Mortgage or rent?

My husband was offered a good job in Tyumen, we want to move there to live. To buy an apartment is not enough money. Now they are thinking - to take a mortgage on an apartment or not to take risks and just rent a house? Which bank is better to make out?
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Answered on February 13, 14:47
We made out at VTB Bank, they can even choose a mortgage for an apartment in a new building or on the secondary market. We are satisfied with the interest rate on the mortgage, and the term.
Igor Ignatenko
Igor Ignatenko
You understand that a mortgage is always expensive, it is better to rent a house than to plunge into high interest rates. It will be more relevant to take a loan for a vehicle, if there is one and less to overpay on interest. I have a friend from Kazan using this scheme to take the loan amount for a vehicle.
Answered on April 13, 16:20 to Plato |
Answered on February 13, 14:53
We rented an apartment for a long time and at the same time saved money to buy an apartment. Then our parents decided to help us and added the missing amount - we are now the happy owners of a new spacious apartment.
Answered on February 13, 14:57
It is better to issue a mortgage, so you will pay already for your living space, not rented. To get a decision from a bank, you must have a good credit history. Recently I read that there are companies that help in obtaining loans from the bank and paperwork.

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