Life hacking: what is it?

Many people successfully use in their daily life some techniques of life-hacking and at the same time do not even know about its existence. It would seem, what could be the common thing in a nursery rhyme that helps remember the arrangement of flowers in a rainbow, the ability to buy goods with discounts and the method of gathering scattered nails with a magnet wrapped in a rag? At first glance, nothing. In fact, these seemingly different skills and techniques unite the capacious concept of life hacking.

What is life hacking: definition

As you have probably guessed, life hacking (or life hacking as it is also called) is a combination of various methods and techniques of action in certain cases invented by people to facilitate the process of achieving any goal. These techniques are designed to help a person most effectively and quickly solve all sorts of problems with minimal mental and physical strength.

If it is simpler to say, life hacking is a constantly growing set of all sorts of short useful tips, tricky tricks, folk recipes and even scientific methods that allow you to quickly and without any hassle to solve various household and life issues.

The term "life hacking" came to us from English. It combines the word life, which means "life", and the word hack, which translates as "hacking." It is believed that this term owes its origin to professional computer scientists, because it is in their slang that a hacker is a cracker of programs and passwords. By analogy with the usual hacker, apparently, life hacking appeared in the world, literally “life hacker” - a person who “hacks” difficult life situations, that is, solves them in an unusual way.

Who are lifehackers?

Most often, life hackers themselves do not invent "cunning" techniques and methods that make their lives easier. Usually they find them in various sources of information (on the Internet, magazines, books of useful advice, etc.), and then actively and effectively use their findings in practice. In fairness it must be said that life hackers, as a rule, are non-greedy people - they willingly share the found and tested advice with everyone around them. On the Internet there are special sites and forums where life hackers publish such tips and talk about their application in practice.

Main types of life hacking

As you already understood, the concept of "life-hacking" is very extensive, it includes a lot of a variety of tips, methods and techniques relating to various spheres of human life.

The largest and, perhaps, the most demanded group of life hacking is all sorts of household tips and small everyday tricks that can be divided into separate categories depending on the area of ​​their application. Consider the examples of several layfacks.

Cooking Tips

  • To make the yeast dough better fit, stick a few macaroni with holes in it.
  • In order to easily and quickly grind the meaty meat in a manual meat grinder, froze it a little before grinding.

Home Economics Tips

  • Lubricate the mirror in the bathroom with shaving cream and after a couple of minutes, wipe off the cream with a soft cloth - now the mirror will not sweat.
  • If the button often comes off, before sewing it again, stretch the thread over a piece of beeswax - the waxed thread will gain additional strength, and the button will remain in place for a long time.

Tips for motorists

  • If it's slush outside,add a few drops of dishwashing detergent to the washer reservoir and the wipers will begin to clean the windshield much more efficiently.

Travel Tips

  • If you need very hot water, but you do not have any suitable dishes with you, if necessary, water can be heated almost to a boil in an ordinary plastic bottle - to do this, just fill it with water at the very neck, close the cork, and put the bottle on the hot coals .

In addition to these household councils, lifehacks include recommendations from the category “how to write off exams so that the teacher does not notice this”, “how to buy train tickets without standing in line to buy train tickets”, “how to rest at the seaside with minimal expenses”.

A separate group of life hacking is a variety of mnemonic techniques that help you quickly memorize texts, numbers, phone numbers, etc. things.

Some of the techniques taken from the arsenal of social engineering, and tips on working with various devices also belong to life hacking.

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