Manicure: how to do, types, tools, video tips

Greetings to you ladies, women of fashion and beauties! Today I will tell you how to do a manicure at home. I think this question greatly worries girls who want to look irresistible.

In every village there are beauty salons offering beauty services, among which there is a manicure. People working in such establishments will gladly fix their nails, but not for free. However, the correct manicure can be done independently at home.

To keep marigold healthy and beautiful, adhere to design, technological and hygienic rules. You will learn about this in the article, which I will begin by reviewing the rules of hygiene.

  • Treat your hands with an antiseptic before the procedure. During a manicure, wounds are often formed, through which an infection enters the body. Antiseptic or antibacterial soap protects.
  • Use disinfected tools. Files, scissors and manicure accessories periodically wipe with alcohol. Otherwise, the baby, which remains on the cutting edge of the tool, will eventually rot and become a source of infection.
  • If there is a fungus on the nails, do not cut manicure type. If the desire to cover brittle and dry marigolds is great, use a medical varnish. In this case, touch the cuticle is not recommended.

Hygiene rules are simple. But for the result is not enough. When manicure, be sure to follow the step by step plan of action.

  1. First, remove the old varnish with a cotton pad moistened with a special solution.
  2. After the nails shape. To reduce the length it is recommended to use nippers. Scissors will do as well, but the use of a tool often causes delamination of the nail plates.
  3. If you do not plan to change the length, slightly adjust the nail file. Move the tool in one direction, not back and forth.
  4. Then switch attention to the cuticle. I do not recommend cutting it at home, otherwise you will get injured. Just push back slightly. It is recommended to remove the thick cuticle chemically.
  5. At the end of the procedure, varnish your nails. Apply a decorative tool, trying not to hurt the cuticle pushed.
  6. After the nails have dried in the cuticle, rub in the moisturizing oil. As a result, it will look neat.

Video lessons

It was a classic manicure. If necessary, use any artistic technique that will make the nails a highlight of the image.

Types of manicure

Beautiful nails red

Well-groomed marigold - a pledge of female beauty. Beautiful manicure emphasizes elegance and accuracy of hands.

Manicure is a procedure that, in addition to staining, provides for comprehensive hand care. These include relaxing baths, design, polishing and nail extension, removal of cuticle and other techniques.

  • Classic manicure. After removing the old lacquer and giving the nails a shape, a warm bath is applied, which softens the cuticles. Next comes the procedure for removing a rough cuticle, after which the soft part is removed with the help of a special stick. After drying, nail polish is applied to the surface of the nails.
  • French manicure. Covers the nail plate with white or colored lacquer, starting from the middle, with further fixing by means of a transparent lacquer.This type of manicure is in demand and popular, because it makes marigold feminine and elegant.
  • European manicure. The most gentle and safe. Cuticle removal is performed without the use of nail clippers. Using a nail file, get the desired shape, put on the cuticle plant composition, which simplifies the removal. After the nails are polished with a polishing stick and covered with a moisturizing cream with massage movements.
  • Japanese manicure. Provides for the use of natural ingredients. Using the diagnostic table, the condition of the nails is analyzed, then the funds are selected and applied in a specific sequence. After processing the cuticle, marigold degreased with a special composition and give the form of a suede nail file. Next, polished with a leather polishing unit and covered with medical paste. In the end, they create a protective barrier, which is based on beeswax, and is treated with serum, guided by the table. Japanese manicure - a way to restore weakened nails.
  • Manicure Shellac. It is reduced to coating with a special varnish. Initially Shellac is applied to the nails, and after drying, under an ultraviolet lamp, painting with a certain color is carried out and a protective layer is provided.The duration of the procedure is half an hour, and the manicure lasts for three weeks. Shellac like fans of street fashion.
  • Hot manicure. Technique manicure involves the use of heated cream or oil. Recommended for people with damaged skin. In a special electric container, cream or butter is heated to 50 degrees, then hands are placed in it for half an hour. The technique strengthens the nails, moisturizes the skin, slows the growth of the cuticle and accelerates the healing of cracks. The only drawback of hot manicure is the cost.
  • Hardware manicure. Perform through special equipment. Such a manicure is suitable for artificial and natural nails that need alignment or correction. The execution technique is based on the use of rotating nozzles.

Step by step video tutorials

How to choose tools for manicure


The implementation of decorative and hygienic manicure involves the use of tools and accessories. Amateur and professional tools which differ in not only cost, but also carried out tasks are on sale.

The list of manicure tools includes all kinds of scissors, tweezers, brushes, spears, tweezers and spatulas. You can buy products in a set or separately on the Internet or in cosmetics stores.

  1. Scissors. An integral element of the manicure set. The nail art is straight, and the cuticle models are slightly curved. Tools made from medical stainless steel.
  2. Knipser. Convenient and useful tool to help regulate the length of the marigold. Scissors are suitable for thin nails, and pliers are used in the case of hard and thick nail plates.
  3. Tweezers. Simple, but effective manicure affiliation, focused on owners of thickened nails, which are difficult to cut with scissors. Sold tweezers of various sizes and shapes, which allows each beauty to choose the right model.
  4. Tweezers. A device that removes unwanted vegetation. The tool is equipped with straight or beveled edges.
  5. Spatula. Designed for the careful removal of the cuticle and the careful removal of fragments of dead skin that are under it.The most popular wooden spatula. Metal products traumatize nails.
  6. A spear. It is used to remove dead skin fragments. With it, raise the coarse cuticle roller, which facilitates processing. By means of a spear dirt is removed from under the nails.
  7. Undercut. Alternative to tweezers and scissors. Made in the form of a forked stick, the inner part of which is sharpened. To work with the tool requires skills, otherwise the appearance of wounds can not be avoided. If you want to be attractive to men, master this toolkit.
  8. Nail file. A device that helps to correct the shape of nails and polish the surface. The most popular models on paper or glass are safe. After the metal products, cracks remain, leading to brittle nail plates.
  9. Brush. The simplest tool designed to remove dead skin and nail dust after a manicure. I recommend using soft brushes based on natural bristles.
  10. Brush. Tool with a comfortable handle and a miniature working part. It helps to paint on the surface of the nails small parts provided by the decoration technique.
  11. . The device with a ball tip, which facilitates the drawing of points and circles on the surface of the nail plate. Most often, the kit includes several tips of different sizes.

I reviewed the tools for manicure. If you are caring for your nails, take care that such a set of tools and accessories appear in the dressing table drawer. The information is also useful for men who do not know which gift to buy for their beloved woman on March 8.

How to care for your nails

The beauty of women's hands determines the condition of the nails. Every girl dreams that her hands have strong nails, complemented by a beautiful manicure. At the same time, the nail plate finicky and need constant care. If this is not done, they fade, exfoliate and break.

Buy a tool kit for care. It consists of various files, scissors, tweezers and spatulas, which were discussed above. Before using the tools, they must be disinfected with peroxide or alcohol. The procedure I recommend to do, even if the manicure kit is used by one person.

Do not disregard the cuticle. This area of ​​the skin requires special care, as it can not withstand the external effects and is easily injured. As a result, unaesthetic and painful burrs appear. Move cuticle regularly with a spatula. Burrs carefully cut with tweezers or scissors, and disinfect the wounds that form. To reduce susceptibility, use a fat cream.

Use creams, nourishing oils, folk remedies. Make the nails strong and shiny to help the bath on the basis of sea salt with the addition of lemon juice and vitamin solutions. Suede helps to restore shine, from which fashionable footwear is sewn. It is enough to rub the nail plate with a piece of cloth.

Eat right. If the nails break or do not shine, there are irregularities in the body. In most cases, the cause of the poor state is poor diet and calcium deficiency. Solve the question will help a special diet.

In the diet, enter dairy products, including cottage cheese. Seafood helps to fill nails with iodine, including shrimps, fish and sea kale. Yeast and products that contain gelatin are invaluable.

Pay special attention to vegetables and fruits.Eating in sufficient quantities, you will get rid of the effects of vitamin deficiency. The diet should contain protein and fatty foods.

Cigarettes have a detrimental effect on the condition of the nails - the nails exfoliate, break, are characterized by yellow color. Therefore, it does not hurt to quit smoking.

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Many women are interested in how to do a manicure, if the work on the house reduces the service life. Constant cleaning and washing adversely affect the condition of the manicure, and this is a fact. You can solve the problem by doing the work in gloves.

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