Male-like female celebrities

Women at all times were associated withrefinement and beauty. As for the famous women, they are becoming a model and an example for imitation. Luxurious figure, chic hair, smooth skin, perfect make-up, stylish outfit - these are the basic characteristics of the appearance of a successful star. But, like any rule, this situation has its exceptions, which include masculine women. Description, example and photos of those are presented below.

A woman or a man is the question

Who is she - a man-like woman? This state is called such a phrase for a reason, and usually it is inherent in athletes. Also, women lose their sexuality and attractiveness due to excessive sports loads in the gyms. Today phytonashes are very popular, that is girls with round, sports and feminine forms. Many in the pursuit of the figure of dreams overdo and turn into a real bodybuilder. Male-like women, becoming such, begin to hesitate about their body and complete it. Many people face this problem today, and celebrities are no exception.

Male-like female celebrities

Singer, actress, athlete - in absolutely any area there are women with male forms. The five brightest of them are presented below:

  1. Gianna Nannini is a singer of Italian descent, who adores sporting style and short haircuts.
  2. Sirena Williams - tennis player with pumped biceps.
  3. China is a wrestler with forms, like the Terminator.
  4. Donatella Versace is a fashion designer who approximated her image to the male multitude of unsuccessful plastic surgeries.
  5. Tilda Swinton is an actress with the appearance of an albino.

These masculine women (photo in the article)unequivocally are leaders in this field. They can also include such famous people as Custer Semenya, Samantha Ronson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rumer Willis, Chloe Sevigny.

masculine women

Gianna Nannini

In Russia, Gianna Nannini, of course, is not soknown as Adriano Celentano or Toto Cutugno. At home, they love her, constantly turn on the radio and find out on the street. The singer was especially famous for her late pregnancy. At that time she was already fifty-six years old. Her image never contains shoes or dresses. She wears only comfortable shoes, trousers, baggy t-shirts and a short haircut. All these characteristics force the fans to confirm the fact that Gianna Nannini is a man-like woman. The singer, in turn, does not worry about this and assures everyone that she will never wear a dress. In her opinion, this will be a confirmation of male superiority. She also speaks only for the equality of the sexes, in this connection, and brought her image closer to the male.

man-like women photo

Siren Williams

Professional sports by accidentlead to the pumping of muscles. With such a problem faced and tennis player Siren Williams. From the crowd it is always distinguished by pumped hands and broad shoulders. Many masculine women consider their image to be normal and not at all complex. The sirene, however, has a peculiarity in its shape. To people as little as possible pay attention to her courageous parts of the body, she constantly hides them behind long-sleeved sweaters. Many tennis players are afraid to face the same problem. But, according to Sirena, to be a leader, you have to sacrifice something. In her case, femininity and refinement had to be sacrificed. It is worth noting that the Siren is still in the shower is a real girl. Going out, she tries to decorate her pumped body with her dress and hide the massive back behind the luxurious long hair.

Male Celebrity Men


Someone gets a man-like appearance frombirth, someone gets it in the form of the consequences of doing what she likes. China pumped her body specially. Despite its nickname, which means "porcelain", it was very difficult for a girl to be called subtle and elegant. China is a rock woman, a female bodybuilder, a wrestler woman. There was not one muscle in her body. If her broad shoulders, bulky hands and raised legs could be called masculine, the face of the bodybuilder was always a girl's. This man-like woman was strong, popular and very talented. In April 2016, the girl was found dead. According to experts, the reason for her departure from life was an overdose of medicines, which China took from insomnia. In her powerful body lived a very strong spirit. Her brain after death was sacrificed for the benefit of science.

man-like woman singer

Donatella Versace

In the world of fashion, women have a specialseductiveness and charm. Unfortunately, you can not say this about Donatella Versace. What's to hide, even men from the fashion world are more feminine than the 59-year-old designer. It is worth noting that with femininity she said goodbye to her own inexperience. The cause of her masculine appearance was a huge number of plastic surgeries. In her youth she possessed a moderately attractive face and could easily charm a man. Eighteen-year drug addiction significantly affected the health and appearance of the owner Versace. To change the situation for the better, the woman began to actively use botox therapy, various fillers, tanning and facelifts. As a result, her image completely ceased to harmonize with her activities. Like all man-like women, Donatella does not have charm and charm. The only her salvation remains fashionable feminine clothing, which somehow brightens up her image.

a man-like woman is called

Tilda Swinton

Congenital unusual appearance does not always bringcomplexities and experiences. For Tilda Swinton, her masculine appearance became a visiting card in the world of cinema. It is because of its universal appearance that an actress can easily play both a woman and a man. To this day, Swinton is considered the most mysterious and mysterious star of Hollywood. In addition to her acting career, the woman successfully works in the modeling business. Proposals for participation in unusual photo projects come to her more often than others. Her appearance did not become for her a barrier in building personal life. Although the actress and married once, she had several more men. The most important confirmation of Tilda's talent is her victory in the Oscar nomination. Tilda Swinton is not just a talented actress, model and singer. She is an example of a strong woman who, due to her imperfect appearance, was able to love herself, show herself and learn how to use her uniqueness. In this regard, all the girls, whom nature has awarded with unfriendly appearance, should look at this woman and start imitating her.

masculine women description

Why do girls visually become like men

Androgynous in some cases, women do notbecome, and are born. Genetic unattractiveness becomes a heavy burden. In this case, you need to learn how to love and present yourself. Complexes - the most terrible enemy, faced by masculine girls.

In addition to genetic external unattractiveness, girls often bring their image closer to the male. The reasons in this case can be as follows:

  1. Desire to be in a trend and have a sports figure.
  2. Unwillingness to wear dresses, shoes and long hair.
  3. Professional occupation in sports.
  4. Abuse of plastic surgery.

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