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Only one way out

“There is no hell!”

Well, how not when you live in hell! Do not trust? Well, go to the mirror and look at your gloomy face.Can the crown of creation, the highest creation of God, have such a gloomy hare?

Why are you so bad if you are so clever, so all free, you do not care, you yourself know everything? Why are you such a face is unhappy?

Because you're in hell, son! In hell! You do not know joy, you are dead, it is hard for you, it is disgusting to you, everything torments you, you are annoyed by people, flies, heat, rain, politicians. You are annoyed, tortured, you are tortured by your father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, neighbor, Putin and Medvedev, Barack Obama.Everything is hard for you, disgusting, nothing pleases you,even nightingales make it difficult for you to sleep.

You want to get away from it somewhere, fall asleep somewhere, somehow forget yourself, get drunk, stab, fall asleep, get away from it. Why? Yes, because you're in hell.

You don't have to go anywhere - to heaven, to hell.You already, darling, have long been in hell, from which there is only one way out.

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