Kitchen with an island. Planning, design

More recently, the kitchen with the island seemed a real exotic. Such designs could be seen only in foreign projects. Yes, and apartment buildings with a standard layout, did not provide opportunities for the implementation of these interiors. But time has changed the situation. Modern layout of spacious apartments allow you to successfully embody this design. What is so attractive kitchen with an island? In addition to excellent visual perception, this part of the interior is very functional.

kitchen with an island

What is an island in the kitchen?

This option is acceptable for a large room. A kitchen with an island is an L-shaped or U-shaped layout of the headset, supplemented by a separate zone that stands alone. It is located in the center of the room.

Most often, the island’s design has a rectangular shape. But non-standard solutions are possible. Sometimes the islands are:

  • semicircular;
  • oval;
  • zigzag.

This kitchen design harmoniously looks only in a spacious room.It is desirable that the area of ​​the room was at least 16 square meters. The island version will be an excellent solution for rooms in which, after redevelopment, the kitchen is connected to the living room or dining room.

Standard sizes

If you decide to implement such a design, you should follow the very important recommendations. Only in this case your island in the kitchen will become cozy and convenient.

big kitchen

The size of this piece of furniture should be close to the standard. Too wide island will interfere in the room. Narrow does not provide functionality.

Designers cite the following optimal island sizes:

  1. Width. The minimum size is 60 cm. The maximum is 150 cm.
  2. The length of the element is not less than 120 cm.
  3. Height. It depends on the functionality of the island. The surface of this piece of interior may coincide with the headset tops. If the island is much higher, then its height should correspond to bar stools. As a rule, sizes range from 85-95 cm.

It is very important to leave enough space between the headset and the island. It must be at least 1 meter.

Island advantages

If you want to realize an amazing design,and you have a large kitchen, it is likely that the question will become: why is it so good? This layout has many advantages. But she has very few flaws.

The main advantages of island cuisine:

  1. High functionality. The island can be a great place to store utensils, cooking, decorating dishes, washing dishes. Built-in technology allows you to organize additional workplace
  2. In the kitchen of the island type can work several housewives.
  3. If you use such detail as the dining table, access to it appears from all sides.
  4. The hostess can be engaged in cooking and communicate with relatives, facing them.
  5. The side parts often contain various drawers, shelves that allow you to store products, a variety of utensils.
  6. The island perfectly zoned the premises in studio apartments.

kitchen design with an island

Layout flaws

Unfortunately, this design also has minuses.

The main disadvantages of this layout include:

  1. The original design can only be implemented if you have a large kitchen.
  2. During the supply of communications to the island may be difficult.
  3. This kitchen creates a few extra corners. It’s easy to bruise about them, especially if there are young children in the family. In this case, it is worth looking at models that have an oval shape.

Island functionality

Standing alone furniture module is an original interior solution. But do not forget about the functionality of the subject. It can integrate storage systems, household appliances. From this kitchen design with the island will benefit.

The top of the module is the worktop. It can serve as an excellent dining place or cutting table. Sometimes the upper surface is integrated with a hob, sink, gas stove.

In addition to the storage system for kitchen accessories and dishes, you can embed various household appliances in the base of the island: oven, microwave, small refrigerator, dishwasher.

The functionality of this furniture module depends on its size, area of ​​the room, as well as the needs of the family.

kitchen in a private house

Thus, it is possible to build in the kitchen island:

  • shell;
  • food chopper;
  • dishwasher (recommended to place near the sink);
  • mini fridge;
  • cut-in cutting surface and dustbin;
  • small extra sink;
  • boxes for necessary utensils;
  • oven;
  • cooking surface (it is better to build in the electric one);
  • household appliances: toaster, blender, microwave, kettle, coffee maker.

In order to use this module more functionally, you can place a decorative shelf at the top or build rails for pans, ladles, pots.

The complexity of the installation of washing

A kitchen with an island is not only a stylish interior and excellent functionality. This design has many difficulties that arise during the conduct of communications, the installation of this furniture module.

The most difficult procedure is the embedding in the island sink. If you plan to arrange such an option in the apartment, then the water drain is located above the housing of the lower floor. To implement this project, you will need permission. In addition, it is important to prove that you will not cause any problems to your neighbors.

It is much easier to resolve the issue if there is a kitchen in a private house.In this case, you can freely place the car wash, without fear of causing unnecessary problems.

All communications are carried out to the module to install furniture and appliances. To place sewer pipes in relation to the sink located on the island, it is necessary under a bias (2 cm on 1 cm of length).

kitchen interior with an island

Light and exhaust

The following difficulty may arise when planning the lighting. If there is a hob on the island, then a hood with lights should be placed above it. Choosing such a technique, be sure to ensure that the light "does not hit" in the eye. More convenient if the lighting is diffused.

To place the hood over the kitchen island, you need a special mount in the ceiling. Carefully plan the design of this technique. After all, here, in contrast to the classic installation option, nothing can be hidden.

Electrician leads

All contacts must be protected from water. The slightest mistake can cause a fire.

It is best to place the wires in the floor. If you build in the surface of the island a lot of equipment (even small), then provide high-quality wiring that can withstand this voltage.

Several solutions

If you are planning to create an interior kitchen with an island, then you will need designer advice:

  1. Module-dresser. This kitchen equipment serves as a place for storing various utensils, dishes. In addition, the countertop can be perfectly used as a cooking surface.
  2. Table. In this case, the island combines several functions. It is a work surface and a place intended for taking food. In this case, it is important to choose the right chairs. If the island is much higher than the working surfaces of the headset, then pick up furniture with high legs. Most often used bar stools.
  3. A small island. A very original and relevant solution is a table on wheels. It allows you to solve the problem of lack of space in small rooms. Such islands are compact and at the same time they combine the main functions of large brothers. The big advantage of such furniture is its mobility. If necessary, you can move the island to any place, freeing up the necessary space.

island in the kitchen sizes

Very often, designers, offering modern kitchen options, prefer the layout with the island.After all, such an interior acquires not only increased functionality, but also is able to give the room a unique atmosphere of comfort and harmony.

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