Schnitt onions: planting, care, cultivation

Onion Schnitt - perennial plant, known by various names. In Siberia, it is called Rezanet, in the southern part of Europe - skoroda. The homeland of this amazing onion is China, northeast Asia. The plant has an attractive appearance and aroma, the leaves are cone-shaped and long, dark green, mostly sweet in taste. The name of the onion has a deep meaning: its leaves must often be cut, otherwise it becomes coarse, loses quality and the ability to eat.

Onions today are very popular, but the chisel exceeds all criteria. Taste, aroma, chemical structure, easy cultivation in harsh climatic conditions increase the popularity and distribution of chives.

onion chives

Beneficial features

A vegetable such as chives (onions, planting and care are described below) is used throughout Europe and Asia. Due to its useful properties and interesting taste, it is often eaten. On the healing properties of onions was known in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. Preserved historical information about the cultivation of onion chives priests and healers of the pharaohs and kings.

Green leaves contain many beneficial trace elements, proteins, amino acids and vitamins. Calcium, carbohydrates, iron are useful for bones, teeth, milk for nursing mothers increases, the body's calcium deficiency is restored, pain in the legs and joints stops. Onion soothes pain in the gums of young children when teeth begin to cut. Vitamins B, C, PP energize, rejuvenate the skin, improve the performance of the gastrointestinal tract. Frequent use of onion chives stops hair loss, improves their growth and reduces brittleness. Onions contain volatile, which support immunity in infectious diseases.

Daily use of Schnitt in food leads to improvement of the liver, kidneys, gall bladder, helps to cleanse the body of toxins and toxins, reduces the number of cholesterol plaques in the blood, reduces the risk of ischemic stroke.

Onions Schnitt: description and features

This variety can adapt to any climate, withstand extreme cold and heat, grows well with heavy rains, and in dry areas. But it should be remembered that onions like moderate humidity.It is often necessary to cut large leaves, it is them that are eaten. If you do not cut the leaves, then over time they become rough, arrows appear at the ends, which turn into flowers and seeds appear.

A variety such as chives (onions, the cultivation of which is not at all difficult) begins to grow from early spring, and its fragrant green leaves decorate the garden until late autumn. If you do not need to collect the seeds, then the fruit itself must be cut off the leaves with arrows, so that the onions do not become hard and do not lose their useful qualities. On the site of cut leaves will grow new, juicy and young.

Onion Schnitt Description

Schnitt (onions): cultivation

For a good growth of onions need fertile, not swampy land to be dug in the fall and fertilized with organic compost or natural manure. Sowing shnitt (seeds) need spring. Within 10 days, the first leaves will begin to appear. If incisions appear in a very thick layer, then several bulbs should be pulled out with the root so that they do not interfere with the growth of the rest. Removed bulbs can be planted in other areas.

After the first cut of the green leaves, a comprehensive fertilization of the soil is necessary.Seeds should be sown to a depth of 2.5 cm in parallel rows, the distance between which should be from 35 cm to 40 cm. The soil should be mulched with rice husks so that it does not harden, and the seedlings can grow freely. Peat and sawdust are used in mulching.

The seedlings are very gentle, it will be difficult for them to grow from solid ground, so you should often loosen the soil, so that the seeds can easily receive their batch of air, moisture and grow quickly.
onion chives seeds

Features of growing

The powerful root system contributes to the cold resistance of charnitus: it easily tolerates frost, and green leaves reappear from the ground in the spring. Already biennial plant can not be transferred to greenhouses. If you fertilize the soil in a timely manner and monitor the irrigation, then all year round you can have fresh and healthy chives in the garden and at home in pots.

A good harvest is obtained in the greenhouse, where you can also use the slurry for fertilizer. Onions well protect the greenhouse from the appearance of fungal diseases and small pests, promotes good growth of vegetables.


When the chisel begins to grow, it is often necessary to loosen the soil between the rows. After rains and watering the land hardens and prevents good growth of the leaves. Once a month, onions should be fed organic and mineral fertilizers.Watering is often necessary, especially after cutting the leaves, but it should be remembered that in very damp and swampy soil the onion spoils quickly. Special care does not require, just need to monitor the appearance of arrows at the tips of the leaves and cut them in time so that the onions do not become hard and unhealthy.

chives onion growing

Growing up on the windowsill

Schnitt can be easily grown at home. In the fall, young bushes with small pieces of soil are removed and transplanted into pots or special boxes. Take care of it in the same way - loosen the soil and fertilize it once a month with mineral and organic means.

chives onion planting and care

Use in food

The leaves are suitable for any salad, saturate the taste of dishes, give them a pleasant aroma. In Armenia, shnitt - onion, planting and caring for which are described above - is called "green sok." Coarsely chopped leaves are added to scrambled eggs, salads from tomatoes and cheese. Onion leaves can be kept in the fridge for 2 weeks, they do not spoil for a long time and remain fresh.

Trace elements of this variety of onions are useful for gums, improve the well-being of people with heart disease. The leaves make tastier sandwiches with sausage, cheese and eggs. Salad of finely chopped cabbage, onion leaves and apple cider vinegar improves blood circulation, the work of the intestines, helps to correct the figure.Dietitians advise that you use onion chives daily to maintain health during intensive weight loss. By all accounts, this variety of onions surpasses onions.

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