Simulator power bench

For sports uses a variety of different simulators. Each equipment is designed to train certain muscles. The power bench allows you to perform various exercises, if you use the barbell and dumbbells. In addition to the functionality, the devices are mobile, so they can be installed even in a small room. The equipment is presented in different versions.

About the simulator

The simulator power bench is presented in the form of a steel structure with soft casing. The device can be adjusted in height. Power folding benches are considered the most convenient, because they will be easy to move and remove after workouts.

power bench

The equipment is used for exercises on the spinal muscles and abs. These are the main areas that train with such equipment. But since the design is universal, the training program can be expanded with exercises using auxiliary elements - dumbbells and barbells.

Pros and features of universal devices

The power bench has a simple construction, so it is considered multifunctional. It serves as a support device, but this does not diminish its significance.Due to the reliability of the steel base and thoughtful regulation mechanisms, the unit can be customized for a specific person.

If you choose the right parameters, the power bench will provide a balanced load. Exercising people will not damage the ligaments and joints. Compared with narrowly targeted devices, universal simulators can be used with accessories.

power bench with racks

The device is safe when practicing because it reduces the risk of injury to a minimum. In addition to an easy workout, benches are easy to use. Due to the high ergonomics and ease of construction, the equipment is ideal for beginners.

Devices with racks

The power bench with racks has more functions. Models are needed to perform exercises with the dilution of hands, the use of dumbbells and barbells. To the simulator was comfortable, adjust the height of the legs, the parameters of the racks. The angle of inclination of the backrest is adjusted in different directions.

In the power bench can be a module for training the legs, a desk for the biceps, the device "butterfly". Such equipment has design features and a reinforced frame. Standard devices withstand about 250 kg.Moreover, the equipment has ergonomic advantages.

Bench bench

The power bench for a press has differences in constructional and functional features. In comparison with the classic equipment, this simulator is used for a specific purpose. But because of the settings, the design can adapt to different needs.

power bench universal

The power bench has a set of dumbbells, barbells. If required, it can be supplemented with other devices, as long as the load matches the capabilities of the athlete.


In order for a quality universal power bench to be chosen, it is necessary to take into account many nuances. You should be guided by the type of work to be performed, height and length of the leg.

Beginners can choose a device with a narrow grip. Such equipment is convenient, especially since it is intended for a small load. It is important to consider safety. Quality device stable, durable, stable. If we consider the functionality, then you need to choose a simulator depending on the exercise program. In the equipment, you can expand the options according to personal preferences.

Universality of equipment

A standard horizontal bench has little functionality. In order for an athlete to perform many exercises, there must be extras:

  1. Adjustable parts are needed to perform the exercises with the usual, reverse tilt, which is necessary for a high-quality study of the muscles of the torso.
  2. A bench with a block is necessary for pumping the bicep of the thigh, calf, buttocks, and performing twisting on the press.
  3. Support pillow is useful for insurance, because it is necessary for reliable support for people with a large weight.
  4. Bars are required when performing a large number of exercises, because they develop strength and endurance.
  5. Handrails are used to perform exercises on the bottom of the press.
  6. Racks for a bar with insurance allow people to work with a large weight, and for this purpose the support of a partner is not needed.

bench bench

The presence of additional devices allows you to perform various exercises, training different groups of muscles. It turns out that one device will allow to go in for sports intensively.


The device is made of reliable metal with high-quality fixings and durable adjustment and folding mechanisms.The design of lifting the back should be resistant to high loads.

You should choose a simulator with a stable bench and racks so that the lessons are safe. It is necessary to pay attention to the width of the racks. If it is narrow, then there is a risk of incorrect load distribution.


When choosing a simulator, you need to pay attention to the system of transformation and folding. They should be simple, reliable to be suitable for repeated use.

Not even a small simulator can fit in every housing, so a folding bench and sliding racks are the best choice for a small apartment. It must be borne in mind that the non-separable design is stable and robust, since there are no moving parts in it.


Power bench is needed for quality work with dumbbells. A stand under the barbell allows you to perform squats and deadlifts. It is necessary to choose the length of the bench: the whole body should fit, as this will allow you to practice comfortably. High athletes set the angle of 45 degrees, the back of the head should rest against the back.

simulator power bench


Now sold a lot of simulators.If they have a complex structure, this does not always mean universality. Usually, many “unique” functions cost more, but in practice they may not be useful. All options must be clear so that they can be used. Before buying, you need to determine what features are needed.


The equipment is produced for a wide audience - from beginners to professionals. Fans distinguish from the advantages of ease of operation of the simulator, convenience, ease of maintenance.

power folding benches

In professional conditions, also used power simulators. The bench will be on the main place in any sport. Professionals note the functionality, reliability of the design, which is important for intensive use. Proper use of the simulator will allow you to get a strong physical form.

Power bench is an important sports equipment, without which it is difficult to organize the training process. If you want to equip a sports area at home, then it is from this element that you must begin its construction. If you have barbells and dumbbells, then there will be an opportunity to train different muscle groups.

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