Lev Oshanin: biography of an outstanding writer

Being a truly talented writer meanshave the ability to create incredibly interesting works. Poems such an author will fall in love and everyone will know. World recognition and love is when the lyrics are written music, and the songs are known and sung by the people. The fate of being a popular favorite fell to the lot of Lev Oshanin.

The poet's uneasy childhood

Lev Oshanin is a native of Rybinsk. The date of his birth falls on May 1912. Leo's parents were very educated people. His father worked in court as an attorney, and my mother was a music teacher. The talent to create and write was transferred to the young Leo from his mother. As it is supposed to the families of that time, the children had six - five sons and one daughter.Lev Oshanin

Very hard years in the family came when he leftfrom life the father of Leo. The poet at that time was just four years old. The writer's mother had to work very hard to support his family. So, in 1917 they moved to Rostov, where the writer's mother became the head of the kindergarten.

Years of Leo Oshanin's youth

Lev Oshanin with his family in 1922moved to live in Moscow, where he graduated from eight classes. Graduation of the school meant the beginning of very difficult and difficult days of life. With a view to earning at least some money, the young poet had to settle for several works. Lev Oshanin in his early years had time to be a turner at the factory, and a guide, and just a laborer.

Literary activity of the poet

Despite the hard work on weekdays, the youngthe writer always found time to visit his favorite literary circle - Zakal. Lev Oshanin with great interest in literature and with the support of his literary friends was able to print the first book "Floors". This story carried readers in the school years, which made a great impression on them. Later, Leo was invited to be published in Komsomolskaya Pravda and Ogonyok. Subsequently, Oshanina was accepted into the writers' association. For a young man who was used to working hard, this event was a real breakthrough.Lev Oshanin Biography

Lev Oshanin. Biography of the writer in the war years

Heavy work could not but affect the health of Leo. He began to see badly. For this reason, the young writer was not taken into the army. The fate of Oshanin, like many other writers of the time, was marred by the Great Patriotic War. As a patriot of his country, he wanted to go to the front. But he was not taken for health reasons, even as a military correspondent.Lev Oshanin PoemsThe idea that he will be away from the front,that he can not fight together with his comrades, greatly overshadowed the writer. Oshanin learns from his friend Pasternak BL that he has all chances to get into the Writers' Union. Members of this union had on their hands a ticket that was a pass to the front. With success, the writer carries out this membership, and immediately it becomes possible to go to the front line and speak to the soldiers.

Ballads - amazing works of Lev Oshanin

Ballads of Lion OshaninOshanin was very fond of writing ballads. They are small poems, but very capacious in content. The ballads of Lion Oshanin are works that easily fall on hearing. Getting into each of them, you can as if move through time, put yourself in the place of heroes and survive their destiny. The writer himself has repeatedly mentioned that he is very fond of writing ballads. The result of such fruitful activity was the publication of a number of books. The most famous ballads of Oshanin - "Ballad of two proud", "Ballad of Gulls", "Volga Ballad", etc.

Description of the "Volga Ballad" by Lev Oshanin

Oshanin is a sensitive writer. Many years after the publication of his works have not lost relevance. In his ballads, the writer has always tried to show how a simple Russian people copes with a heavy burden and yet does not lose humanity, how broad and responsive is the Russian soul. At the same time, her kindness knows no bounds. To convey such emotions with the help of poetic lines can only be a genius. This was Lev Oshanin. "Volga Ballad" - a text that tells of a hard military time.

The work touches not only the events onfront, but also an uneasy life in the rear. At a time when husbands were giving their lives for freedom, their wives tried to feed their children, working for the benefit of the front, falling asleep and waking up each time with only one thought - that the husband returned alive. This ballad is about a simple Soviet family, which during the war years had thousands, and fate at all was one.

Natalia came a telegram, in which it was said,that her husband is in the hospital. Of course, clenching fear into a fist, she goes to him. Horrified by his appearance, Natalia decides to take her husband home. She did not recognize him. The war was very traumatized by her husband. He became dumb, without arms and legs. A simple Russian woman brought her husband home, the children bowed to him, bowed and the whole collective farm. Resigned to grief, Natalia took her fate. But her peace of mind did not last long. A new explosion of emotion happened when the real husband entered the house Alexei Kovalev. Exactly the one she had been waiting for since the war. The writer shows how noble the soldiers were. Seeing the house crash, Alexei did not drive his wife away. He did not reproach her for betrayal, he silently bowed to the silent hero and began to respect his wife more than before.

It would seem that the simple story of an ordinary family, but it has a profound meaning.

Lev Oshanin "The Volga Ballad" textThe real hero is Lev Oshanin. Poetry poems remain loved and now. His works supported the spirit of the soldiers at the time. The poet likes to read and now. This is not surprising. After all, all the works are written in a very simple and subtle language, which is so familiar to the Russian soul.

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