Safety belt for baby. Seat belt adapter for kids

Child safety is always the most important thing. Therefore, parents should, with great responsibility, choose fixing devices for their child in order to create the safest possible conditions when traveling by car. What is a children's seat belt and how to use it correctly is described in this article.

What is a seat belt

This is a special means for fixing passengers in vehicles, which is able to keep a person in place in case of an abrupt stop or accident. The belt can be on the right or left side, depending on the location of the seat.

Each car has seat belts. Basically they are three-point, automatically retract into place. Thus, they do not interfere at all with the passenger and do not constrain his movements. And most importantly - tightly pressed the man in the case of an abrupt stop.

child safety belt

Seat belt for a child is designed to fix preschool and school children in the front or back seat of the car. All parents are obliged to fix their children in the car in order to increase their safety during transportation.

According to the standards, a seat belt for a child is a certain set of elements with the necessary parameters of flexibility and durability.

Why do I need a seat belt

Fixing devices occupy an important place in the process of transporting children. Firstly, all the babies are very active and mobile. Therefore, mom or dad will be more comfortable to drive if the child is fastened with a seat belt. Secondly, no one is fully insured against dangerous situations that may occur during the movement of vehicles. Therefore, all parents should take care of the safety of their children and arrange in their car a place with high reliability and protection.

Thus, if the baby refuses to sit in a special car seat, as well as if he has already grown out of it, parents can get a seat belt for the child.In addition, it is recommended to use it together with other restraining mechanisms.

seat belt adapter for kids

If someone doubts the feasibility of using this device, we give some numbers. According to official data, the presence of a child safety belt in a car reduces the risk of head injuries by 8 times, neck injuries - by 6 times, thorax - by 18 times, and abdominal organs - by 27 times. And most importantly - the seat belt for the child allows you to save his life. Thus, since the parents used this protective device, the death rate of children during car accidents has decreased by more than 70%. These figures are more than convincing and testify in favor of seat belts.

Advantages of children's safety belts

  1. Reduced risk of contact with the elements of the cabin during the impact.
  2. There is a distribution of impact force on more durable parts of the body.
  3. Preventing a child from being ejected from a car during a collision.
  4. Protection against collision with other passengers.

    seat belt buckle

A child wearing a seatbelt is held in place during heavy braking. Thus, the possibility of getting dangerous injuries is minimized.

Important features of a child safety belt

All parents must take into account that the restraint system must correspond to the size and weight of the child. A very important parameter is the seat belt adjuster for children.

The usual three-point seat belt, which is in each car, is intended only for adults and is not always suitable for children. So, because of the different proportions of the body, in the event of a collision, a child wearing a regular belt will receive a strong blow to the heart and lungs.

child safety belt fest

Children's car belts are specifically designed for babies and small children. Their design is designed taking into account the size and weight of the child.

Ways to fasten a child seat belt

In order to fix the child with an ordinary car belt, manufacturers propose to use an additional device - a small strap, which allows the branches of the main belt to be pulled together. This mounting option can be used as an additional to the child car seat.

The second method of fixing a child is to use a seat belt adapter for children. It is a special triangular overlay.The adapter plays a very important role for child safety, as it pulls the diagonal belt line away from the child’s neck. This significantly reduces the risk of injury to the cervical spine. Such a protective lining is on the velcro and on the buttons.

child wearing a seat belt

The next mounting option is the booster. This device is a special lining that is attached to the car seat. It ensures a high seating position for the child and, therefore, reduces the risk of strangulation by the belt in the event of an abrupt stop.

In addition to the options described above, there are special three-point children's seat belts. But today they fail all crash tests and are considered dangerous for the child’s belly. A little different design have five-point seat belts for children. Therefore, it is their use of most manufacturers of children's car seats.

Seat belt adapter as an alternative to the child car seat

Recently, seat belt adapters have been in great demand. They belong to a group of individual locking means and are designed to offset the position of the branches of the automobile seat belt.The adapter is put on the usual belt and fixed with buttons.

The seat belt adapter for children has the following advantages:

  • universality - this device can be used for children aged 4 to 12 years;
  • easy installation;
  • small sizes;
  • the child has the opportunity to be in the soft seat of the car
  • low cost compared to other protective devices.

    what seat belts for kids

Manufacturers and most sellers point out another advantage - the ability to use an adapter without a child car seat. This statement is currently under discussion. The fact is that since their development, many parents have had their own experience in assessing the reliability and safety of this device. Unfortunately, the adapter does not provide the level of protection for the child, which guarantees a quality car seat. In addition, the traffic police began to fine drivers who transport children, fixed adapter without a car seat.

Experts recommend using the adapter only in combination with other restraining devices.

Children's harness "FEST"

Among all modern restraints, the most popular is the safety belt for children "FEST". This is a device of domestic production, unique and easy to use. And most importantly, in terms of safety parameters, the “FEST” belt surpasses many other restraining devices and even some car seats.

This device is intended for the transport of children whose weight ranges from 9 to 36 kg. For passengers weighing from 9 to 18 kg, the belt should only be used with a special shoulder strap.

FEST mount is very comfortable and provides high security for the child. It is easily and securely fixed on an ordinary car seat belt and does not interfere with its operation. The installation and removal process takes only 20 seconds.

The developers designed the device in such a way that in the event of an accident the possibility of injury to the child due to the restriction of his mobility is reduced. In this case, the belt buckle can be easily opened if necessary.

How to choose a locking device on the belt

When buying fixing devices, basically every seller will convince that the device offered to them is very safe and will provide excellent preservation for the child. But it is not always the case.Therefore, when choosing a seat belt or adapter, it is recommended to independently study which seat belts for children are the most reliable and high-quality.

First you need to pay attention to the mount. It should be reliable, but at the same time not to injure the child. The next important parameter is the seat belt buckle for children. First, the safety device must be easily and quickly fixed. And secondly, it is very important that the child could not independently unbuckle the belt buckle.

child safety belt buckle

In addition, the child belt restraint should be studied. It should always trigger a sharp movement.

When choosing an adapter, you should check the reliability and quality of fastening to car belts.

Responsibility for the unfastened child

According to the legislation, transportation of children under the age of 12 years in motor vehicles should be carried out only with the use of special restraints. Violation of this requirement is subject to a fine.

Drivers who bring children between the ages of 12 and 16 years old unaccounted for are also subject to punishment.

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