Restaurant "Pelmeni Club", Ekaterinburg: address, menu

"Eat, Lepi.Lubov "- the restaurant" Pelmeni Club "in Yekaterinburg operates under this motto.This institution specializing in the traditional Russian folk dish, and even spreading, according to some reports, from the Urals, has won hundreds of fans.It is interesting that not only can you taste dumplings here handmade, but also to attend a special master class or take food with you to takeaway.

The concept of the institution

dumplings club ekaterinburg

In the restaurant "Pelmeni Club" in Yekaterinburg youready to treat not only the best dumplings, but also their varieties. For example, dumplings, ravioli and gedza (these are fried dumplings, extremely popular in Japan).

Here you are also ready to teach you how to cook also delicious and satisfying at home or at a party. To understand the main secret of cooking dumplings, their modeling, the best chefs of the institution will help.

Now you can amaze all your friends with exquisite varieties of pelmeni - with northern fish, with mushrooms, with farm fatty cottage cheese.

How to get to the restaurant?

Krasnoarmeyskaya street

The Pelmen restaurant is located in Yekaterinburg at two addresses. This is Lunacharsky street, house 82, and Krasnoarmeyskaya street, house 2.

In order to guarantee a placein the evening in this restaurant, it is best to book a table in advance. You can do this by phone. You can also call a specific institution, if you have already decided where you want to go. All phone numbers are on the official website of the restaurant, as well as in its official groups in social networks.

At Krasnoarmeyskaya restaurant is located next toThe Yekaterinburg State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, the Butterfly Park, the Museum of the Old Man Kashkin, the Sverdlovsk State Academic Theater of Musical Comedy, the Museum of Vladimir Semyonovich Vysotsky and the House of Cinema.

Once in the restaurant "Pelmeni Club" in Yekaterinburg on Lunacharsky Street, you can also visit the square of the Soviet Army, the Kharitonovsky Garden Park, Weiner Garden and the Young Spectator Theater.

The institution is open every day from 10 am to 23 pmhours. On Saturdays and Fridays, the restaurant is open until midnight. There is a possibility to pay by bank transfer, for guests there is a convenient free parking.

Rich choice of dishes

dumplings for every taste

Pelmeni for every taste you are ready to offer in this institution. You choose the feed yourself. They can be in broth or fried in oil.

One of the hits of the restaurant "Pelmeni Club" inEkaterinburg - this is the Urals dumplings "Ear of the dough" with stuffing of pork and beef. There are lean dumplings with cabbage, Siberian pelmeni "Grandmother in a kerchief" of three kinds of meat - pork, beef and mutton, dumplings from farm chicken, with goose and duck, with pike. A special delicacy is Far Eastern pelmeni with cuttlefish ink.

Just a few items on the menu are dishes for vegetarians. Apart from the cabbages already mentioned, it is also dumplings with sweet turnips and mushrooms, apples and cinnamon.

One of the most popular dishes is the "Fish Troika". On one dish you will bring Far Eastern dumplings, dumplings from pike and vareniki with salmon.

What to eat, except dumplings?

In addition to the items already described, in the restaurant menu"Dumplings Club" in Yekaterinburg also has all kinds of vareniki. For example, with cottage cheese and suluguni, with poppy seeds, with cherries, the season hit is vareniki with salmon.

Lovers of Asian cuisine can taste manti. They are cooked here separately with beef, separately with mutton.

Ready to offer their visitors and draniki inrestaurant "Pelmeni Club" in Yekaterinburg (in the menu they can be easily found). They are recommended to order with farmer's roast beef or mushroom stew of mushrooms and ceps.

Light dinner

restaurant dumplings club ekaterinburg

There is something to offer and those who watch their shape. The institution has a large selection of salads: both meat and lean. This is a salad with grilled vegetables in thyme, a spicy salad on herbs.

Experts of Italian food will appreciate ravioli. Here they can be tasted with cottage cheese and spinach or with white mushrooms and red flowers.

A special place is occupied by meat postures.Although they are not very dietary, they are ready to seduce almost anyone. These are traditional Buryat or Mongolian analogs of Ural pel'menis. In Yekaterinburg restaurant they are served with farm beef. In general, this dish is akin to Turkic mantas or Caucasian khinkali. In addition to minced meat from chopped meat, the basis of the filling is the onion. Prepare postures more often on pair.

In the "Pelmeni Club" guests will meet a lotvarious drinks. First, it's tea. Sea-buckthorn, ginger, currant, infused into Altai herbs. For those who want to refresh themselves and do not want hot drinks, there is a classic lemonade or lemonade with basil, sbiten, several types of smoothies and even apple fresh.

Dumplings with you

dumplings from the Far East

If you wish, you can order all meals presented in the menu for take-out, to take with you and eat in the place where you want.

Also you can order dumplings or other dishes that you particularly liked, in a frozen form.

In this case, the price in the menu is indicated per kilogram.For example, one kilogram of manti with lamb and onions will cost 750 rubles. Vareniki with salmon cost 1,550 rubles per kilogram, 620 rubles - frozen vareniki with strawberries. Hit menu - ravioli with homemade duck and goose - have a price of 1 400 rubles.

560 rubles is a novelty from the chef of this institution - vareniki from cherry flour and cottage cheese.

Secrets of modeling dumplings

dumplings club ekaterinburg menu

If you liked the cuisine in this restaurant, and you do not want to be content with frozen food, then it's time to master the skill of modeling the most delicious dumplings.

The restaurant regularly hosts master classes,because cooks do not keep secret the secrets of their skills. And there are several types of master classes that differ in program and cost. By the way, not all classes are paid. For a trial exercise you can come, paying only for a standard portion of dumplings. In return, you will be offered a choice of toppings that will most please your liking, and also provide everything you need. On-site will give detailed advice, will direct in the right direction.

You can sign up for an individual lesson withan experienced master of modeling real Ural pel'menis. In this case, it will cost 500 rubles. Under the strict supervision of the mentor, you will master the technique of the so-called protection on dumplings with three different fillings. And since the occupation will be long, then during the break you will be treated with a special tea, infused with herbs, from a real Russian samovar.

Many instill in children the love of cooking from the very beginningchildhood. For young guests of the restaurant there are separate master classes. True, the results of young cooks often exceed the successes that are achieved by adult novice chefs. One lesson will cost 350 rubles. In order to sculpt the dumplings was even more exciting, they prepare a special multi-colored dough.

Guest Reviews

Guests of the restaurant in their reviews note the pleasant and thoughtful interior, courteous service, delicious and nutritious cuisine.

Many are attracted by a good location.Both restaurants (and the one on Krasnoarmeiskaya Street and the one on Lunacharsky Street) are almost in the center of Yekaterinburg. And like the guests not only dumplings, but also other menu items. For example, there are a lot of rave reviews about vareniki with cherries and farmer's cream, which were really fat and with a rich taste.

Out of the shortcomings, the visitors note rather high prices. However, they are offset by large portions and unforgettable sensations, which you get by eating each dish.

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