New in Gearbest: a good inexpensive smartphone with top performance

In the modern gadget should be harmoniousto combine the status appearance and high-quality internal components, which will provide the device with high technical characteristics. Today even a good inexpensive smartphone meets such requirements. When choosing a portable device among gadgets of a certain price category, the appearance of the phone plays a very important role, as well as the commitment to the products of any company. Buy inexpensive smartphone an unknown brand or once again support your favorite manufacturer? Which device is better - one of the first telephones of the giant of teleproducts Letv or another masterpiece of the famous computer tycoon Asus?

Letv 1s: a good inexpensive smartphone with top performance

New Year 2015 - surpassed all expectations of those who have ever sinceThe first announcement followed the news about this device. The appearance of the smartphone reflects its status and allows the owner not to be lost against the owners of apple products. Especially since this gadget is technically not inferior, but more often even surpasses its opponents.

Letv 1s 4G Phablet

A quality screen with Full HD-resolution andthe most relevant today, the diagonal of 5.5 inches occupies almost the entire front panel. On the back side, in addition to the 13-megapixel (!) Camera with a flash, there is a fingerprint scanner, which makes it easy to unblock the device with one hand, and for gadgets with such a diagonal this is the most reasonable solution to the problem with the convenience of removing the unit. It should be noted that at least 9 out of 10 touches are triggered, and this is an excellent result for modern telephone scanners. And all this in a prestigious metal case!

But what is inside? What else can please this good inexpensive smartphone? It houses the top-level processor MediaTekHelio X10 with eight cores, the clock frequency of each of which is 2.2 GHz, and also 3 gigabytes of RAM. These characteristics allow you to run the most resource-intensive games and applications on the "ultra", without worrying that anything with a smartphone can not cope. The operating system installed out of the box is Android 5.0Lollipop, but immediately with Wi-Fi you can upgrade to 5.1, and soon, with the release of the new version, and up to the sixth modification. The gadget has the ability to quickly charge: 3.5 hours in 5 minutes! It is not simplegood inexpensive smartphone- this is a jet game plane for only 211 dollars!

ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser: stunning camera and laser autofocus

If the task is not to buy an inexpensive smartphone, and to acquire the flagship of one of the leaders of the world of gadgets, it is worth paying attention to the device , the price for which in the Gearbest store is $ 345, which does not allow to call it budgetary.

ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser

Characteristics correspond to the cost: a six-inch Full HD screen, an eight-core top-end processor, two gigabytes of RAM ... But this smartphone has one highlight that distinguishes it from its competitors - a 13-megapixel camera with laser (!) autofocus, which allows you to make gorgeous photos and shoot high-quality videos. Therefore, those who wish to permanently preserve the best moments of their lives, this smartphone is placed in the musthave section.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3: the continuation of the legend

Anyone who is at least partly familiar with the world of gadgets,it was clear that 2015 bestseller in the price category up to $ 200 - Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 - sooner or later will acquire a legal successor, but nobody expected it to happen so quickly: usually smartphones of the same line are released once a year, and Note3 went on sale already December. Many called it an improved version of the previous model: although outwardly the devices are quite different, technically they are more than close.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

The design of the smartphone in terms of status andprestige is favorably different: instead of plastic, the gadget received a beautiful metal case, which not only looks expensive, but also conducts heat better, which allows the processor to warm less. There are three colors available:
gray, gold and silver. The device has acquired a quality fingerprint scanner on the rear panel. The red touch buttons on the front side were changed to white with a backlight. The screen remained the same as the previous model - 5.5-inch diagonal, IPS-matrix, FullHD-resolution - the most adequate and eye-pleasing option.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

The smartphone has an eight-core powerful processor. As for RAM, it can be presented in two versions: 2 and 3 GB. In models with 2 GB there is no support for 4G. But they cost $ 30 cheaper. For example, a phone with a gray body can be purchased for 179 or 209 dollars, depending on these characteristics. However, if you use a coupon (code 32GBNOTE3-01) when buying a smartphone in this color, the price will decrease to $ 199. And if you take into account that in a more expensive model 32 GB of internal memory is installed, and in a cheaper model - only 16 (if there is no possibility to use a memory card), the choice becomes obvious, and this discount is very pleasant. To make Note 3 more accessible in "gold", you need to enter the 32GBNOTE3-02 code after adding to the basket. Of course, those who choose gadgets in the most light tone will not be deprived: a silver smartphone can be purchased for $ 199 by entering the coupon code 32GBNOTE3-03.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

The choice of color is a matter of taste, but to buy exactlyThis device, in any case, is more than reasonable. Gadgets with such characteristics are much more expensive than Note 3, even without discounts and promotional offers! What can we say about the opportunity to make such a purchase, having met $ 200, especially since the quality of products from Xiaomi has always been and remains on top.

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New in Gearbest: a good inexpensive smartphone with top performance New in Gearbest: a good inexpensive smartphone with top performance New in Gearbest: a good inexpensive smartphone with top performance New in Gearbest: a good inexpensive smartphone with top performance New in Gearbest: a good inexpensive smartphone with top performance New in Gearbest: a good inexpensive smartphone with top performance New in Gearbest: a good inexpensive smartphone with top performance