Suspended ceiling "Grilyato": description, installation technology

Suspended ceiling "Grilyato" acts as one of the modern solutions, the installation of which can be done independently. That is why such structures are considered as priority when finishing a small office or apartment. If you also want to resort to the experience of the majority, then you should get acquainted with the features of the system and installation technology.

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Why choose the ceiling "Grilyato"

There are many advantages to the described ceiling, among them:

  • the ability to increase the height of the room;
  • many options for equipment;
  • creating the effect of a continuous ceiling;
  • the possibility of laying communications;
  • suspension reliability;
  • the possibility of combining "Grilyato" with other systems.

If you wish, you can experiment with the design, in addition, the grille will bring lightness and elegance to the interior.If you find a system with a similar construction for sale, they can be combined with Grilyato. The profiles at the base of the ceiling are characterized by a high degree of resistance to stress and weathering, which prolongs the life of the system.

Varieties and designs

Suspended ceiling structures today are quite popular among consumers and professionals. This is due to the fact that the ceiling is quite easy to install, hides the defects of the surface and allows you to decorate the ceiling. Suspended ceiling "Grilyato" hides ventilation ducts, wiring and other communications.

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The cellular ceiling is a suspension system, which consists of lattice panels, they form the basis of the design, and are made of wood or aluminum. If we consider other varieties of this design, we can distinguish grids collected from the rails of a special profile. During installation, they are interconnected.

The device of suspended ceilings "Grilyato" assumes the presence of a suspension system, which is responsible for fixing the structure on the ceiling.If you are concerned about the safety of the operation of the ceiling, you should prefer the described system, as it is reliable.

Configuration options

After reviewing the market for suspended ceiling structures, you can understand that the range is quite extensive. Therefore, the ceilings "Grilyato" have several modifications. Most models provide for a hardened aluminum profile, which is made by cold forming. The profile is U-shaped. This element has high mechanical characteristics.

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The parts going to the grid assembly have a width of 10 mm, and as for height, it can be equal to a value from 30 to 50 mm. If you decide to choose a suspended ceiling "Grilyato", the characteristics of this system is important to study. For example, the lattice sizes can be very different, but the most common are parameters equal to 50 x 50 m.

On sale you can find cells whose dimensions are equal to the limit of 30 x 30 to 200 x 200 mm. With an increase in cell size, ceiling transparency increases. If you decide to prefer the large-mesh system, the installation should be carried out on a pre-aligned and prepared overlap, otherwise its defects will be noticeable.

The main types of ceilings "Grilyato"

Suspended ceiling, the installation of which you can carry out yourself, should be classified according to design features. The described systems can be represented by a standard model or a pyramidal modification. You may prefer "Grilyato" in the form of blinds or split ceiling.

The standard model is a suspension system that is installed parallel to the floor. This variety is the most affordable, so it can be found in most architectural solutions. Cells of a special form are present in the pyramidal modification. The installation of such a system allows you to visually increase the height of the room. For the formation of structures used Y-shaped profiles.

A great solution for finishing the ceiling, in the space of which communications must be hidden, are blinds. This profile provides access to ceilings and wires, as well as pipes. The profile system allows you to achieve the effect of blinds, and the height of the structure can be equal to the limit of 30 to 50 mm.

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Suspended ceiling "Grilyato" can be represented as a multi-level system.In this case, profiles of different heights are applied. Sections are separated from each other, which allows to achieve the desired design effect. If you decide to familiarize yourself with the complete set, you should be aware of the possibility of painting the suspension modules. The main color option is white, black and gray ceilings are slightly less common. However, custom-made dyeing is possible in any color. The most expensive are panels for metal or gold, as well as chrome-plated elements.

Preparing to install

If you purchased the suspended ceiling "Grilyato", then first you need to carry out the preparatory work. From the floor slabs should remove the remnants of the old finish. If there is a need, then you need to repair, embroider and repair the seams and cracks. The overlap is leveled, whitewashed or painted with interior paint. It is important to properly prepare the communications that during operation of the ceiling will be located behind the harness.

Suspended ceiling, the installation of which you will carry out independently, requires the need for marking.It should be applied around the perimeter of the room, determining the level at which the installation will be carried out. This can be done using a water or laser level. Sometimes the construction of "Grilyato" involves the installation of the backlight. In this case, you need to connect the wires, which are then connected through a grid to the lamps.

Mounting technology

In most cases, the installation works are trusted by professionals, but if you decide to do it yourself, you must follow the instructions. To do this, the width and length of the room should be divided by 2.4 m. This will determine the number of guides. Usually their installation is carried out parallel to the wall, the length of which is divided by the above value. This will minimize the amount of residues.

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After marking on the perimeter has been applied, you can begin to install the starting corner. To do this, use dowels with a plastic sleeve. Their diameter can be 6 mm and more. The corner is fixed to the wall with locking screws.

Method of work

When the suspended cellular ceiling "Grilyato" is mounted, in the next step you can begin the installation of guide rails.For fixing to the ceiling you need to use suspensions or wire. The first are supplied complete. Suspension is fixed with an umbrella plug. The distance between the suspensions should not exceed one meter.

Guides are strengthened at the same level. For this hook is inserted into the hook of the suspension. To connect you need to use special elements. It is important to follow the sequence when fixing the rails. The first parts to be installed, the length of which is 2.4 m. Then you can proceed to the elements with a length of 1.2 m. The last set 0.6-millimeter blanks. The first and last rails should be parallel to each other.

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Suspended ceiling "Grilyato", whose dimensions were mentioned above, suggests the presence of panels. If they do not fit in size, then for cutting it is necessary to use scissors for metal. The result will be a crate, the cell sizes of which are 600 x 600 mm. It is strengthened around the perimeter. It will be possible to put the main modules into it:

  • lattices;
  • guides;
  • fixtures.

Expert Tips

Suspended ceiling "Grilyato", the price per m2 of which is acceptable, provides for the presence of gratings,they are collected from profiles. They are supplied in a disassembled form, so you will need to assemble the cells into a single unit. As soon as the module is ready, it should be inserted into the cell formed from the guides. If you decide to supplement the ceiling with lamps, then each of them is connected to the network and additionally mounted with two pendants.

The cost of installation work and ceiling brand "Grilyato"

The cost of installing the ceiling "Grilyato" will vary depending on the size of the cell. If this parameter is 86 x 86 mm, then you will have to pay 350 rubles per square meter. This is true for those systems whose cells reach a size of 200 x 200 mm.

The complexity increases when work is underway to install the ceiling with cells of smaller sizes. If the dimensions are true to the limit from 40 x 40 to 75 x 75 millimeters, then the price per square meter will be 400 rubles. If you decide to purchase a suspended ceiling "Grilyato", the price per m2 should interest you. This is especially true for those consumers who plan to engage in installation work on their own.

the cost of installing the ceiling grilyato

You can buy a white ceiling with square-shaped cells for 564 rubles per square meter.In this case, we are talking about cell sizes that are 100 x 100 mm. If the cells are made of metal slats, the price will increase to 1,149 rubles per square meter. At the same time, the cell size will be 50 x 50 mm.


"Grilyato" is a suspended lattice ceiling, which is convenient and easy to install in large areas. Such systems possess high operational characteristics and are most often used in public places. The design has an aesthetic design and resembles an element of the interior, decorated in the style of hi-tech. You can diversify the design with lamps. When choosing such a ceiling, you may prefer a structure that is distinguished by varying degrees of transparency.

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