Registration of the international passport through "Gosuslugi": instruction, terms

Many people are interested in the question of how the passport is processed through the “State Services”. Recently, this method of filing documents has become very popular, because it is very time saving. Well, the question is interesting, but the topic is extensive, so it's worth telling about it in detail. Information is useful, and in any case, each of us can ever come in handy.

registration of passports through public services

What you need to know

So, first of all, a person who is perplexed with such a question as obtaining a passport through “State Services” should go to the appropriate site. A single portal is what kind of service this citizen needs. It has all the necessary reference data. All official assistance in the process of registration of documents provides a service that is available at the following address: You can also do a foreign passport. Well, in general, this portal provides people with a variety of services.This may be information relating to traffic police fines, various information on savings (pension), the replacement of a civilian passport, filing taxes ... The list of services provided does not end there.

Why do many people decide to engage in such a process, as the registration of a passport, through the "Gosuslugi"? Everything is simple - the site is very user-friendly, has a clear reference section, so, in fact, is very practical. Generally, he has a lot of advantages. But first things first.

About timing

Registration of the passport through "Gosuslugi" takes about half an hour. More precisely, it takes time to apply with scans of documents. And the process itself is very simple and, importantly, convenient. After all, it helps save time, do not tolerate endless delays and do not stand in long, never ending queues. For these reasons, the registration of passport via the Internet ("Gosuslugi") has become so popular. Well, it is worthwhile to talk in more detail about how this process is going on and to describe the instruction in as much detail as possible.

So, the registration period is counted from the day when the person submitted the corresponding application. The authority is given 1-1.5 months to provide the service.But it is worth knowing that during this time a foreign document will be ready only for the person who submitted the documents at his place of residence. If, for any reason, he had to deal with this issue not in his hometown, but where, for example, he is due to a long trip, he will have to wait. In general, according to the law, waiting can last four months. But practice shows that the document is done much faster - 2-2.5 months.

There is also a special law of the Russian Federation, according to which special terms are provided by the state services to those people who were previously allowed either to secret information or to information of special importance. Then a little delay in registration of passport through the "Gosuslugi". Deadlines in this case are limited to three months of waiting. But, again, in fact, the issue is resolved faster.

registration of passport through public services instruction


There is also a special Order of the FMS of the Russian Federation of October 15, 2012 No. 320, which regulates the procedure, as well as the deadline for the decision of the FMS body regarding either issuing a passport or refusing a service. In the event that a citizen of the Russian Federation has good reasons for an urgent departure abroad and submits an application for an international passport through the Internet ("State Services"),then it can make the document faster. But for this to be true, there must be objective reasons. For example, a person leaves the country in order to undergo emergency treatment in a foreign clinic. Such cases, unfortunately, are frequent - quite often Russians find good expensive hospitals and do operations there, which they do not carry out in our medical institutions. Another reason could be the death of the next of kin living in another country, or his serious illness. As you can see, the reasons are not bright. But it is encouraging that the authorities can make a positive decision in just three days, and sometimes even faster.

The general rule states that the migration authority has the right to consider an application submitted by a citizen for twenty days. But then he must announce it. Seventy days, the FMS may consider the application of the person who had access to sensitive information. A 100 days, you may have to wait for those people who have decided not to make a passport through the “State Services” at the place of residence. The timing in this case is really not small. But if there is no urgency, then we can wait.

Term of suspension

At first glance, the design of a passport through “Gosuslugi” may not seem so simple. The instruction is what will help to fully understand all the questions arising on this topic. What, for example, can be said about the period of suspension? So, filing an application through a single portal provides its own terms, in which a person will need to submit their documents. Dates are sent to the citizen in the form of an electronic message. Skip dates is not recommended. In the event that it does happen, the application will be suspended. However, this kind of “freezing” cannot last longer than six months.

Well, with the expectation, everything is clear. What about the process itself? How is the registration of passport through "Gosuslugi"? The instructions will help in this matter.

registration of passport through public services

Register your own account

This is the very first stage. Before you start processing passports through the portal of public services, you will need to register. Having created an account, you will be able to secure access to the portal services. Only after registration is completed will legally significant actions become available to the citizen. You can log in to your account on the portal only after that.Interestingly, the number of available services and services will be greater if the information in the profile (questionnaire) of a person is also more. A certain number of functions of this site obliges a citizen to confirm his identity.

So, to register, you must fill out a form: enter your surname and name, write a mobile number for communication and email address. Then a personal code will be sent to the person (both by phone via SMS and by e-mail).

In the “confirmation code” you will need to enter the numbers received on the phone or e-mail. In the event that a person is not mistaken, the system will allow him to proceed to the familiarization with the standard form and its subsequent filling. There a citizen chooses a password. It is extremely important to remember it! And even better - to write.

registration of passport via the Internet public services


Before you begin to study the procedure for obtaining passports through the "State Services", you will need to enter all the necessary data in the questionnaire. You'll have to log into your account and find the “edit” button. There you need to write your full name, surname and patronymic, gender, date of birth, SNILS data, information on citizenship, as well as the name of the document, which is the main identity card. In addition, you will have to write his series, number, code and authority that issued it.

But this is not the end. All entered data will be sent for inspection to the Pension Fund and, of course, to the Federal Migration Service. In a few minutes, in theory, the verification will be completed. However, in rare cases, you will have to wait a few days. In any case, the data relating to the verification process will be sent via SMS, which will be duplicated by sending an e-mail.

The last stage of registration is an identification. To carry out this process, you will need to get a personal code, and then enter it on the portal. How to get it? There are several ways. A person has the opportunity to personally contact the state portal customer service center. The service will give the citizen a list of centers where the code can be obtained, as well as their position on the map of Russia. The code can still be sent by mail. You must specify your address to which will send the letter. It usually comes within two weeks (14 days). While the document is on the way, the citizen will be able to track it. Although this is not necessary - in any case, an alert should come from the post office.

 registration of passport through public services for a child

And finally, the latter method is the easiest, but not available to everyone.This is an electronic signature or card. But not everyone has this.

After the data is confirmed, a person will be able to use the portal for full reasons and rights, and, of course, to undertake such a process as obtaining a passport through "State Services". This service receives extremely positive reviews, so it’s worth sacrificing time and spending some amount of time waiting for the result of registration.


This is the main reason for the decision by the Federal Migration Service regarding the issuance of a foreign document. On the portal page it is written: to submit an application, a person will need his general civilian, national passport, and also a foreign one (if there is one). You will also need to attach a digital photo (the image format is also defined - JPEG).

So, first a person needs to choose a service. There is a whole list of them, and everything is provided in the list (located at the bottom of the site). By the way, it is important to be attentive - there are only two proposals relating to such a process as the step-by-step registration of a passport through "State Services". Like the types of foreign identity cards. There is an old sample and a new one.Hand on heart, it is worth saying that it is best to make a choice in favor of biometric. He has a lot of advantages, unlike the "predecessor"! First, it is ten years, not five, second, the queues at the border for people with biometric documents are much shorter than those who have a standard, old model. In addition, there are more pages, and it is impossible to forge such a passport.

Details that are important to know

Well, then you need to choose for whom the document is made - for an adult or for a child. Then the person is determined with the department of the FMS, where he would like to receive a ready passport for travel abroad. And after - enters all the necessary information regarding the recipient of the document. These are his surname, name and patronymic, gender, date, country and place of birth, mobile number and e-mail, information regarding changes in the full name (if any), and whether the person has a second citizenship.

You will need to specify the numbers from your passport. About them mentioned above - this is a series, number and code. And still need to choose the type of treatment. There are only three of them: at the place of residence, stay and residence. As already mentioned, the period that a citizen will have to wait before becoming the owner of a long-awaited document depends on this.

Additional information, if any, should also be contained in the application. This is information about the criminal record of a citizen, the restrictions imposed on him, the admission to any important data and whether the candidate received a passport of military service.

About work, too, need to write. The period of study and work, the place where the citizen is currently working, his address and, of course, his position - all this is important to indicate.

And one more nuance that is necessary when passing through such a responsible procedure as issuing a passport through “State Services” is a photograph. To her special requirements. Firstly - high quality. And secondly - the format is 35 x 45 mm. And with high quality file size should be no more than 500 kb.

And the very last fad is the choice of notification method. This is important because the system will regularly notify the citizen about how the application process is proceeding. The administration sends SMS messages to the phone, makes notifications directly on the portal, or sends them to an email address. It all depends on the method chosen by the person.

Submitted documents

So, the application for registration of passport through the "Gosuslugi" (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sevastopol, Sochi - no matter where the person acted) filed, then what? After that, the citizen should follow the process of reviewing his application. Everything is simple - as soon as the message changes its status to “accepted”, you can wait for an invitation from the local branch of the migration service. This means that it is time to collect documents for presenting them there, on the spot. And there you will have to take a picture of the document, you need to be ready for this.

A person is obliged to come to the FMS body no later than 14 days after he is invited. Better, of course, do everything at once. You need to take your national passport, a receipt indicating that the state duty has been paid, men have a military ID or a certificate from the military commissariat (they need to be known to the FMS body that the young man is not called at the time of filing the document). Some people even say that you need to take two pictures with you, but no, you will take pictures of the person on the spot. Because the image must be electronic.After all, the passport is new, biometric, and contains on the integrated chip not only prints, but also a digital snapshot of the person’s face.

Talking about the registration of passport through the "State Services" in Saratov (or in any other city), I would like to note the attention of one pleasant moment. For people who have used the portal, the opportunity to go to the office without a queue is available. Although it depends on which city. In FMS of some megalopolises of our country, even individual days are registered for people involved in this process through the portal. In general, when a person comes to the Federal Migration Service for a passport through the "State Services" in Kaliningrad (or elsewhere), the status of his application will change. Will not stand “Accepted”, and “Design”.

registration of passport through the portal of public services

Documents for children

Another important topic. Many parents are interested in how to carry out the registration of a passport for a child through the "Gosuslugi". Well, everything is real, and that too. So, applicants must enter in the questionnaire the surname, name and patronymic of the child, his gender, date, country and place of birth - all the same as in the case of adults. But then you have to perform other actions.

So, first you need to clarify that the registration of a passport through the “State Services” for a child is carried out by its official, legal representative. That is, mom, dad or guardian.In addition to the above information, he is obliged to indicate in the application form and information about himself, as well as information from the minor’s birth certificate. And, of course, a photo of a child.

And then - all the same as in the previous case. Waiting for a letter in the mail, invitation and visit to the department of the FMS of the parent with the child.

Document receipt

What is the last stage of such a complex process as the registration of a passport through "Gosuslugi" (Yekaterinburg)? Of course, the receipt of the document. A person is required to be informed about the readiness of his foreign identity card. As soon as the notification comes to him, you can go to the body of the Federal Migration Service. It is easy to get it - you just need to enter the office, give your last name and present a national passport. After that, the employee will take it and make the appropriate changes on the intended page. Just put the seal marked “received a passport” and sign it, indicating the date of receipt. Moreover, a citizen will need to put his personal signature in a foreign document in the presence of an employee of the Federal Migration Service. Here, in principle, the whole procedure.It may seem difficult, but in fact, the portal of public services makes life much easier for citizens who want to become owners of a long-awaited passport without queues and fuss.

the procedure for obtaining passports through public services

General issues

Finally, I want to say a few words about such a moment as price. How much is the design of this document, about which so much has been said? So, earlier it cost one and a half thousand for an adult and 800 rubles for a child. However, then went to the old-style passport. Now everything has changed. Due to the use of modern technologies and new materials, not only the production time of the document has increased, but also its price. Now a foreign biometric passport costs 3,500 rubles for adults. For children - 1600 rubles.

And how to pay the state duty? Also a fairly common question. The easiest way is to go to Sberbank. There are payment terminals that already have regional details. A person needs only to choose a service for which he needs to deposit money (in this case: payment of state duty for a passport of a new type) and then dial his last name and first name with patronymic name. It is necessary.Then insert the bills and print the receipt. She will serve as proof of payment. So it will be most profitable - in all plans. First, the terminals have virtually no queues. And secondly, he does not take a commission. Although some still stand in line at the post office waiting for the transfer to be completed, or wait patiently for the manager to be released at the bank. And some make it even easier - make payment through an online service, and a receipt is printed on the printer. In general, the ways mass. There is already someone as convenient.

And a few words about what information will be stored on the chip embedded in this document. In the Russian Federation only fingerprints and a photo of the owner are loaded there. Many people think that the color of the eyes is also indicated. But in fact it is not necessary. The government of the country and the state itself decide whether it is necessary or not. Russia decided that this is not necessary. Therefore, when a person comes to the FMS to hand over documents, in addition to taking photographs, he is also fingerprinted - from the left and right hands. To do this, ask his index fingers. And, by the way, when he gets it, he does the same. In general, this is the main advantage of such a document.Fingerprints are unique, so that no one can forge a passport and use it is not for good purposes.

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