Sanatorium "Katun", Belokurikha: description and reviews

In the Altai Territory, where the mountains turn into a plain, and from the depths of the earth the waters of thermal springs are beating, the popular Siberian resort Belokurikha is located. The purest mountain air, amazingly beautiful nature, and the healing waters of the springs made Belokurikha an attractive place for rest and treatment throughout the year.

At the end of the 18th century, extraordinary mineral springs were found in these places at an altitude of 240 meters above sea level. They appeared in the faults of the earth’s layers and in the places of sleeping volcanoes, where ground waters, heating to 48 degrees Celsius, acquire complex chemical composition and come to the surface as hot springs. Water contains low radioactive radon, silicon and nitrogen. These elements have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the human nervous system. Researchers of natural phenomena believe that the valley of the Belokurikha River is a carrier of positive energy.
Here are the resorts of JSC "Resort Belokurikha", which include health resorts "Katun", "Siberia" and "Belokurikha".

Wellness center "Katun"

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On the bank of the Belokurikha River there is a Katun complex for 400 places, having a state certificate of 3 *. It occupies an eight-storey building, which houses rooms for guests, medical facilities, a restaurant and cultural and entertainment center. The building stands in a picturesque forest at the foot of the mountain Tserkovka. Photos of the sanatorium "Katun" (Belokurikha), unfortunately, can not reflect the beauty of the territory. The surroundings of the health resort are called Siberian Switzerland, because, apart from treatment, it provides an opportunity for rest and training for lovers of skiing, and the cableway and health paths promote solitude and relaxation among unique Siberian forests.

general description

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Sanatorium "Katun" (Belokurikha) - an ideal place for family holidays all year round. In summer, the temperature here is on average plus 20 degrees, the air is saturated with oxygen and the smell of flowering herbs; in winter there is a lot of snow, which is favorable for skiing and snowboarding, the average winter temperature is minus 15 degrees.

The resort Belokurikha, which includes "Katun", is known as a place with increased air ionization. This factor has a positive effect on a person, increases the body's resistance and boosts immunity, and helps in the treatment of bronchial asthma. Resort Belokurikha is considered a "place of power." The highest concentration of ions is seen in the mornings and evenings, as well as on the terrenkur, called the “Old Mill”, near the mountain Tserkovka.

Sanatorium "Katun" (Siberia, Belokurikha) is located near the city center - a 20-minute walk. This provides the basis for guests for a variety of leisure to visit restaurants, shops, markets, a nightclub, etc.


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Guests of the sanatorium occupy rooms of different categories:

  • Suite 1 of two rooms for 3 beds (one main with two extra).
  • Suite 2.
  • Studio for 2 places with individual design.
  • Improved plus 1 for 4 places (2 main with two additional).
  • Family of two rooms on 4 places (3 basic with one additional).
  • Single 1st category for 2 places (1 main with one additional).
  • Single 2nd category for 2 places.
  • Double 1st category for 3 places (2 main with one additional).
  • Double category 2 with 3 places.

All rooms have a balcony with a dryer, air conditioning, toilet and bathroom or bathroom, telephone, TV, fridge, hairdryer, clocks, toiletries, etc. In the deluxe rooms, the studio, superior and family has a safe, bidet, washing machine. On each floor there are cozy halls.


Belokurikha city resort Katun

Meals are provided by the restaurant 4 times a day in three versions:

  • on the system "buffet";
  • diet food with the observance of special technologies and diet numbers;
  • on the menu for vegetarians or for those who fast.

The range of dishes is designed for alternating days of the week.
In the evening from 21 to 22 hours, vacationers get sour milk drinks.
The restaurant has a bar with a wide selection of drinks (except alcohol).


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The infrastructure of the sanatorium includes two freshwater pools - indoor and outdoor; baths - Russian, Roman, sauna, hamam; open play areas; free parking; rolling point; beauty saloon; tour agency; household services; beauty and massage rooms; pharmacy; library; pump room on the territory of the sanatorium; score; free wifi

For entertainment, there are various activities: evening shows, discos, concerts, watching movies, tours, horseback riding, billiards,chess, backgammon, table tennis, etc.
For sports games there is a volleyball court, a mini-football field, a tennis court, an ice-skating rink, a gym, and an exercise room.

Medical specialization

Sanatorium "Katun" (Altai Territory, Belokurikha) is a multi-field health resort, but with a main focus: treatment of gastroenterological diseases. As a health institution, the sanatorium is accredited for the implementation of medical activities in the highest category.

Other directions:

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • diseases of the nervous system;
  • endocrine system diseases;
  • respiratory diseases;
  • urological diseases;
  • gynecological diseases;
  • skin diseases.

In the staff of the sanatorium: 8 doctors of the highest category, one candidate of medical sciences, 23 nurses of the highest category. There is also a rheumatologist.

Wellness procedures

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To restore health in the sanatorium applies a wide range of therapeutic measures:

  • Physical therapy with the help of devices - vibration and ultrasound, phototherapy, laser therapy, EHF therapy, UHF therapy, galvanization, magnetic therapy, darsonvalization, medicinal electrophoresis, magnetic turbotron, electrostimulation, SMV-therapy.
  • Balneotherapy - bishofit, valerian, vortex, hydromassage, pearl, iodide-bromine, radon, turpentine, antler baths, carbonic, coniferous, 2-chamber, 4-chamber, dry carbonic; healing showers, mineral water irrigation, intestinal irrigation.
  • Inhalations are alkaline, herbal, medicinal, with mineral water.
  • As well as massage, medical gymnastics, Nordic walking, mechanotherapy, hirudotherapy, mud therapy, speleotherapy, treatment by ingestion of mineral water.
  • Spa treatments - honey massage, mini cedar barrel sauna, manual therapy and cosmetology.

Specialists of the sanatorium offer massage according to oriental methods - guash, tuini, herbal bags, meridian-point, vacuum and foot massage.
The health center provides treatment using the most modern medical equipment. Wellness programs are designed for a period of residence in the complex of 12 days.

Sanatorium "Katun" (resort Belokurikha) accepts children up to fourteen years. The health center serves patients with a passport, vouchers and a sanatorium-resort card. For children, a birth certificate, vaccination card, insurance policy and certificates from a dermatologist and SES are required. Children are accepted for treatment from 4 to 14 years.

What is included in the cost of the purchased voucher

  1. Sanatorium voucher - accommodation in the room, food, treatment, swimming pools and saunas, gym, scheduled entertainment.
  2. Wellness stay - accommodation in the room, three meals a day, swimming pool, gym, bracing procedures.
  3. Permits "Rest" - accommodation in the room and meals in one of the proposed options.

The entire infrastructure of the sanatorium is designed to serve guests.

Additional Information

Sanatorium "Katun" (city Belokurikha) is located at: st. Slavsky, 9

Getting there: first - by plane to Novosibirsk, Barnaul, Gorno-Altaisk, and then - by rail or by bus to Belokurikha. From there, the shuttle will take you to the complex.

Guest Comments

sanatorium katun belokuriha reviews

Reviews of the sanatorium "Katun" (Belokurikha) indicate that this is one of the best places for rest and recreation. The first thing that holidaymakers note is the purest air that you cannot breathe in, and such a nature that the soul plunges into the “sea of ​​bliss”.

Clients talk about the high professionalism of doctors, nurses and quality procedures.They note the cleanliness and order in the rooms and on the territory of the sanatorium, although there are comments that the rooms are cramped and the food is not very varied, but everything is delicious. The staff is attentive and friendly.

In addition, there are a lot of positive feedback from people who have been resting and being treated in the Katun sanatorium (Belokurikha) for more than one year and believe that this is an excellent and inexpensive rest and a good opportunity to heal.

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