Make love in a dream - why such a dream?

It is known that in the country of Morpheus there are no secrets and prohibitions. There you can face the most incredible situation. However, most of the plots are still connected with reality. Here are just wonderful visions do not always foreshadow good and joy. For example, to make love in a dream is highly undesirable. This is a very bad sign, as most sources believe. Let's see what follows such a night story.

make love to a dream

Who do not relate to the prediction?

Not all people should understand that promises this dream. Make love with a guy in the country of Morpheus may be a girl who missed affection. Agree, if during a certain period the woman had a love story, and then the relationship for some reason has sunk into oblivion, then this vision only reflects her longing. In this case, the dream is not prophetic. It only reflects the needs of the body and soul. In addition, to make love in a dream with your spouse for the ladies is also quite permissible. This is part of reality, therefore, there is no need to delve into the sources and seek out the secret meaning where there is none.Although such dreamers should be approached thoughtfully and individually. Sometimes the plot and for them is prophetic. It is not recommended to brush it away thoughtlessly. Again, the dream can not solve only those who have not received affection from a partner. We proceed to the description of interpretations, collecting them into subject groups.

make love to a husband in a dream

Saw the bed scene with the participation of a friend

Making love with a certain person in a dream means that someone has prepared a trap for you. This is a bad sign. Behind your back is no longer just a gossip but a whole network of gossip. All of them are extremely negative. Soon you will hear about it and be very upset. However, do not blame those who turned out to be your partner in the country of Morpheus. This man just made a tool in the hands of the subconscious. Nayavu he is not involved in a bad affair. For a young man to make love to the one he dreams about is a good sign. It is necessary to show more perseverance and fiction. The girl will favorably take care of her, so feel free to embark on the path of conquering her heart. But if the girl was in bed, does not cause fervent feelings, then wait for reports of dirty gossip.

dream of making love with a guy

Sleep advice for all is: change your behavior, sit in silence for a while, try not to disturb the public imagination with outrageous and extravagant acts. This will benefit reputation.

If the partner was unfamiliar

Such a plot is also considered not very favorable. Wait for sudden turns in business, surprises are not the best property at work, if you had to see erotic scenes in a dream. Making love to a stranger means that you have to spin like a squirrel in a wheel. All plans will be broken. New circumstances or personalities intervene in the logic of events, breaking its harmony and harmony. However, do not despair. You will be able to fix everything, bypass obstacles, remove obstacles if you try. The result will be very favorable.

make love to the former in a dream

Girls such plot should be perceived as a formidable warning. Their behavior is such that the surrounding men look at him judgingly and squeamishly. You need to analyze your words and actions, review your wardrobe, make major adjustments to your image. Otherwise you will have to suffer from loneliness. Nobody wants to mess with the vulgar beauty.Married ladies also need to remember the debt after a similar adventure in the country of Morfe. Frivolity them not to face. Return, as they say, to the path of virtue, so as not to cry later.

In a dream, making love to my husband

As already mentioned, this story is not always prophetic. However, it should be taken as a warning. Relationships can be upset. Scandals and quarrels will break into the family. Ahead of some time turbulence. Try to extinguish irritability. Arm yourself with patience and wisdom, do not respond to the taunts of your spouse. Soon everything will calm down and return to normal track. But the girl to be married in a dream and see the bed scene is not very good. This is a premonition of long loneliness. If such a plot often appears in the dreams of a beautiful woman, she needs to remove the "crown of celibacy." Without a special ceremony to create a family she will not succeed.

Make love to your ex

Here, perhaps, the most optimistic plot. If a former admirer is in bed with you in Morpheus, then expect a good change. Perhaps some new admirer is already preparing for decisive steps.That is, the dreamer of fate will give mutual feelings and happiness. However, one should analyze one's own sensations from astral contact. If they were pleasant, nothing caused a negative, then a new acquaintance will be smooth and fast. When the dream is recalled with disgust, many obstacles will be on the way to happiness. Prepare to overcome them. Everything will work out, but you will have to take an active position and boldly defend your own interests. Negative information such a plot is only for married ladies. They are likely to have to part with the current spouse. The reasons for such a gap may be any. The consequence will be one for all. The lady after some period of experiences and tears will marry again. Marriage will be extremely wonderful and strong.

dream about making love

Experienced feelings in a dream

Not only plots should be disassembled, when you strive to get to the bottom of the truth, but also emotions. If in the country of Morpheus you were satisfied with the contact, experienced pleasure, then divide in two all the negative predictions. They will be smoothed out in reality, will not cause neither fear nor tears. When the erotic story left only negative memories, do not expect good.Strengthen the will, get together and meet the troubles fully armed. They will be serious, but not critical. That is, the chance to overcome everything and win will still remain. But it will have to try hard. Neutral feelings in a dream talk about the same emotions in reality. That is nothing that will knock you out of the rut, will not happen. However, the events will be negative, although they will not cause an emotional outburst. Finally, it is necessary to say that some of the sources interpret this plot quite differently. Many consider it a sign of treason. And it is the dreamer who will go to adultery. It is recommended to consider this interpretation in life. Do not allow the behavior of actions worthy of conviction. Good luck!

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