Salad with apple: mouth-watering recipes

Apple is a fruit withsweetish-sour taste, having very many useful properties. Its chemical composition is rich in proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, water and organic acids. Contained in apples pectin, contributes to a decrease in the body's level of cholesterol. They also have high iron content, which makes this fruit useful for people suffering from diseases of the circulatory system. In addition, apples normalize the digestive tract and are able to maintain the normal level of sugar in the blood. The antioxidant properties of this fruit prevent the development of cancer cells and premature aging.

Salad with appleEach variety of apples has individual flavoringFeatures, and also contains its specific set of trace elements and vitamins. Therefore, many dishes require the use of a certain kind of apples. For example, a salad with a green apple is considered the most delicious and healthy dish.

Among all fruits, apples occupy one of thethe leading places as ingredients in the preparation of dishes of various cuisines. They are used in salads, baking, casseroles, meat, fish dishes, cocktails. There are quite a few recipes for dishes based on apples. Here are some examples of salads from apples.

Salad with apple and cheese

This salad is suitable for a festive table, and for daily meals.

Salad with apple and cheeseIngredients: 1 apple, 4 eggs, 250 grams of cheese, 1 onion, greens. For dressing use mayonnaise.

Recipe: The onion is cut into thin rings, after which they are poured over with boiling water and left for a quarter of an hour. The water is then drained and the contents are squeezed. Eggs boil.

Salad is prepared in layers, promazyvaya everyone with mayonnaise: onions, grated eggs, mashed cheese, apple, peeled and grated. The top layer of the salad is also greased with mayonnaise. Finished dish sprinkled with finely crumbled herbs.

If the apple used for salad was very juicy, it is recommended to hold the dish for a short time in the fridge before serving.

Salad with apple and horseradish

Ingredients: 0.5 beets, 3 apples, mayonnaise, a spoonful of grated horseradish.

Recipe: apples are cleaned and shredded. Beets (boiled, baked or pickled) are grated on a grater. All components are mixed, salad is salted.

This salad is used chilled.

Salad with apple and rum

Ingredients: 200g of ripe apples, 100 g of powdered sugar, 20 g of rum (or cognac).

Recipe: apples are cleaned and cut into slices, which are added to glassware. Sprinkle sugar on top and pour rum.

Salad served on the table after the complete dissolution of sugar.

Salad with apple and melon

Ingredients: apples, melon, pumpkin - 200 grams, 100 g of honey, lemon juice.

Recipe: melon and peeled apples cut into narrow strips and sprinkled with lemon juice. There also add a faded pumpkin and honey, all mixed.

Salad with apple, carrot and raisins

Ingredients: 500 g of carrots, apples 300 g, 100 g of sugar or honey, nuts and raisins - 50 g lemon juice.

Recipe: clean and rub the carrots, add to it lemon juice, honey and nuts. All together well mix, cover with a lid, leave for a quarter of an hour. Apples, cut into small slices, sprinkle with lemon juice, add raisins and mix with carrots.

Salad with green appleAustralian salad with green apple

Ingredients: 2-3 pcs. cucumber, 4 pcs. tomatoes, 250 g apples, 200 grams of ham, orange juice, green salad leaves, celery roots, mayonnaise.

Recipe: Peeled and boiled celery is diced. Also cut cucumbers with apples, sprinkle them with orange juice, mix. Finely chopped ham slices are rolled into a tube, tomatoes are cut into slices.

In the middle of the salad bowl put a mixture of apples, cucumbers and celery, all decorated with lettuce leaves, slices of ham and tomatoes. Salad carefully poured with mayonnaise.

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