Ringworm. Treatment, diagnosis, prevention

ringworm treatment

Deprive, or, as this disease is also called, ringworm is an infectious disease. It is characterized by the appearance of a reddish or brown spot on a small elevation, usually with a slightly light center. Ringworm is caused by a fungus. It can appear on any part of the skin, as a result of which this area loses hair. Because the disease is called "ringworm." The treatment is aimed at the destruction of fungi and the prevention of their spread. These mushrooms feed on keratin - a substance found in the outer layer of skin, hair, nails. According to medical statistics, about 20 percent of the population of our planet suffer from this disease.

Ringworm: treatment and transmission

Very often, the disease is transmitted through clothing or skin-to-skin contact, as well as through contact with infected objects: combs, toilet seats, and so on. Moreover, a person becomes contagious even when the fungus is present on its skin, but no visible symptoms have yet appeared.We can be infected from pets, farm animals (chickens, cows), and even from hamsters or guinea pigs. But in order to really “catch up” with shingles, you need to be susceptible to it. Children before puberty are especially susceptible to this, but some people may be at risk throughout their lives.

human ringworm treatment

Ringworm: treatment and diagnosis

The most true sign of disease in humans is the appearance of two or more red spots with clear edges. The spot is designed in the form of a ring with bubbles along the edge and a bright center, there may be a slight itch. The doctor usually immediately determines the ringworm in a person, the treatment is prescribed immediately. But sometimes you need to take a scraping, examine the hair to identify the fungus. Material from the affected area is examined under a microscope or mushrooms are grown on agar in a microbiological laboratory.

Ringworm: drug treatment

treatment of depriving folk remedies

Actual antifungal drugs currently are those that contain miconazole and clotrimazole, mikoseptin. Many of them are sold in a pharmacy without a prescription and are intended for oral administration.For external use iodine (5%) and selenium sulfide are used. It is worth noting that the versicolor, located on the nail plate, under it or on the hair area of ​​the body is difficult to cure due to the inaccessibility of the follicle. If the lichen is not treated, it can spread to other parts of the body, which, in turn, leads to complications such as bacterial infections, dermatitis and other skin diseases and / or scarring of the affected areas. Some sources mention the treatment of depriving of folk remedies, but still the most correct will be timely visit to a doctor. As a preventive measure, experts advise using only an individual towel, not giving your clothes and bedding to anyone, washing clothes in hot water, avoiding walking barefoot, wearing appropriate shoes on the beach, and washing hands with soap, which contains tea tree extract.

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