Recording video from a webcam: instructions for beginners

Today we will discuss the issue of howrecord video from a webcam. At the moment, almost every Internet user has this device. After all, the webcam is embedded in laptops, tablets and many phones. For ordinary stationary computers, you can purchase a separate "webcam", which is quite inexpensive. This article will provide a step-by-step instruction with a detailed explanation of each action. So, next, you will learn how to record video from a webcam.

 recording video from web camera with sound


The first stage for us will be preparation. Here we need to bring all the necessary funds to full capacity. And start with the webcam itself. In order for it to work properly, you need to install the driver. In some cases, the installation of this software is not required. You can download the driver on the official websites of the device manufacturer. Sometimes (this happens in most cases) the software is downloaded automatically the first time the web is connected to the computer. But at the same time the Internet should be connected to the PC. After installing the drivers it is recommended to reboot the system. Video recording from a webcam can not be performed without the corresponding software. To check the driver, right-click on the "My Computer" icon, select "Properties", click on "Device Manager". If there is a question mark next to the name of the webcam, then you need to install the driver.

video recording from web camera

The control program

In addition to installing the appropriate drivers,you will need to download additional management utilities. Recording video from a webcam is done precisely with the help of these programs. There are plenty of similar applications. From myself I can recommend the utility Screen Capture Studio. There are a lot of settings and parameters in this software. The utility allows you to record video from a webcam with sound, with various special effects and with other additional features. The first time you turn on the setup wizard, you can immediately select the settings that are convenient for you. If you did everything right during the preparation phase, then the program will automatically determine the webcam.

Start recording

To start recording video from a webcam,you need to click on the "Import" tab and select the "Capture video" tool. As already mentioned, the source of sound and picture will be determined automatically. Therefore, you do not need to configure anything else. After clicking on the button "Start capture" the recording will be started. I hope you do not need to explain that to create a recording with sound, you need an additional microphone. For him, you also need to install drivers separately and prepare.

 record video from web camera


To stop recording, you need toClick the "End capture" button. After that just save the received video in a separate file. To do this, click on "Save" and select the parameters of interest. In addition to the received record, you can immediately add some effects built into the program. For example, increase the brightness, increase the contrast, or make the video black and white. It's worth noting that you can use any other program to create a record from a webcam. As a rule, this process always takes place according to the same principle, which is described in the article.

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Recording video from a webcam: instructions for beginners Recording video from a webcam: instructions for beginners Recording video from a webcam: instructions for beginners Recording video from a webcam: instructions for beginners Recording video from a webcam: instructions for beginners