Luis Felipe Scolari: life, biography and interesting facts

Luis Felipe Scolari is very famous in the worldfootball personality. He is a talented field player, a terrific coach and just a man with a strong character. Scolari was born in 1948. Until now, continues to pay tribute to his favorite business.

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Interesting Facts

Despite the fact that Luis Felipe Scolari is consideredBrazilian, as well as the national ex-player and now coach of Brazil, he is Italian. Footballer was born in an Italian family, who immigrated to Brazil. His father comes from Venice and, by the way, is also connected with football. In the 1940s, he was considered one of the best defenders in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. It was from his father that Louis inherited Italian citizenship. And apparently, in addition to this, the craving for football and sports talent.

Beginning of coaching career

His coaching career, Luis Felipe Scolari beganin the eighties. And he started in this regard with a provincial club called "SSA Maceio." After that, he practiced his coaching skills in some Brazilian clubs, and the next was the Saudi team Al-Shabab. It was a kind of experience, because it was this team that became the first overseas club of the now great coach.

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Continuation of activities

In 1987, Louis began to train FC Gremio. This club was considered one of the most famous in all of Brazil. But in this team Scolari stayed short. Since he left for Goias, after which he moved to Kuwait for two years to train the players of Al-Qadisiya and the national team. In Brazil, Luis Felipe Scolari returned only in 1991. After that, he took under his supervision FC "Crisuma", with whom he reached the final of the Cup of Brazil and won it. This was his first major victory.

But it was not for Luis to stay in his homeland. He spent a year there, and then moved to Saudi Arabia, where he began to train the Al Ahli team. Then, by the way, he returned to Al-Qadisiya again.

But in 1993, Louis Felipe Scolari, whose photopresented below, again returned to Brazil and again became the coach of "Gremio". There he stayed for three seasons. Surprisingly, because of the above, we can say with confidence that the Brazilian has a very restless career with perpetual moving. But with "Gremio" he won the Cup of Brazil (1994), the Copa Libertadores (1995) and the national championship (1996). This was followed by another move to Japan, but a short one, since then Scolari traveled back to Brazil and became the coach of Palmeiras. With this team, he won the Cup of the country, the Copa Libertadores and Mercosur. And in 2000 he was appointed coach of Cruzeiro.

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National teams

Luis Felipe Scolari, whose biography is veryinteresting, coached two teams - Brazilian and Portuguese. In his first season, he demonstrated success. The Brazilian national team under his leadership passed the qualifying round to the World Cup in 2002 and won this tournament, becoming the world champion for the fifth time. Then Scolari was named the coach of the year "FIFA 2002". However, fans and the football confederation did not like something that was unclear for many reasons (apparently, the world championship was not enough), and Louis decided to resign. But so simply the coach was not released - he was immediately invited to the Portuguese national team. And he again showed success, bringing the team to the finals of the 2004 European Championship. True, there the players lost to the Greeks.

For some time after the national teams Scolari coached"Chelsea", "Budenkor", and then "Palmeiras" (again). However, in 2012 he returned to the national Brazilian team. Apparently, the confederation felt that a huge mistake was made (to fire the coach, who led the players to victory in the world championship) and decided to fix everything. By the way, in 2013 the team under his leadership won the Confederations Cup.

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About achievements

Luis Felipe Scolari - coach with a busy lifeand a rich career. He along with his teams became the champion of the state of Alagoas, the owner of the Cups of Emir of Kuwait, Libertadores, Sul Minas, Mercosur, the winner of the Brazilian Cup (repeatedly), the champion of Serie A, the Higher League, the League Gaushu (three times), won the Rio- Paulo, the championship of China, etc. Also this person was recognized as the coach of the year in South America (twice) and the best by the version of "FIFA".

By the way, Scolari is known for his difficultcharacter. So, for example, in 2008 (when the national team of Serbia and Portugal played in the qualifying tournament of the 2008 European Championship), Luis Felipe almost hit Ivica Dragutinovic. For this coach was disqualified for four games. And in 2010, to the head of Scolari someone from the stands threw a radio (this was after the match with "Goyas"). But Louis said that to kill him, you need something heavier.

In 2011, he was again disqualified, but onsix games. Luis Felipe simply said that the referee worked too biased. In the same year, but in September, fans of his own club shouted offensive words in the direction of the players and threw coins in them. Louis responded by shouting something and showing appropriate obscene gestures.

As you can see, Scolari is an interesting and unique personality.

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Luis Felipe Scolari: life, biography and interesting facts Luis Felipe Scolari: life, biography and interesting facts Luis Felipe Scolari: life, biography and interesting facts Luis Felipe Scolari: life, biography and interesting facts Luis Felipe Scolari: life, biography and interesting facts Luis Felipe Scolari: life, biography and interesting facts