Smoking when breastfeeding. Harm of smoking during breastfeeding

Unfortunately, modern mothers, striving for their own independence, do not take into account the interests of newborn babies. Of course, many people want to preserve the same way of life after childbirth, but smoking while breastfeeding does not carry any benefits for either mother or child. Today, the fair sex is not ready to permanently abandon this addiction and continue to kill the lungs, including to the detriment of the health of the baby. Many women really smoke after giving birth, and it seems that there are no consequences for the crumbs. However, the negative impact of nicotine gums can manifest itself in a year and even after six years.

Smoking is the scourge of modern society

It is sad to observe how yesterday's schoolgirls ruin their health by smoking. It is even worse to see a young mom with a stroller in one hand and a cigarette in the other.The baby suffocates from tobacco smoke, clogging its still forming lungs with carcinogens from the air. What are the consequences for a child when smoking while breastfeeding?breastfeeding smoking

Photos of women with a cigarette in their hands inspire disgust and horror. Smoking is a persistent dependence of the psychological nature, from which it is very difficult to get rid of. "Smoking" lactating mothers should definitely think about the harm they cause to the child, putting such a dubious pleasure on the second scale.

According to experts, the biggest threat carries nicotine. It is a toxic substance that can cause irreparable harm even in small quantities. The lethal dose is 1 mg per pound of weight of a healthy person. For example, if a woman’s body weight is 55 kg, she needs to smoke 55 cigarettes to stop her heart. In potassium cyanide (the strongest poison), the lethal dose is 1.7 mg per kilogram of weight.

What are dangerous cigarettes?

About the dangers of smoking, they begin to tell us literally from the first class. However, the above statistics on many does not make the proper impression. Moreover, every year less and less women in an interesting position may abandon this pernicious habit. Many people do not even think about whether smoking affects breastfeeding.

Probably, they forget that each cigarette contains about 4000 substances hazardous to the body. Of this number, about 70 components cause diseases of oncological nature.

The harm from tobacco smoke is experienced not only by the smoker himself, but also by his whole environment. Smoking a pregnant or lactating woman can not affect the health of the baby. First, the fetus receives toxic substances through the umbilical cord, and then - through breast milk.Does smoking affect breastfeeding

The consequences of addiction

Harm of smoking during breastfeeding should not be underestimated. Nicotine is rapidly absorbed into the blood. It usually takes only 30 minutes. Then he enters the body of the child during breastfeeding. According to experts, in women with this addiction, milk differs from that of mothers without a clear addiction to nicotine.

First, it is produced in smaller quantities. This is due to a decrease in the concentration of prolactin. This is a special hormone that is responsible for producing milk. Secondly, along with the volume, its quality is noticeably reduced. It is not so full of useful substances for the development of the child, enzymes and vitamins.

Note that smoking is dangerous not only for a baby who is breastfed. Even if the baby receives infant formula, but breathes cigarette smoke, it is still exposed to harmful effects. Children from such families usually suffer from allergic reactions and respiratory diseases. A good indicator of tobacco harm is the fact that instead of oxygen, the baby receives carbon monoxide, known for all its toxic characteristics.How does smoking during breastfeeding

How does smoking while breastfeeding affect a woman?

Pregnancy, as you know, takes a lot of energy. For the full emergence of a new life, all the useful substances are taken from the mother's body. That is why, getting into the maternity ward, many of them look tired and exhausted. To correct your health is possible only after the appearance of the crumbs into the world. Proper diet, rest, reasonable physical exertion - all these factors together allow us to restore lost strength and replenish the luggage of substances necessary for normal body function.

In a smoking woman, this process will be somewhat difficult.The fact is that nicotine literally takes the place of useful microelements, without thereby giving up energy. Moreover, dependence on this habit negatively affects the emotional state of the mother. Constant whims of the child, sleepless nights - all this can be unbalanced and even lead to prolonged depression. breastfeeding effects

Smoking and breast milk

As already noted, cigarettes contain a large amount of harmful substances. All of them have a detrimental effect on the vessels, namely, they narrow their lumen. Milk ducts in this matter are no exception. Narrowing, they do not allow full passage of milk, which entails problems with the production of prolactin.

Smoking during breastfeeding affects the quality of the “food” of the baby. The nutritional value of milk with nicotine particles is noticeably reduced. As you know, any product used by the mother in food, necessarily reflects on its taste. That is why in a lady who smokes milk is always nicotine-flavored. In tobacco dependence, the breastfeeding period is relatively short (only 4-6 months). If a woman fails to cope with this habit, the milk simply disappears.smoking during breastfeeding photo

Smoking through breastfeeding: implications for the baby

Now imagine that nicotine with mother's milk enters the body of the child. It spreads very quickly throughout the body and begins destructive processes. First of all, the heart of the baby suffers. If a woman smokes during the entire lactation period, the child may gradually develop heart failure. Due to the daily penetration of nicotine into the blood, the heart rhythm is consistently disturbed, resulting in tachycardia and even arrhythmia. This condition is a serious threat to the life of the crumbs.

How else does breastfeeding smoking affect a baby?

  • Sleep disturbance, overexcitement.
  • Decreased appetite, loss of body weight, slowing the growth and development of vital organ systems.
  • The occurrence of allergic reactions in the form of a rash on the skin.
  • Violation of the gastrointestinal tract (colic, constipation, diarrhea).
  • Tendency to diseases of the respiratory system, reduced immunity.
  • Problems with the functioning of the central nervous system, which often entails a lag in development.
  • Predisposition to pathologies of oncological nature.smoking when breastfeeding reviews

The consequences of smoking for a child in the future

Smoking during breastfeeding negatively affects not only the development of the baby in infancy - the addiction can negatively affect the psychoemotional and physical health of the child at a more mature age.

Scientists who conducted research on this issue, came to very interesting conclusions. If a child “gets used” to nicotine from the first days of his life, he very early becomes tobacco-dependent. Moreover, such children in more mature age are characterized by increased excitability and irritability. Usually they can not boast of success in school, have difficulty remembering information.

If we talk about the state of health, then children who grew up on milk with nicotine impurities are more susceptible to respiratory diseases, have problems with the respiratory system. The weakening of the body's defenses and developmental delays - all this directly affects the child's psycho-emotional state. harm to smoking during breastfeeding


You can discuss a lot about the consequences of smoking while breastfeeding. Reviews of many women who had to deal with this addiction after childbirth and its negative results that affected the health of the child, make you think.Is it worth the momentary "pleasure" of the well-being of the crumbs?

Doctors strongly recommend all representatives of the beautiful half of humanity to abandon this habit, because cigarettes are the real poison. Today, there are a large number of a variety of methods of dealing with addiction. Remember that taking care of a child’s health is the most important goal in the life of every woman. Give up dubious pleasure and be healthy!

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