Solid fuel heating boilers: features

Solid fuel heating boilers arethe category of equipment intended for use in non-gasified regions, if there is no access to electricity and liquid fuels. At the moment about a fifth of the market of boiler equipment - these are similar devices. Solid fuel heating boilers are mainly used by private sector residents who prefer low-power equipment, approximately 30-100 kW.

Boilers solid fuel heating Such equipment traditionally functionson chips, coal, coke, pellets, wood, peat briquettes. Boilers solid fuel heating pyrolysis type, in addition to these types of fuel use the gas emitted from it, containing a large amount of CO, which when passing through the nozzle is mixed with air. As a result, a gas-air mixture is formed which is in contact with the catalyst and ignites. The main advantage of such devices is the ability to control the power in a large range, a high level of efficiency, as well as almost complete combustion of fuel with the formation of a minimum amount of ash and soot.

Solid fuel heating boilerSolid fuel boiler, reviews aboutwhich can easily be found working on firewood, has a relatively small efficiency, which is at the level of 70-80%. For different types of fuel, calorific value varies, for example, in firewood this figure is less than that of coal. This parameter is usually taken into account in the design of the boiler: the furnace is the smaller the more calorific material is used in it. Such boilers do not support the work in fully automatic mode, so they need to regularly load fuel. Coal is required to be loaded every 6-8 hours, and firewood - every 2-3 hours.

For solid fuels, the combustion process is difficultto regulate, therefore it is impossible to maintain in the room a certain temperature regime. Leading manufacturers are currently trying to get rid of this drawback, providing greater reliability, safety and efficiency. Modern wood burning boilers have special burners, which ensure the extraction of energy from the fuel to the maximum. Some boilers assume the combustion of fuel by methods of burn-out and burn-out. Such systems assume the smoldering of firewood in the lower section of the furnace, and the final combustion of the resulting combustion products in an additional chamber. Due to this wood fuel burns more durably and evenly. Modern solid fuel heating boilers provide heat transfer to the heat carrier to the maximum, and in combination with high-quality thermal insulation it allows to achieve minimum heat losses.

Solid fuel heating boiler

Some models provide for the supply of fuel inboiler in automatic mode. These structures work by burning pellets - wood waste, which are pressed into pellets, the length of which is 5-70 mm, and the diameter - 6-8 mm. Their production is carried out without the use of chemicals, which makes them an environmentally friendly fuel. Such solid fuel heating boiler, whose price can be from 25 000 rubles and more, is much more effective.

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Solid fuel heating boilers: features Solid fuel heating boilers: features Solid fuel heating boilers: features Solid fuel heating boilers: features Solid fuel heating boilers: features Solid fuel heating boilers: features Solid fuel heating boilers: features