewolves and other fabulous creatures. However, the morals in the Sapkowski universe do not differ from modern ones. Despite the surrounding fairytale, the characters are subject to the usual human shortcomings.

The protagonist of the saga is the witcher Geralt of Rivia.He was specially raised to hunt monsters. This character has written his own code, which he is guided in life. For example, Geralt does not kill magic creatures who live peacefully and do not attack people. In addition, he tries not to interfere in politics and inter-human disassembly. However, by the will of fate, the hero is dragged into the war of the kingdoms of the North with a powerful empire called Nilfgaard.

Being a pretty charming man, Geraltenjoys success with women. Despite numerous novels, the main love of his life is the witch of Jennifer from Wengerberg. Throughout the entire saga, they meet or diverge, but even after many years the sorceress and witcher's feelings do not die out.

Enchantress Jennifer from Wengerberg

This heroine first appears in the first book of the saga - "The Last Desire" - and later takes an active part in all important events of the series.yennifeer from HungarianIn appearance, the sorceress is just over twenty years old, although in reality it is much older than Jennifer from Wengerberg. The age of this sorceress is about 94 years.

At the sorceress wavy hair of resin colorlength below the shoulder blades, purple eyes and chiseled figure. She is not tall, and in all her movements something cat-like is slipping. Dress magician prefers in black and purple tones. But whatever dress she chooses, this woman always wears a star from obsidian on her neck, which serves her not only as an ornament, but also as a talisman.

Despite the pleasant appearance, Ian (so oftencalls Geralt) has a rather nasty character that does not prevent her from liking men. Also, the heroine is pretty wise, prudent and envious. She shows her best side rarely and only the closest.

The main dream of Jennifer is motherhood. However, like most sorcerers, it is barren. Throughout the entire saga, the enchantress tries to conceive in various ways, but she does not go out. Eventually her maternal instinct finds its expression in caring for Princess Cyri from Tsintra. Interestingly, at first Ian treated the baby as a rival, but later began to perceive her as a daughter.

Biography of the heroine in the books of Sapkowski

Ian was born a hunchback. With such ugliness, she had no chance to get married, so her parents sent her to study at the charmer in Arethusa. The girl was taken under her wing by the sorceress Tissay de Vries. She not only taught Jennifer to the magic, but also turned an ugly hunchback into a stunning beauty.

With Geralt, the sorceress met in Rinda,When he accidentally released the ancient genie. Yennifair pretended that she wanted to help the witcher, but actually used it for her own purposes. Despite this meanness, Geralt saved her from death, asking the genie to tie their fates.yennifair from Hungarian ageAfter a short novel they broke up.

The next meeting of lovers occurred during thehunting for the dragon and his treasure. Ian wanted with the help of a dragon to make a medicine that could give her the opportunity to become pregnant. The wizard could not achieve her, but they reconciled with the witcher.

It's only long to be together in love is notmanaged. Soon Geralt found out that his beloved had another man - also a magician. Unable to find the strength to choose between them, Yennifar disappeared from both. The Witcher accepted the choice of the witch and did not seek it.

Later, Jennifer was involved in the battle on Sodden Hill. The woman managed to survive, however, she lost sight for a long time.

Starting with the book "Blood of the Elves", the sorceress teaches Cyrus witchcraft.

In subsequent books, led by the desire to saveTsiri, Ian always gets into all sorts of trouble. So, she escapes from the meeting of the Lodge of Sorceresses, having learned that the witch Wilgeforz is hunting for her ward. Trying to catch him, the enchantress herself is in his hands, and the villain tortures Ian. Later, Geralt and Tsiri save her.

After defeating Wilhelgeforz, Cyrie's father (who turned out to be the ruler of Nilfgaard-Emgyr var Amreis) ordered to kill the sorceress and the witcher who were on his way. But lovers manage to escape.

A little later, during the pogrom of the houses of the Reds inRivia, Geralt was seriously wounded, and to save him, Ian used all her vitality. The enchantress and the witcher must have died, but Tsiri sends the dying to another dimension with the help of a magical unicorn, where they remain alive.

The fate of the sorceress according to the version of the games about the witcher

After the release of Sapkowski's last book, many fans of this story dreamed to find out what would happen next with lovers. For such was released a computer game "The Witcher".yennifair from Hungarian witcher 3

According to her, Jennifer of Wengerberg was kidnapped by Heridon - the King of the Wild Hunt - right at the time of the wedding with Geralt. This was done to lure Tsiri and seize her powers.

The princess arrives in time and has timeteleport the witcher to a safe place, but Ian remains in the hands of Héridin, who erases her memory. Later the sorceress manages to escape, but she falls into the hands of her father Tsiri - Emgyr.

In the second game of the series the character of the enchantress from Wengerberg is not involved. The next "encounter" with the heroine occurs in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

According to the plot, Emgyr instructs the charmer to findCiri. But for this she has to meet with the witcher. Trying to find her pupil, Jennifer and Geralt are experiencing a lot of adventures. At the end of the game, they team up with Ciri and fight the Wild Hunt. After the victory, the player can choose different options for the development of relations between Geralt and Jennifer from Wengerberg. "The Witcher 3" (game) can end as follows: the characters either stay together or part.

Jennifer from Wengerberg - actress Grazyna Wolszczak

In the television series "The Witcher" and in the film of the same name, the role of the sorceress was played by Polish actress Grazhyna Vol'shchak.yennifair from Hungarian-born actress

She was born in Gdansk in 1958. At first the girl dreamed of becoming a psychologist, but on the advice of her friend went to Warsaw to study acting skills.

In 1982 Grazina made her debut in the production of "Opera for 3 pennies" in the role of Betty. Well-proven, she began to play often in performances. Among her works in the theater are the roles of Irina in the "Three Sisters" of Chekhov and Leni in the "Process" of Kafka.

In the movie, Wolszczak debuted in 1986 in the Masquerade.

During her long career, this actress starred in television series, led various TV shows and even wrote a book "How to be always young, beautiful and rich."

As for her private life, Grazina marriedin 29 years for the actor Marek Sikora. From this union the son Philip was born. Unfortunately, Grazhyna and Marek lived together only 10 years, since in 1996 the spouse of the actress died.

In 2002, Wolszczak began to meet with the famous Polish screenwriter Cesari Harasimovich.

Interesting facts

  • Ian always used perfume with a scent of gooseberries and lilacs.
  • Jennifer and Geralt took the fifth place among the fans most loved by couples, according to the magazine "The World of Fantasy and Fantasy".
  • Like the witcher, the charmer was not very faithful. When the lovers once again parted, she often made novels.
  • After the release of the game "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt", in which the important character played the character Jennifer from Wengerberg, the cosplay of the heroine became very popular among the girls.yennifair from Hungarian cosplay
  • The Russian group ESSE from Rostov-on-Don composed a rock opera "The Road Without Return" based on the novels of Sapkowski. Later she was filmed. The role of Ian in it was performed by Lyudmila Dymkova.
  • Actress Wolszak is 13 years older than Michal Zhebrowski, despite this, in the "Witcher" the age difference was not noticeable.
  • During the filming of the television series, some fans of the sagaSapkowski organized a collection of signatures against the execution of the main roles in The Witcher Grazyna Wolszczak and Michal Zhebrowski. Under the electronic petition, 650 people signed, but this did not affect the process of filming.

At first, the saga of Geralt was popular only inPoland. With the advent of the eponymous television series and video games, the witcher, Jennifer and Cyrie became iconic characters for many in the CIS and beyond. Some fans of the saga would prefer to see the sorceress Triss in place of the favorite witch, which was taken into account when creating the "Witcher 3", in which there is a love line with this sorceress. However, fans of the Geralt-Jennifer tandem have nothing to fear: despite the "production" novels of the witcher, his heart is still owned by a purple-eyed witch from Wengerberg.

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