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I have a small company. Things are not going very well right now. I had to cut some posts, including the courier. Sometimes it is necessary to urgently deliver documents to counterparties, and for this it is necessary to tear someone off from work. Is it possible to find someone in St. Petersburg to perform the functions of a courier, in order to use his services when necessary, and not on a regular basis?
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Answered on April 21 08:39
If everything is so bad that it was necessary to fire workers, should it be worth changing the line of business altogether? You did not think about it? Now the country has a difficult economic situation and not every type of activity is capable of making a profit.
Answered on April 21 08:49
And what if you plan your work in such a way as to deliver the documents to the destination in the morning before work or in the evening after it. You can assign this to someone from your staff on a regular basis and pay a certain amount each month.
Answered on April 21 09:13
If you are unable to maintain a courier in the state and pay him a salary regularly, you can use the services of third-party couriers.As a rule, it is usually possible to order from them a delivery of varying degrees of urgency.

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