Tablet Apple iPad Air 2: review, specifications and reviews

Previous model "Air" and a new tablet AppleiPad Air 2 are similar to each other only in appearance, but the differences are quite significant: better screen, excellent performance, good camera, in general, almost everything has improved. The prices of the brand, though high, but, by and large, look acceptable against the background of the technical characteristics and capabilities of the gadget.

apple ipad air 2

So, the hero of today's review - the tablet Apple iPad Air 2. Let's try to identify all the strengths of the device along with the shortcomings, taking into account the opinions of experts and reviews of ordinary users.


The second generation of "Air", as already mentioned above,looks almost the same as the first. The company very often uses successful developments in terms of design, as they say, until the last - and why should they abandon what else will serve great?

tablet apple ipad air 2

Apple iPad Air 2 has a new module Touch ID, a hole for the microphone on the front side near the camera and a new version of color - golden, in addition to the traditional gray and white hues.

The company is very fond of presentations on its own linescompare the new and old, so we will not deviate from the usual for the brand indicators. The first "Air" weighed almost 700 grams with a thickness of 13.5 mm, the new Apple iPad Air 2 has a mass of 440 g with a thickness of 6 mm. Agree, the difference is enormous, and if you take both the tablet in hand, you immediately feel where it is.

Some revolutionary or originaldesigner steps from the company should not wait. A real revolution is when the device is improved year after year, and there is no need to pay attention to criticism or the situation on the market. Let the same "Samsung" make a four folding gadget, while the "apple" company will release a model familiar to the eye, but slightly lighter, thinner and more productive - thanks to her for the stability.

Design Features

The case of Apple iPad Air 2 is made of one-piecepiece of aluminum, and the Touch ID sensor is assembled from several parts. As additional measures of protection, sapphire is used. On the back of the model there is an insert of very high-quality plastic, under which the antenna is located.

apple ipad air 2 cellular

Dimensions of the device 240x169,5x6,1 mm with weight in437 grams. Modification with the LTE module weighs a little more - 444 grams. Just worth noting that due to technical characteristics and design to use Apple iPad Air 2 in the frost (<-20 ° C) is not worth it, take pity on the battery.


The display diagonal of the gadget is 9.7 inches withresolution of 2048 by 1536 pixels. There is an anti-reflective coating that looks and works very effectively on the matte screen: fewer glare - fewer nerves.

apple ipad air 2 wi fi cellular

The screen itself of the new Apple iPad Air 2 Cellular is assembledand revised completely: engineers refused to airlayer, the top layer is a protective glass, then a touch sensor, and then the matrix itself. Testing showed that the image quality has improved significantly compared to the previous generation, and judging by the feedback of users, it is, and the anti-reflective coating is just an excellent find.


In total there are several basic modifications,in which an ignorant person in an "apple" technique can easily get confused. Immediately it is worth to clarify that the standard variation of the gadget - Apple iPad Air 2 64Gb WiFi Cellular - will cost about 50 000 rubles.

Depending on the options, prices change: from 40,000 for 16 GB of memory and 60,000 for 128 GB. The cost can also vary due to the additional installed modules. For example, Apple iPad 2 Wi Fi Cellular with an installed LTE-adapter will cost 1500-2000 more expensive than without it.

apple ipad air 2 64gb

For sure someone will seem that 50 000 rubles -this is a high price for the tablet, but it should be noted that the model along the whole set of characteristics simply does not have competitors in the market, so the invested money will be more than justified action. If you do not want to overpay for a large amount, then stop on the middle version - Apple iPad Air 2 64Gb Cellular, - a little cheaper, but still angry.

Even looking at market statistics on gadgets,you can see that the device from Samsung or Sony on the secondary market instantly depreciates, while Apple products always keep both the brand and the price. Over the years, the "apple" company on the market has acquired a huge number of branded service centers, which are located literally at every step, which can not be said about other brands.


Performance characteristics were testedon the model Apple iPad Air 2 64Gb, and, according to AnTuTu indicators, the capacity increase, in comparison with the previous generation of "Air", is very significant, about 1.5 times. This is especially noticeable during simultaneous work with several different applications: the browser, camera, maps and similar programs are loaded quickly.

apple ipad air 2 64gb cellular

The filling consists of an A8X chip in synchronization withprocessor M8 running under 64-bit architecture. The whole process is quite economical in terms of energy saving, so the user received improved performance with the same battery life.


The device has a built-in lithium battery withpolymer electrolyte with a total capacity of 27.3 W * h. This is enough for a 10-hour video playback of high-format HD or for web surfing. Indicators compared with similar devices are very good, especially as the company is going to improve them in the following product lines.


Immediately it is worth saying that the 8-megapixel camerathe "Air 2" is excellent, and the quality of the images is close to the level of the iPhone 6th version. It is equipped with five lenses, automatic and fast autofocus, a sensor of light saturation on the rear panel. The camera supports panoramic shooting, spatial geomelections and has a timer mode.

Video recording is available in HD mode, which is verynot bad. The quality itself is also at the level: there are no twitching, blurring, artifacts or other ripples, even with a strong increase, and as an auxiliary tool for making the rollers there is a slowed-down shooting.


A new gadget from a venerable company is very good,both by oneself and by internal stuffing. Although many will not see the visual difference between the two generations, in reality, "Air" and "Air 2" are different as the sky and the earth. The new model has an improved display, the body is lighter and smaller, a significant performance gain, a new Touch ID module, a different color and an excellent camera.

Speaking in general, the tablet is worth investing in itmoney, but whether it makes sense to change past generations to new ones is another matter, sort of as if they are not looking for good and good. Everything depends on the goals you are counting on, and the financial state: you can afford - buy, you will not regret it for sure. In any case, if you do not have devices from Apple, Air 2 is an excellent option, in order to get acquainted with the company's products.

The only thing about it is to warn the futurethe owner of the device - it's fakes that flooded the market of premium gadgets, and sometimes find out where the original, and where the Chinese consumer goods is very difficult. Therefore, try to give preference to solid Internet sites or branded communication salons that are fond of their reputation.

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