Makadi Garden Azur Resort 4 * ("Makadi Garden Azure Resort") (Egypt / Makadi): reviews, photos and prices

One of the youngest and most successfulresorts by right is considered to be the Egyptian Makadi Bay. Red Sea, comfortable climate, reasonable prices, excellent service, lots of entertainment and active nightlife - all this is a fascinating bait for tourists who want to spend their vacation unforgettably. And one of the best hotels of this resort is the Makadi Garden Azur Resort.

makadi garden an azour resort

Favorable location

This is, I must say, an important aspect. Strictly speaking, therefore, the first thing we will talk about it. Visitors who choose to stay in a particular hotel, it is important to know that they can at any time quickly reach the nearby city center, go shopping, to the beach, to entertaining establishments. In general, it is important that the complex is located close to all worldly pleasures. And "Makadi Garden Azur Resort" in this regard has succeeded. The hotel is located very close to Hurghada. And this city is, as you know, the tourist center of all of Egypt. Hurghada is popular with tourists from different countries of the world and Europe, because it is famous for its extraordinary atmosphere, accessibility and democracy.

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Entertainment near the hotel

Of course, it should be noted that inclose to this modern hotel complex is a spacious sandy beach and the purest azure sea. Perhaps, this is the main thing for visitors, as the vast majority come to these places to swim and sunbathe. By the way, there is a great opportunity to start diving. Coral shallow gardens - it's very beautiful, and it's worth seeing this natural wonder firsthand. Given that the beach is next to the hotel, it's a sin not to use it - the reefs are everywhere, one of the most popular is directly opposite the main beach. And if there is no such desire, then you can just walk.

hotel makadi garden an azour resort

Makadi Bay, where is located Makadi Garden AzurResort, is a place that is a bay (after all, the word "bay" and translated into Russian), and very picturesque. Because evening walks along the spacious beaches for a long time will remain in your memory.

Gifts from the hotel

Not all hotel complexes can boast ofsuch a pleasant service as a compliment. But the "Makadi Garden Azur Resort" - this is just such a case. For example, if a guest has a birthday, the administration will congratulate his guest with his birthday cake. Special attention should be paid to the compliment from the hotel for the newlyweds. In honor of such a significant event as a wedding, the hotel will arrange a real holiday in the apartments: the staff will decorate the room with rose petals, aromatic candles, balls, put a basket of fruit. Only when booking will have to make a note Honeymooners - so that the hotel knew that they were going to the newly-made husband and wife. And, of course, the administration will not leave unattended its loyal guests, who always give discounts at the check-in, and also issue a special card of a permanent guest.

Rest on the territory of the complex

Guests of the Makadi Garden Azur Resort havethe opportunity to relax on the terrace by the outdoor swimming pool, sunbathing or take a dip. Also, if you want, you can just relax in a shady, picturesque garden. By the way, it is worth noting that in public places there is absolutely free Internet access (wireless). It is very important to be constantly in touch, to follow the news that takes place at home. So you can safely come with a laptop and not worry about where to then look for a Wi-Fi access point.

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The impression of the hotel

They say that the first impression is the mostbright, and it concerns everything. Well, perhaps, it is really so. Most of the guests after a first glance at the Makadi Garden Azur Resort, whose photos fully show the originality of this complex, only positive impressions arise. It is enthusiasm, mixed with interest. The hotel is made in the traditional Egyptian style - due to the sand color of the buildings there is a feeling that the hotel is made of sand. But despite the external traditional, ethnic design, everything is done inside in a modern style. Rooms, lounge, restaurant are presented to the guests in a rather strict but rich design.

makadi garden azur resort reviews

Accommodation options

Hotel Makadi Garden Azur Resort in itsthe number of rooms is 287 different apartments. The vast majority of them are standard: 276 rooms, made in a modern style, the area of ​​each is about 23-25 ​​square meters. They consist of fully equipped with everything you need for personal care, bathroom, room and bedroom. The room is furnished with new furniture - comfortable beds, bedside tables. From the windows of all apartments an incredibly picturesque view of the surroundings opens up. Standard rooms can accommodate two people maximum, other guests are offered other accommodation options. For example, you can settle in one of four Deluxe rooms or in the Pool View Suite. In the last guests there are two bathrooms, a bedroom and a living room. There are also combined rooms. Guests can be offered non-smoking apartments, as well as those designed for people with reduced mobility.

Registration of numbers

All guests, before settling in thishotel (Hurghada), Makadi Garden Azur Resort, find out what conditions they expect after their arrival. After all, comfortable living is very important, because it affects the quality of recreation. So, we can say that all the apartments of this four-star hotel fully meet the generally accepted requirements. Each room has either a terrace or a balcony. Shower, hairdryer, safe, mini-bar with free water - all this is also in the apartment. And, of course, you can not lose sight of the presence of air conditioning, telephone and plasma TV. Daily in the rooms are cleaned, and linen is changed every other day. So the service here is really worthy, and about the level of comfort you can not doubt.

hotel makadi garden azur resort

Services and Services

I would like to touch on this topic separately. So, in addition to everything that was listed before, the hotel offers delivery of drinks and food directly to the room. By the way, people like this, who even stay in a foreign country, do not like to stay without their own transport - the guests are offered private parking (free, no need to book a place in advance) and the opportunity to rent a car. Another guests can be met at the airport and held back. After all, it's really hard for many people to be oriented in foreign lands. The reception desk locks visitors and departures around the clock, so it will not be necessary to wait for a long time. And, of course, on the territory of the complex there is a laundry, a photocopying point, a dry cleaning service, etc. Ironing services are provided.

makadi garden azur resort

To note the attention is also food - in the restaurantserve freshly prepared dishes of national and European cuisine, which definitely will appeal to the guests who appreciate the taste variety. The number of services provided shows a really high level of service and service. By the way, it should be noted that the staff knows perfectly Russian, which can not but rejoice. It is much easier to navigate in the city, if there is a person near by, who perfectly knows both the terrain and our native language. It is for this reason that the Makadi Garden Azur Resort is one of the most visited complexes in Makadi Bay.

Traveler Reviews

People who have already stayed at this hotel,respond mostly in a positive way about the hotel. Indeed, the combination of low prices (the standard room can be rented for less than 2 thousand rubles per day), high-quality service and in general the situation - all this can not but rejoice. Because many return to Makadi Garden Azur Resort. Guest reviews complete the picture of the presentation of this hotel to potential guests of the Marina Bay resort. Visitors comment on everything from comfortable rooms to the fitness center located on the territory of the complex. Strictly speaking, there is an occupation for everyone. Lovers of delicacies can spend time in a restaurant, followers of an active sport lifestyle - play tennis or practice water sports, and people who like nature - just enjoy a beach holiday. However, a lot of entertainment is available on site - sauna, wellness center, darts, billiards, karaoke, massage and much more. By the way, not so far from the hotel is New Harbor, which leads everyone to the indescribable delight of all visitors who decided to visit this place.

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