Review of tires Bridgestone Potenza RE002 Adrenalin. Testimonials and test results

The first model in the Potenza line of Japaneseproducer "Bridgestone" appeared back in 1979. Even then the tires were intended for active driving. Owners of sports cars actively bought such tires and for a short time formed a very positive image. Judging by the fact that the Japanese did not stop issuing the line, it was in high demand. In 2007, there was a model RE001, and in 2011 - Bridgestone Potenza RE002 Adrenalin. We will discuss this in more detail in this potenza re002 adrenalin

Modifications and first impressions

Currently tires RE002 are produced in 32modifications. True, the number of sizes is not that diverse - 15-18 inches. But other characteristics, such as width and height, change quite strongly. That is why the line presents both low-profile rubber and conventional tires. This applies to the width. Everyone can choose for themselves what is more suitable for the style of riding. But the sports component does not go anywhere.

First impressions of visual inspection of the tirevery positive. The tread pattern is aggressive, it can even be called "fanged". This impression is created due to the corresponding in form of the canines of a large predator grooves for drainage of water. In itself, the rubber itself is tough enough, at least until you put it and you do not ride a few kilometers on it.

Popular and popular

It is worth paying attention to the fact that in the presenttime is one of the most purchased models of summer tires company "Bridgestone". The Japanese have other, equally worthy contenders, but RE002 has grown fond of it. Asymmetric tread pattern with an unusual form of drainage channels and a protective board is ideal for using rubber on a wet road. Due to the shoulder blocks provides a high level of adhesion to the potenza re002 adrenalin reviews

The use of modern technology and high-quality rubber compound allowed Japanese engineers to reduce resistance and save on fuel. True, the difference is barely noticeable, but it does exist.

The central groove for tappingwater. It has a variable width on different parts of the tire. Such a design was tested and only then implemented. Aquaplaning with the permissible speed of movement on such rubber is not threatened. Bridgestone Potenza RE002 Adrenalin tires, reviews of which we will consider a little lower, are known for almost total absence of noise.

Testing and results

Immediately after the appearance of this model oncounters of auto shops began active testing. It was carried out both by experts and by ordinary motorists. But regardless of who was sitting behind the wheel, the following advantages are seen:

  • high level of exchange rate stability at high speed;
  • good grip on wet and dry asphalt;
  • stable and predictable braking dynamics even on difficult sections of the road;

Many motorists distinguish one more, not lessan important quality, - the presence of a rigid tire sidewall. This protects the rubber from the appearance of hernias during strokes, which is extremely important for Russian roads, especially if you get into a pit at high speed, which sometimes tires potenza re002 adrenalin

Increased stiffness

Very different opinions about rubberBridgestone Potenza RE002 Adrenalin. The experts' comments boil down to the fact that the increased rigidity of the cord and tread prevents the tire from deforming, and this is quite true. On the other hand, such rubber does not smooth even the smallest irregularities, so every hummock is felt. Although in this case, much depends on the suspension of the car.

But despite the fact that RE002 - very toughrubber, it has its advantages. First, the driver feels the quality of the road and the grip on the canvas, depending on which takes appropriate measures. Secondly, it is necessary to say about controllability, which can not be compared with anything. Rubber, despite the fact that it is summer and does not have Velcro, "sticks" to the asphalt, thereby creating a high stability. Specifically in this case, the rigidity of rubber is completely justified.

Special tread construction

Noteworthy is how it behaves in thewet asphalt Bridgestone Potenza RE002 Adrenalin 91W. The manufacturer on this repeatedly accentuated the attention of buyers. First, in comparison with the predecessor RE001, a "pulsating" groove appeared.

This technology was borrowed from motorsports andsuccessfully introduced into automobile tires. The main purpose of this technology is to quickly and efficiently remove moisture from the contact spot and add resistance to slipping. The "pulsating" groove is supplemented with a corresponding deflector, which is located on its bottom.

Also, Japanese engineers have somewhat improved andsilicon compound. Now it meets all international standards. The presence of silicon makes the car's behavior on the wet road more predictable. In addition, the manufacturer notes that the tires Bridgestone Potenza RE002 Adrenalin (205/55 / ​​r16) are faster coming out of the water wedge, but it is difficult to verify.

bridgestone potenza re002 adrenalin 91w

Resource of rubber

According to the manufacturer, the tires serve the order of3-4 seasons with active use. But in practice this is often not so. The fact is that slips at start and sharp braking significantly increase the wear of the tread. But far more terrible are deep pits and various road junctions.

It should be noted that the cord is madestrengthened, so worthy to withstand strikes. However, the lower the profile, the greater the chance to earn a non-repairable hernia. In practice, this rubber is enough for about 3 seasons. Often, when the critical wear point is reached, handling and resistance to aquaplaning significantly deteriorates, and driving on such tires becomes uncomfortable.

Acoustic comfort

As for noise during the ride, forMany this factor when buying rubber is decisive. Especially after the winter season, I want peace and quiet. It is impossible to name especially silent tires Bridgestone Potenza RE002 Adrenalin. Reviews, rather, tend to the fact that it is quite noisy. But it all depends on what to compare with.

If we take as an example of rubberpremium class at 15 thousand per tire, then RE002 loses. If we consider one price range as competitors, then there are no special differences. In terms of acoustic comfort, "Adrenaline" can be attributed to the middle class. Enough to close the windows, and the cabin will be bridgestone potenza re002 adrenalin reviews

Comparison of Bridgestone Potenza RE002 Adrenalin (215/50 / r17) with RE001

Almost every motorist compares RE001and RE002, especially if they used both the first and the second. Developers of the new version of rubber managed to improve the indication of aquaplaning. There is no discomfort even at a speed of 120 km / h on wet asphalt. The car does not catch a water wedge, and if this happens, then the car comes out of the dangerous situation faster, and this is very important. It is worth noting, sharp turns do not cause problems, maximum possible a slight demolition of the front of the car. The car on such rubber confidently enters the turns.

In general, this is more elaborate rubber thanRE001. The tread pattern was more aggressive in the predecessor, but its block efficiency was an order of magnitude lower. In any case, this is an excellent choice for sports driving on wet and dry asphalt. True, clay or sand on the road significantly impair handling, which is a disadvantage of this type of tire.

About advantages

First of all, I would like to note the improvementpractically all operational characteristics. For example, the reinforced sidewall was very handy. This is the focus of attention of many motorists. During the years of operation, hernia usually does not appear. True, there is a minus - disks are broken. Since the rubber is stiff and strong, part of the impact force is transferred to a cast or stamped disc.

A rather high resource is noted, withstandsmore than 60 thousand miles on roads of very different quality. It is quite good for a sports tire, taking into account the quality of our roads. It is worth mentioning about the stable behavior of tires in the track. Quite an important indicator for tires of this direction, especially when it comes to high potenza re002 adrenalin 215 50 r17

Are there any downsides?

The number of benefits, as you see, is sufficientgreat. But there are also some small drawbacks, which should also be noted. First, as already noted above, the rubber is designed exclusively for pure asphalt. Let it be wet, but most importantly - clean. The presence on the road surface of dirt or clay completely kills controllability and all positive emotions. Secondly, what has already been said about it, the cord is tough enough. That's why all the consequences of blows remain on the wheel disks. This is more a disadvantage than an advantage.

In addition, low-profile rubber such a plandoes not allow you to quickly determine the puncture. Therefore, you can kill rubber, and without knowing about it. About the noise has already been said, the tires are not too noisy during the ride, but also call them noiseless, too.

Bridgestone Potenza RE002 Adrenalin 225 55 r17: reviews of motorists

Specifically, this tire size is popularamong amateurs to drive. Suitable for both passenger sedan and SUV. The first thing that consumers note is the controllability on wet asphalt at a speed of 160 km / h. This is a kind of "trick" tires from this manufacturer, as the engineers of "Bridgestone" paid special attention to the configuration of the lamellae and drainage grooves. It is for this reason that you do not have to worry about safety on the wet road. If rains are frequent in your area, then this is an excellent choice.

As for the cost, then such a tirewill cost about 6500 rubles apiece. Not the most budgetary option, but the price is completely justified. Unique performance characteristics, confirmed by numerous tests and examinations - for all this will have to pay potenza re002 adrenalin 225 45 r17

Let's sum up the results

Optimum balance of rubber compound and competentlya well-developed tread pattern - all this is extremely important for the development of high-speed rubber. The use of silicon, RC polymers and silicates make the tire properties unique. Specifically in this case, it was necessary to achieve the rigidity of the tire. With this, the Japanese coped perfectly well. Let and feel every irregularity on the road, but on the other hand, not every type of tires can give such controllability and confidence behind the wheel.

High speed, maximum exchange ratestability and controllability - that's what is typical for Bridgestone tires Potenza RE002 Adrenalin. Reviews about them are almost always positive. If negative opinions are found, then they are very justified. For example, a hard cord, as we see, this is not always good, especially if the tires are low-profile. But all this is trifles, in comparison with the quality of the product. Even with active driving on a bad road, the protector does not deform, although the grip with the road is lost.A clear control on the wet road, as well as an excellent drainage system, enable motorists to enjoy the safe driving style of driving even in rainy weather.

Currently the model Bridgestone PotenzaRE002 Adrenalin (225/45 / r17) is one of the most popular summer tires of the Japanese company "Bridgestone". It is likely that in the next few years there will be an even more refined RE003, which will even more surprise the consumer with its characteristics.

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