Synchronizing your PC with Android is easy.

Combining modern devices running the Android operating system with computers and laptops into one is an important element in the development of technology. It allows users to always be in touch with all devices. What is it for? PC synchronization with Android is needed in order to be able to use files located on a portable device from your computer, and vice versa. After all, every time to search for the desired file, and then throw it back and forth completely uncomfortable, and this process takes a very long time.

Listening to your favorite music, constantly checking your calendar and notes, as well as having access to saved contacts is only a small fraction of what such a combination of devices allows you to do. It is also important mobility, allowing you to start working on any project still at home, continue along the path on the tablet, and complete it already at the workplace in the office. Synchronizing the Android tablet with a PC, as well as a smartphone, allows you to have saved backup data of all important files on your computer, without fear that the portable device will crash and the data will be lost forever.

sync pc with android

Connecting "Android" devices to a PC

Nowadays there are lots of ways to connect portable devices running the Android OS. The main methods are as follows:

  1. Wireless connection via Wi-Fi connection. The essence of this connection is that it creates a full PC synchronization with Android without wires, which creates the ability to control many functions of a portable device using a computer. So, you can type text messages to send from the device on a regular keyboard, as well as receive notifications on the big screen. Also there is the full possibility of sharing files between devices. To create such a connection, you just need to install one of the programs for synchronizing a tablet or smartphone with a computer or other device via Wi-Fi. Such a program is AirDroid. It is easy to learn, has a friendly interface and a stable continuous connection. The main disadvantage of the “over-the-air” connection is the reduced data transfer rate compared to cable transmission. However, now the standards of Wi-Fi-networks give out such great speed that the difference is not very noticeable.
  2. Classic connection via USB cable. This synchronization of a PC with Android is characterized by high data transfer speed, stable connection and full control from a computer over a portable device. To create such a connection, you must take a DATA USB cable from a tablet or smartphone (usually a USB-microUSB or USB-miniUSB) and connect the gadget to the “big brother”. By default, the portable device will be detected by the computer's operating system (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Linux, Ubuntu, MacOS) as a removable storage medium and will cover the explorer for accessing files. So you can transfer data from the device to the device or use their free disk space. For more complete control and management of devices in conjunction, you need a PC synchronization program with Android.

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Synchronization software

In most cases, PC synchronization with Android is performed using the pre-installed proprietary program of the manufacturer of the "Android" device. For example, the synchronization of Android contacts with a PC, tablet and HTC smartphone is carried out through the program for the HTC Sync computer. Also this program allows you to transfer filesmake backup copies of all elements of the device and update them in real time when there is a connection. Similar programs for other devices are:

  • for Samsung devices - Samsung Kies;
  • for gadgets from Sony (Sony Eriksson) - Sony PC Companion;
  • for Nokia - Nokia PC Suite.

There are many new devices from manufacturers with a small name and the absence of their proprietary synchronization program. For them, suitable universal sync software products such as:

  • MyPhoneExplorer;
  • MoboRobo;
  • AirDroid;
  • Android Sync Manager;
  • Active Sync.

All of these programs allow you to transfer files from a portable device to a PC and back, save and update contacts, calendar and various journals.

Why do I need to sync contacts?

Synchronizing Android contacts with a PC allows you to be able to use saved information about people and companies not only from the phone (tablet), but also from a computer to send mail or files. It used to be in the old phones contact was one line with the phone number and name, and now it is already a whole card file, including:

Do not forget that saving contacts in more than one device (or storage medium) is a great chance to protect yourself against the loss of very important contacts collected all your life.

PC synchronization program with android

Photos and videos are always nearby

An interesting and useful feature of many PC synchronization software with Android devices is the ability to automatically update the captured multimedia files on connected devices. I took a picture of my beloved family yesterday, and you have it not only in the phone, but also in the computer. It is always nice to have the opportunity to once again admire the memorable photos and videos, as well as to know that they will always be safe and sound.

android tablet synchronization with pc

Cloud technologies

The integration of all devices through cloud computing is the latest developments in the field of synchronization of portable and desktop devices into a single whole. Such a connection is made by registering with one of the information storage services on cloud servers (for example, Drop Box, SkyDrive, etc.) and the constant availability of Internet access. The advantages of such a connection are:

  • lack of binding to a specific place;
  • secure secure servers;
  • Ease of use.

Negative moments can be called limited functionality and dependence on the availability of an Internet connection.

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Synchronizing your PC with Android is easy 7

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