Taurus and Aquarius: love compatibility

Taurus and Aquarius will not pass each other. Although these signs are radically different, they are in a symbolic quadrature. This means that if their interests diverge in something, then the scandal can not be avoided. It can be said that here the changes in the face of Aquarius are struggling with stability, for which Taurus stands up. The first one for happiness is not needed much, just give him like-minded people with whom he will share his insane ideas. But the second one has a specific list of all necessities, mainly material ones. Can Taurus and Aquarius not only find a common language, but also build a long-term relationship? Answers to all questions are given by astrology.bulls and water

What is the beginning of the relationship remarkable?

In such an alliance, problems begin from the very beginning. It is well known that Taurus is famous for his insurmountable obstinacy. And Aquarius - the sign of the zodiac is not the sweetest when it comes to his interests. Between such partners, the principle of unyielding often works, and after a quarrel they take offense at each other for a long time, while constantly waiting for the first step of reconciliation from the other. If the feelings between them are strong, then their passion will help them to agree. They will indulge in amorous pleasures after each encounter. Taurus and Aquarius are not ashamed to find out their relationship in public, the intensity of the passions between them is so strong. But there are also periods when these madmen finally calm down in the arms of each other.Taurus and Aquarius zodiac signThen they can talk on common topics, discuss joint interests.

What problems lie in wait?

The causes of disagreement will prompt a common horoscope. Taurus and Aquarius differ in character from each other. Calm, balanced and constant Taurus is incomprehensible to the eternal torment of a changeable, eccentric and restless Aquarius. In addition, the first seems that the second is too confused and unprincipled. And Aquarius, on the contrary, Taurus can seem boring and inhibited, fixated on money, and therefore completely uninteresting and mercantile. Because of quarrels, their attitudes may be severed. Taurus and Aquarius are also very stubborn, they guard their opinion as the apple of their eye, and often can not only accept someone else's point of view, but also treat each other with understanding.

How will this relationship end and will it end at all?

horoscope of calves and Aquarius

Unfortunately, such connections often fall aparteven before the beginning. These principled people are ready to close their eyes to their feelings and desires, just not to change themselves. In fact, betrayal happens when a person denies love, drowning in pride, vanity, self-centeredness and other vices. Many couples whose zodiac signs are Taurus and Aquarius live happily together. In fact, the second of them is not so changeable. In love, many Aquarius are quite constant in relation to their half. Only their feelings have a virility, more precisely, their love is often covered by apparent indifference. If the representatives of these signs of the zodiac really want to be with each other, then nothing can separate them. After all, the inherent stubbornness of both of them can be directed to another channel - the construction of relations.

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