"Sochi Auto Museum": location and prices

With each stage of development, humanity createsnew technologies that become part of our lives, greatly facilitating it. Constantly improving, expanding the boundaries of their knowledge, people change the old order of things. It seemed right, this is development, but what happens when new technologies are replaced? Nobody refuses from them, because these things are one of the steps without which the modernization and renewal process has not gone on, and, most importantly, that they are history, to forget which is to put an end to the past. Museums are just places where you can touch previous eras, see how our ancestors lived and how they saw the world. They are in many cities, and Sochi is not excluded from them. It attracts people of different sexes and ages, and is therefore a great place to learn something new and enjoyable pastime.

Where is the museum of cars in Sochi?

"Sochi Auto Museum" began its history not so long ago,namely on May 1, 2015. Find it is simple enough. The Car Museum is located in the Olympic Park, in the "Fan House" at 12, International Street.SochiThe reason for its opening was the Grand Prix stageRussia Formula-1, which was held in October on the basis of "Sochi-Autodrome." Those who do not immediately notice a large sign on this building, will be able to find to it the road along the numerous signposts that are placed on the territory of the park. Already in the early days of its work "Sochi's Auto Museum" was visited by a large number of people, all remained admired from its exhibits.

What can you see in the museum?

"Sochi Auto Museum" in the Olympic Park givesunforgettable impressions of immersion in various periods of history. Inside this place a colorful world opens up, where it's easy to get lost and get pleasure from it. Exhibits cover the time of 1930-1990-ies. The main part of the exhibition is made up of domestic civilian cars, but among them you can also see ambulances, fire trucks, pick-up trucks, trucks and buses.Sochi auto museum in the Olympic ParkEach exhibit is a special story, soyou can not just come and look at the machines without touching it. The information plate, which is near all the cars, tells about the maximum speed, engine volume, body type and year of production, as well as a small history of its creation or operation. If any artifact is strongly sunk into the soul, you can take it with you by buying a mini version of such a car in the souvenir shop.

Exclusive exhibits

The exhibition is divided into thematic sectors, ineach of them you can see stunning and rare exhibits. For example, in the "Rest by the Sea" savages "flaunts" Moskvich-401-420 ", and a little further you can see" Moskvich-401-422 "with a wooden van. Also in the Sochi Museum of Automobiles there is one of 15 cars "Moskvich-2142S0 Duet", which was created at the turn of the century.children's ticket Among the exclusive exhibits - expensivemedical transport ZIL-41042, a car for sick leaders of the USSR GAZ-13S, all-wheel drive GAZ-M72, one of the rarest buses Uralets-66AS. Even this inexhaustible list says that there is something to see in the museum of cars, which means that time and money will not be wasted.

Ticket prices

What you can see by visiting "SochiAutomobiles ", are unique sources of emotions and admiration, which means that it is impossible to pass without a ticket to the exhibition, their price varies depending on the age and position of the person. Adult (from 12 years) to pay a visit to the museum is 500 rubles. 12 yo) costs 250 rubles, young researchers up to the age of 7 can get free of charge, free entry is provided to the heroes of the Russian Federation and the USSR, disabled people of Groups I and II, disabled children, orphans, war veterans and veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

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Sochi Auto Museum: location and prices Sochi Auto Museum: location and prices Sochi Auto Museum: location and prices Sochi Auto Museum: location and prices Sochi Auto Museum: location and prices