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We are currently designing a warehouse for the goods, we decided to contact this installation and installation company. But maybe there are cheaper options? who knows?
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Answered on July 12, 17:02
Husband for an hour Moscow Now furniture has become very expensive. Moreover, it cannot be said that the more expensive the furniture is, the more qualitative and better it is than the furniture that is available in several times cheaper. So you have to think which manufacturer should be trusted. After all, you begin to choose, and then you are told that you have to wait two months. They say that the production was an emergency, and for this reason, the furniture will be delivered in turn. Well, and who here makes taking one hundred percent payment? The same is not true for any buyer. We said goodbye to money, but did not receive the furniture yet. You walk with only one receipt and you can not understand anything. Well, if the furniture will be delivered in a timely manner. Next comes a new stage - the assembly of furniture. Can you assemble the furniture yourself? In general, not every person without effort, without difficulty, can assemble a wardrobe or a bed in one breath. Indeed, experience is needed here.Furniture should be assembled by professionals. Then, let's not forget about the manufacturer's warranty. If, when assembling furniture, it turns out that you have spoiled the goods, then you will in no way be able to return the goods to production. Try to contact those people who can respond in word and deed. It is not easy to trust expensive furniture to strangers. But, believe me, it’s much worse if you yourself break this expensive furniture. So, make it so that then you do not have to regret the result obtained. If you have already engaged in assembling furniture, then this is another matter. But you can try without your own participation. Simply, you need to know who to contact. Further, it will remain for small. Furniture assembly is a responsible event. What decision you take - no one can know. But, on the basis of acquired knowledge and skills, you can make the right decision. Call the masters and do not be afraid that you will not like the result.

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